Queer Mama: Welcome to the World, Juniper Jude!

Big news, folks! Our Queer Mama, Haley, and her partner Simone, welcomed their perfect baby girl into the world on August 22. Right on time! Welcome to the world Juniper Jude!

How wonderful is she?!

Haley is taking a very well-deserved leave to snuggle up with Juniper, but you can follow the Queer Mama Youtube channel and Instagram and Haley’s Twitter for cute pics and up-to-the-minute updates on Juniper Jude’s adventures with her mama and monie!

You can watch Juniper’s literal first moments of life in this big, strange world. (I’m not crying! You’re crying)

You can follow the saga from “Is this Labor?” to…


You can peek into Juniper’s first week.

Parenthood looks natural on Haley and Simone.


And it sounds like things are going well!

Send your wishes for a lifetime of happiness to the Queer Mama family!

Go get’em, Juniper Jude!

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  1. Just had mini meltdown watching the labor video. Feel so blessed that i can marry a lovely lady and have a baby and hopefully the hospital will be reasonable about the whole thing. I lost it when I saw Simone giving back support during one of Haley’s big contraction. Just thinking about how some people think that the love and devotion they have for each other is…. Oh i could go on but I’m getting angry again and all faklempt at the same time. So much gratitude to both of them for letting us watch their journey.

  2. juniper is the most beautiful baby imaginable. how is she so cute immediately after birth!? and for that matter how is haley so cute immediately after GIVING birth!? everyone and everything is so adorable i am overcome.


  3. Why yes I will rewatch all these videos thank you!

    Also they make me really want to procreate now which is NOT the plan (got another 5 years at least) BUT DEAR GOD SHE IS THE CUTEST EVER. These videos make me much less afraid to have children, especially if I have a ‘Simone’ by my side.

  4. I watched all the videos of the labor and her first weeks of life. Omg it’s such a gift to be able to see a family that looks like my future family (in terms of queerness and birth choices) actually making babies. Thank you two for sharing and thank you Juniper for being so mellow and cute!

  5. she is so beautiful! thank you so much haley and simone for sharing your lives so intimately.

    i love that we get to see these videos, but i’m even more excited for juniper to be able to watch these. i have spent a lot of time going through my mom’s files and it is one of the most amazing feelings to read things by her about what it was like to know me as a kid. it’s going to be so special and exciting for her to be able to watch these videos and know for absolute certain how much she is loved and wanted (and see how cute her parents are). <3

  6. Awww! Congratulations! I feel almost creepy because of how invested I’ve gotten in this family through your articles! It’s been wonderful to be let in to your lives a little and see a version of the family I want some day.

  7. Princess Snarfles! Ahhh, WHY isn’t there a “Like” button for this article?! Because I am liking this so hard! I can’t even form words when I watch these videos, just nameless cooing squeals. Congrats, you guys!

  8. Juniper Jude is such a beautiful baby and yall are such a beautiful family. I am not a cryer, but it’s so beautiful I’m in tears. Congratulations on your little love bug and I am so happy for yall.

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