My HTC Droid Incredible: 6 Things I Absolutely Love

The HTC Droid Incredible is sure lucky it lives up to its name, because I think we can all admit it was a pretty dumb thing to call a phone. But hey, that’s water under the bridge. Because this phone is seriously amazing. Hear all about it from a recent dumbphone to smartphone convert, our very own Sarah.


6 Things I Loathe About My New HTC EVO

While you might be tired of hearing about the HTC EVO, I’m somehow not yet tired of writing about it. And it’s the only phone I have because no one sends me free shit and I’m a pauper. Since almost everything I’ve written about the phone has been glowing, here are some complaints. No phone is perfect, and while none of my complaints are a dealbreaker, these 6 things bug me.

Prince of Persia’s Flailings/Failings, Gendering Android and Must-Watch Mario

Kim saw Prince of Persia so we didn’t have to and it sounds like we owe her one. Also, it’s high time you ditch that Yahoo email address, as confirmed by a viral infographic that’s really more like an overdue geek public service announcement. And don’t miss one video that’ll make you feel so high you might actually implode, and another that will also make you feel high but involves Mario. And who can resist DIY Androids? I just can’t deal– that little robot is too much.