New Music: Florence + The Machine’s ‘What The Water Gave Me’

Remember that little album Lungs by Florence + The Machine? Sure you do! Many of you named it as your Favorite Album of 2010 even though it was released in 2009, which I feel is a true mark of a hugely successful and downright spectacular album. Well good news, Florence fans. The yet-to-be-titled new album is set for release on November 7, and the world has been treated to a preview.

Here’s the music video for a stunning new track, “What The Water Gave Me”.

What do you think?

At this point I feel that most people are well aware of just how phenomenal and deserving of that ‘Queen of (Indie) Pop’ title Florence is, but it’s always nice to have a reminder. In terms of new material, “What The Water Gave Me” delivers everything I’ve dreamed about and then some; there’s little doubt that in a few short months Florence’s name will be dominating our Favorite Albums of 2011 list too.

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  1. The calm and collected side of me says, I haven’t been this excited about a new album since OK Computer in 1997.

    The unrestrainable fangirly side of me says, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK OMG YAY!!!!!!!

  2. GAH! I’m so happy to finally hear a high quality version of this! All those awful, shaky youtube videos just weren’t cutting it anymore.

    I can see how her music is evolving. FATM used to equal powerful ethereal voice + heavy drums + elegant harp flourishes to me. This track really went kind of back to kiss with a fist with its more guitar presence but this time with more bass.

    • same here! it doesn’t really sound ‘florencey’ without all the subtle harp and twinkley bits, and i guess it’s missing some of the theatricality older florence had.

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