“Skins” Movie Coming Out (Naomi & Emily Making Out) Summer 2011


Today it has been confirmed that The Skins movie is totally, totally, totally, totally definitely happening:

Skins, the sex, drink and drug-fuelled drama that depicts teenage life as it often is rather than how parents imagine it, is to migrate to the big screen.

After a year of speculation about the E4 show, producers today confirmed that shooting would begin in September on a film to be released in summer 2011.

Steve Christian, executive producer on the film and chair of the film finance and distribution company CinemaNX, said the show – which few could accuse of presenting a sanitised picture of adolescence – was perfect for the big screen. But he added: “The biggest critics of Skins are the Skins fans so it’s going to be a big challenge. The programme has this incredible fanbase despite all the characters changing.”

When the Skins movie was first announced, it was said that the movie version “will unite all the casts of the groundbreaking TV show, including – whisper it – Nicholas Hoult.”

“Unite all the casts”? Really? Really really? That’s an exciting prospect. Well, we already know from Jack Thorne himself that Chris will not be brought back from the dead. Hopefully Freddie will return, he’d make a cute ghost.

So what are the chances that the whole gang will be seen again, together? Well, one of the (only) magical things about the recession is that actors are way more willing to take on projects they might otherwise decline for fear of being “pigeonholed” into a certain role for life (e.g., Tina Louise turning down the cinematic classic Rescue from Gilligan’s Island, Lara Flynn Boyle and Sherilyn Fenn refusing the Twin Peaks movie, various Bradys declining various ensuing Brady projects) ’cause they just want a job! Seriously all the girls who expressed hesitance about being in The L Word movie have already changed their tune.

What have the Skins actors been up to?

Dev Patel (Anwar) and Nicholas Hoult (Tony Stonem) of Cycle One have done quite well; Patel was featured in Slumdog Millionaire and is currently working on M. Night Shyamalan’s latest project The Last Airbender. Hoult, in addition to his modeling career, starred in A Single Man, was recently cast in the new Mad Max flick Fury Road and is also working on a mysterious flick called Sweet, currently in development.

Lily Loveless (Naomi) will appear in THE FADES, a 60-minute pilot written by Skins scribe Jack Thorne for the BBC. Billed as “a cross between Skins and The Inbetweeners, the show takes place in a “school for the supernatural.” It’s also the name of a band, which is really fucking confusing.

Kathryn Prescott (Emily) is filming a pilot in August for a new manga-adapted series called GOTH.

Kaya Scodelario (Effy) appeared in Shank, an action film about a London gang, and also appeared in Clash of the Titans with her Skins “brother” Nicholas Hoult.

Cycle One’s Larissa Wilson (Jal) and April Pearson (Michelle) both appeared in the horror film Tormented in 2009, about a young high school classmate who returns from the dead to avenge his comrades.

Hannah Murray (Cassie) was seen at Cannes Festival this month promoting her film Chatroom, and her German flick Womb is in post-production. Her Skins on-again-off-again boyfriend Sid was played by Mike Bailey, who hasn’t been working much since Skins so ideally he will be in the movie so we can find out what happened after he walked by the coffee shop in New York! Srsly. SERIOUSLY I NEED TO KNOW THIS COUPLE MATTERS TO ME.

Luke Pasqualino (Freddie) appeared in horror flick The Apparition, due out in 2011, and Jack O’Connell (Cook) is working on a TV movie Dive, an adaptation of a Martin Amis story.

From The Guardian:

Christian said the intention was to bring back characters from the first four series, but there would also be new characters. The script is being written by Jack Thorne, a regular Skins writer working with the show’s creator Bryan Elsley, and another regular, Charles Martin, will direct.

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The Ghosts of Vita Sackville-West is a new book about the woman who was Virginia Woolf’s lover, written by relative Robert Sackville-West. The book centers around Knole, the mansion where Vita grew up:

On display in the Great Hall is a facsimile of the bound manuscript of the novel Orlando, dedicated to Vita by the author, her lover Virginia Woolf. Vita is the eponymous hero or heroine Orlando (Orlando changes sex over the four centuries in which the novel is set) and Orlando’s ancestral home is a house, like Knole, with 365 rooms. The pages are threaded through with specific references to Knole and to its past and present incumbents: the head gardener Stubbs, Vita’s father’s elkhound Canute, and so on. (@timesuk)


It’s the episode before the season finale of Anyone But Me! Liza Weil returns as Dr. Glass and Viv meets the new person in Aster’s life. Can you even stand it??


Gaga is releasing the Alejandro video on June 15, and you can pre-order an Alejandro themed merch package on the Gaga store. It includes a candle with Gaga as Our Lady of Guadalupe, you guys!


True Blood will be auctioning off a walk-on roll in season 3 to benefit the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Did that just make you realize that True Blood is coming back soon? Yeah I just had a moment, too. And here’s a photo of Evan Rachel Wood playing the lesbian vampire queen, for good measure.


