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  • Group logo of Autostraddle Over 30
    Active 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Every profile I’ve looked at so far is 18 to 20-something, but I know I’m not the only 30-something on here. Let’s unite!

    Public Group / 542 members
  • Group logo of The Great Library of Autostraddle
    Active 1 day, 4 hours ago

    What’s on Your Nightstand?

    Public Group / 1,195 members
  • Group logo of Black Straddlers
    Active 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Pretty self-explanatory. Any LGBTQ folks who happen to identify as Black.

    Public Group / 83 members
  • Group logo of Comics, Anyone?
    Active 1 month, 1 week ago

    For discussing words, pictures, science, magic, and people (who may or may not be spandex-clad and/or ridiculously attractive).

    Public Group / 229 members
  • Group logo of Shystraddlers
    Active 1 month, 1 week ago

    For all of us paralyzed by crippling social anxiety.

    Public Group / 779 members
  • Group logo of NOLA Straddle
    Active 1 year ago

    For the New Orleans lezzies to auto to the straddle our magnificent clusterfuck of a city.

    Recruit your other NOLA homosexualist petite amies to join! We must unite and plot booze-soaked activities.

    Public Group / 76 members