ModCloth’s 70% Off Cabin Fever Sale Is Feverishly Exciting

Gabrielle’s Team Pick:

ModCloth, one of Autostraddle’s favorite online retailers of alternative/independent fashion, is having a sale so good that when it went up on Monday, mod lovers actually crashed the site with their enthusiasm. The ModCloth 70% Cabin Fever Sale is back up and running now, and we thought that you should know about it before everything is gone! Since ModCloth is normally pretty pricey, their sales are big deals, especially to those of us who may or may not check every day to see if anything in their wish list is discounted yet (ahem). If you shop through the links posted on this website, Autostraddle will get a kickback, so everyone is going to benefit from that cute shirt you’re about to buy.

These are some sale items that I’m crushing on:
spinning records dress
Spinning Records Dress, $38.99 (down from $129.99). The top is 100% leather. (Sorry, vegans!)
no place like chrome skirt
No Place Like Chrome Skirt, $13.99 (down from $47.99).
seaside sights coat
Seasides Sights Coat, $53.99 (down from 179.99). This is waterproof!

the bead goes on ring
The Bead Goes On Ring, $4.99 (down from $14.99).
bourbon legend jacket
Bourbon Legend Jacket, $23.99 (down from $79.99). This is the thing I want most.
plaid you wish top
Plaid You Wish Top, $10.99 (down from $37.99)
spike it rich bracelet set
Spike It Rich Bracelet Set,$8.99 (down from $29.99)
Jon's Lens is More Shirt
Jon’s Lens is More Shirt, $13.99 (down from $44.99)

Happy shopping! I hope you find something amazing!

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  1. I just snatched up the the Attire Education Blazer yesterday! Their items are moving quickly, so if you’re thinking about grabbing something then don’t hesitate! The deals are so good. I feel like I need to freeze my debit card in a block of ice to keep myself from spending any more money.

  2. One step ahead of you… ordered the Thunder Ahead coat the day the sale started (it is sold out now)! Wish I had known/remembered about clicking from the Autostraddle link but thank you for reminding us because I won’t forget now!

    and yeah the cute name makes me want it more somehow

    • Man, all the pants in Madewell sale were either in weird colors or in like two sizes, neither of them mine. 😛 I have one pair of deep-periwinkle rain-straight Madewell jeans that I picked up at Filene’s Basement a couple years ago and they are the most perfect pants, but I can’t really fathom spending more than $50 on an article of clothing that’s not shoes or outerwear. Sighhh. The eternal battle of preppy style vs. working-class upbringing.

      • I know, right? It’s evil. I used to get a lot of their stuff seriously discounted at my old job and once I was hooked, arugh. If you are near to a store they always have a pretty good sale section, at least in soho. I try to tell myself it’s an ‘investment’ because I wear it so much more than most of my clothes…I still can’t justify their price on jeans though.

        The straight jeans at Gap are a similar fit/look, though! Not a lot of people gets straight (not skinny, not toothpick, not boyfriend, not bootcut) right, and when they do they make you pay for it. 🙁

  3. why on earth would i care about a store full of overpriced crap quality clothes that doesn’t carry clothes in my size? i mean this sale only has TWO plus size items at ALL. two. jeez. so sick of the obvious default body type on this site.

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