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Minnesotaaa! And I love it like Leslie Knope loves parks.

About Me

Dorky ‘mo who loves the community on here. I am a lover of books, comics, cartoons, movies, design of the print variety, video games, tv binge-watching, musicals/theater, oxford commas ->, and many types of music.

Check All That Apply

Gay, Queer, Sexually Fluid, "Label-Free"


Heh, good one. Just playing. Essentially: "Live and let live, and don't be a jerk."

Relationship Status

In a Relationship, Single

What I Like

Favorite Books

A Song of Ice and Fire, Tolkien, Harry Potter, Glass Castle, Redwall, Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood, 1984, Lilith’s Brood, A People’s history of The United States, Watchmen