How I Found Radical Self-Love By Posting Nude Selfies On The Internet

In 2016, Ev’Yan Whitney published “How I Found Radical Self-Love By Posting Nude Selfies On The Internet,” an essay inspired by her project to take up space within her own sexuality by doing just that. The essay also inspired the creation of Sex Etc, a new zine that creates space for women's and femme eroticism through interviews, photography, essays and nude selfies. (The print edition sold out almost immediately; the digital edition is available until April 20.)

But while the essay below captures a pivotal moment in Whitney’s sexuality, the journey hasn’t always been easy. She tells Autostraddle:
“I started 2016 feeling really great about my body, feeling really great about making space, and then the election happened, and I’ve had a lot of moments where it’s been really hard for me to take up space in that way. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things: dealing with some hard mental health stuff, and then also feeling just really out of my body. I’ve only just started return...

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Ev’Yan Whitney is a writer, sensualist, and sexuality doula who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women and femmes who are seeking to come into the full expression of their erotic selves. She's also the host of the Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, which is an ongoing sex-positive dialogue that highlights, celebrates, and encourages sexual liberation in all its forms. When she’s not writing or working on her podcast, she’s eating pastries and chasing the sun in the PNW. You can find more about her work at and see her brazenly celebrating her sexuality on Instagram.

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