Mini Coachella: All the Pretty Girls

You probably thought today would be a regular ol’ Tuesday, but actually it’s Mini Coachella at Your Desk Day! We’ll just be here, listening to some music from a handful of artists who happen to be attractive, female, and on the Coachella lineup. You can wear whatever you want. Bonus streaming playlist when you get to the bottom! That’s what she said?

Mini Coachella: All the Pretty Girls


Laura Marling


British folk-rock. Sad lyrics. Sounds like early evening in the winter, on a porch in the woods; whiskey.

Latest: A Creature I Don’t Know

Listen to Laura Marling in concert at NPR.


Wild Flag


They had you at Carrie Brownstein. Sounds like dancing on your bed in your underwear with the curtains open.

Latest: Wild Flag

Listen to Wild Flag in concert at NPR.





More folk-rock, American. Sounds like driving out of town on Saturday morning.

Latest: Covered Up With Flowers


Mazzy Star


You have to go beyond “Fade Into You.”

Latest album: Common Burn / Lay Myself Down



First Aid Kit


Swedish alt-country. Sounds like your heart walked out of your chest to find itself.

Latest album: The Lion’s Roar

Listen to The Lion’s Roar streaming at NPR.



Grace Potter


Kinda rock, kinda country. Your mom knows her from the Good Morning America theme song. Sounds like dusty summers in cut-offs; Jack and Coke.

Latest: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals





Canadian electropop! You’re dancing! She’s dancing! We’re all dancing now!

Latest: Fixin to Thrill / Hello



Cat Power


Soul soul soul. Singin’ about life and love, with soul. Sounds like falling asleep in a canoe; drinking wine alone.

Latest: Jukebox



St. Vincent


Cerebral, happy, dark, weird. I think everyone loves St. Vincent except me.

Latest: Strange Mercy

Listen to St. Vincent in concert at NPR.





American indie-pop (technically there’s just one girl in this ensemble, but still). You’re in a parade on your way to a party where they’ll serve fizzy lemonade in polka dotted glasses and the sun will never set.

Latest: In Light



Am I missing anyone amazing? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

ETA: The title of this post is in no way meant to imply that artists who weren’t included are not “pretty,” ok? I’m just really bad at titles. Also pizza — I can’t make a decent homemade pizza to save my life, so.

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  1. Laneia, these descriptions are so good that I had to comment on Autostraddle for the first time ever even though I read every entry every. single. day. Love your pieces.

  2. Laura Marling is absolutely adorable, and oh so talented. I have a huge crush on her. There is a girl that works at Pita Pit near my house that reminds me of Laura Marling quite a bit – I go there way too often.

  3. Most excited about:
    Wild Flag
    St. Vincent
    Tune-Yards OH MY GOSH, TUNE-YARDS Laneia! Here is some Tune-Yards, or tUnE-yArDs if you miss typing like we all did as young’ns in the late ’90s:

    Pretty excited about:
    Mazzy Star
    Cat Power
    I guess all of the folk bands, though I haven’t listened to as much folk since I moved out of Appalachia.

    I am SO GLAD I now know who does that “Hello” song. Do you guys remember the video of that guy dancing through a mall to that song? It is that song, right? I love it. So now I’m excited about Dragonette too.

  4. All of these women make me weak. I don’t have knees anymore. I used to have violent convulsions after looking at pictures of Annie Clark. I’m not even kidding, I used to start crying, just a little bit, like the last drop of water wrung from a damp sponge. But I would have to apologize profusely after yelling at people for showing me pictures of her. My body can’t handle it. And I’m obviously having a Carrie Brownstein revival via. Portlandia that is just insane. I want to make an altar to this post.

  5. falling asleep in a canoe is not a good idea. guess how i know this. you will be woken up by a mean friend or a mean water current/tree limb situation that decides it would be fun to flip you. you will also be burned by the sun.
    the rest of your descriptions made up for the anxiety attack that “falling asleep in a canoe” gave me.

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