No Man’s Land Episode 1: Paintin’ Yer Walls

Hello queerwads, your day is about to be so much more inspiring than it was before you opened this post. The first episode of Digs’ new lesbo DIY webshow, No Man’s Land, is up up up and ready for your eyes! Do you have blinding white walls that you wish were a different color? Anna and Shelly are gonna tell you how to make this happen, while also providing you with several invaluable tips that are sure to make your painting experience a more pleasant one.

don't eat paint

We also learn a little more about the girls, like that Anna’s hairstyle is the exact hairstyle that I’ve dreamt of having my entire life since Strawberry Shortcake met the Berrykins.

minus the bangs

Oh, and Shelly has a tramp stamp!


Grab a paintbrush and a puppy and let’s get started!

Doesn’t their kitchen space look so great? How do you feel about unicorn vs periwinkle? What have you learned from your own DIY projects?

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  1. Wow, they make paining look so easy and clean! I’ve been painting my house for MONTHS and everything is covered in paint, including my dogs. The suckiest part of painting is the prep. If you’re not in a newly painted house, then you have to spackle any holes or cracks, sand the spackeled parts, and then clean all the walls before you can actually paint.

    Laneia – Kitchen cabinets are THE WORST.

    Also my living room is totally periwinkle-unicorn purple : )

  2. my most recent DIY experience has been purchasing a ladder,to go into the creepy attic and change the furnace filter. i’d rather paint twenty back splashes with two hot ladies before changing it again. i think i still have spiders in my hair

  3. I am such a geek for stuff like this. I use to watch this show called “Knock First” (does anyone remember that? No?) and Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition religiously. You would think that I would be more DIY but nope. I just like watching people build stuff. And I’m happy that it’s lesbians this time. lol

  4. You gals forget a step: Have your drink of choice at the ready

    I don’t mean get completely twisted. What I’m trying to say is a glass of wine would have been morally supportive during hour three of hanging those damn self floating shelves.

    Moar episodes, please!

  5. I’ve learned that if you are painting large spaces with certain colors like reds, yellows… sometimes it’s best to get a tinted primer, meaning white primer tinted the main color you have chosen sometimes even a grey. You will find that covering a wall will be a breeze and take less coats. Putting on more than two coats is a stretch and can cause bubbling and peeling!
    YAYY painting.

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