S L I C K: Lobsterotica

Content notes: oral sex, ​​shapeshifting, detailed descriptions of lobster anatomy

We both stood there, each waiting for the other to speak first. I thought, "It has to be her. There’s no way I’m gonna say the right thing right now. Just stay quiet and wait for her to say something." We’d been there for hours talking. Every time I see her I can’t shut up, but this…I had no words for. Another minute passed in silence, both of us staring at opposite corners of my bathroom door frame, and I remembered something she’d said when we first met in psychology class:

“I’m a ‘big bodies of water’ kind of person, you know? And my parents can vouch for me. There was a time when I was younger where, whenever I’d ‘go missing’ for a few hours, I wasn’t really missing. I was hanging with sea critters on the beach.”

Kind of person…

Her body was hard and solid, but the first thing that struck me about her were here hands: large, athletic and sturdy, like the kind you might see on an ancient R...

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