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About Me

I am currently very busy and will not be interacting much at this site. I opened this page to secure my option to use my name for this site if I so chose to do so in the future. Why anyone would want to open pages at social media sites using my name seems ludicrous to me but it has happened several times so now I am taking measures to ensure that this can’t happen if I can help it. Thank you for your interest, go in peace and God bless you. -PMTV

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Spirituality, I love God and God comes first in my life then me and my critters, everyone and everything else follows.


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Non-Monogamous Relationship


I hold adults to the same standards and values that they put on children, no stealing, no blatant lying and hypocrisy, no hate, no bullying, no demeaning others emotionally or mentally, no violence physical or verbal, no caging or human trafficking, you know… yes to that thing called love pretty much covers it.

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