In a recent interview with Carrie Polansky, Eleanor Bergstein, screenwriter and co-producer of Dirty Dancing, talks about feminism, abortion and the film industry. (@genderacrossborders)

What I wanted was to have something like that in a mainstream movie, even though we didn’t think many people would see it. If you do a documentary on coat hanger abortions, the only people who see it will be those who agree with you anyway. If you put one in a wide-based musical with pretty clothes, and lots of romance, it may surprise people and make them think of things they didn’t think of before.


Is Hollywood afraid of minorities? Looking at two of this summer’s biggest blockbusters gives some evidence for that conclusion. In The Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal is supposed to be Persian (since when is he an action star, anyway?), and this graphic about sums it up as far as Avatar: The Last Airbender is concerned:

Thanks, ONTD.


Ellen Degeneres has decided to create a record label, inspired by Grayson Chance, the label’s first artist. Grayson is the kid who was on her show to sing Paparazzi:



The first lesbian kiss in 50 years on the UK soap opera Coronation Street has been cleared by Ofcom, the British censors. They decided it was like, not offensive or whatever. And now no one will be held responsible for punishment or paying any sort of fee. Well how very gracious of them. (@sun)

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  1. Okay but, can’t they PLEASE bring Chris back to life for this?

    And yeah, I’m still concerned about Cassie and Sid. I need resolution. I need to know they found each other and lived happily ever after forever.

  2. -Freddie was my reason for Skins S2! And then Katie became awesome. But since Naomi & Emily, and Tony, (who was only interesting to me when he was trying to make out and go down on Maxie) will probably be the big draws I will probabaly skip this.

    -Before I even looked at the title, one look at the Avatar picture and I noticed the lack of matching ethnicity. Aang is the only person that looks about right. Its funny how the heroes get a whitewash but the villain is portrayed by a darker person, even though he is pretty much white.

    And I don;t even want to get started on Prince of Persia. Everytime I see it I think of Bette Porter.

    ‘I’m frankly fucking flabbergasted that they casted such a white actor, he’s white! Was Mike fucking Brady not available?’

    Its a problem not just with the main cast, but the support cast and extras. Some TV shows rarely have a person of color anywhere.

    • I had this long post, and then it turns out I wasn’t logged in. Oh well. It’s now midnight-thirty, so I’ll summarize.

      Avatar: The Last Racebender has failed. Really, guys, you can’t find someone of the appropriate ethnicity for ANY of the roles? From the general good guy whitewashing to the transformation of Zuko (villain guy) into an Indian dude, I just. I have no words. Especially the Zuko thing. Are people of color all interchangeable now? And synonymous with evil? I was so excited when this film was first announced. Sigh.

      Sorry if I’m not making sense here, due to the hour, but: Yeah. Just. Yeah.

  3. I honestly just read the Skins portion of this article, so I’ll only comment on that:
    HOLY SHITTT :D:D:Dx10000. So happy to see cycle one back together! I LOVED Cassie. She’s so bipolar and nuts and she reminds me of a much-cooler Taylor Swift :). I’ve been trying to find new seasons of Skins (cycle two), but they are literally no where (for free) online. Feel free to e-mail me if you got a hook up though haha.

  4. Thank god!!! someone else noticed the switch of minorities in the airbender movie. I really liked the cartoon, but now I don’t really want to see the movie because of the change (and because of M. Night Shyamalan. I mean seriously the sixth sense was the only good movie he has made.)

  5. “Christian said the intention was to bring back characters from the first four series, but there would also be new characters.”
    Wouldn’t that be like, 500 CHARACTERS? I’m no filmgineer but it seems like it’s going to be difficult to weave that many characters into a cohesive + satisfying 120 minutes of movie. Esp since they’ll probably want to keep it accessible to people who haven’t seen the show? I am super excited to see Tony and Effy in a scene together though. Maybe they’ll explain where he was that time she was in hospital for almost dying.

  6. Lily Loveless (Naomi) will appear in THE FADES, a 60-minute pilot written by Skins scribe Jack Thorne for the BBC. Billed as “a cross between Skins and The Inbetweeners, the show takes place in a “school for the supernatural.” It’s also the name of a band, which is really fucking confusing.

    Kathryn Prescott (Emily) is filming a pilot in August for a new manga-adapted series called GOTH.

    Wow so excited for these things. When will they be out? Do you know? I cant find any information on them. Especially fades as all i get is the band.

  7. one time in London, my friend Ryan and I went to a Skins S1 party and I got very drunk on train-wine on the ride from Wales to London beforehand so I didn’t last long, but he lasted and ended up partying in the VIP with Dev Patel and Mitch Hewer.

    it was cool.

    that’s all.

  8. I hate to admit this, since I’m in my thirties, but I will be crushed if they don’t have Sid and Cassie in the movie. I need more generation one than generation two.

  9. yes yes that would be friggen awesome

    i wannna see cassie and sid and what happened to them and i want maxxie back he’s so cute of course tony and effy
    and from the second generation the twins cook and freddie<3 they have to bring freddie back i don't care there was no resurance of his death they could say he was seriously hurt or it was all in effy's head :P lol

    • Hate to break it to you, but since this article was written the movie has been mired in Development Hell, no filming has been done yet, so it’s not coming out anywhere in summer ’11.

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