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    Seattle Pride. 2011. I will be a dyke on a bike for the first time! And yes, I’m planning on wearing my autostraddle tshirt to stand out. Hey o!

    • you ever get over to tri Cities? I would like to be friends your brave to ride in Seattle man its pretty nerve racking take care. Sherry

    • Nice! I will be tabling for 3 Dollar Bill, but I hope to get to see some of the parade before I head over to the Center.

    • I saw you today! I shouted “you do you” the first time you rode by and “au-to-stra-duuuuhhl!!” another time. I doubt you were able to hear me, though, it was so goddamn loud.

      • Shut up!!! Really?! Honestly, I didn’t consider how loud it would be. (My ears are still ringing). Apparently another friend was yelling at me too – didn’t hear her either! That’s awesome though!! Glad you picked me out! So much fun riding! :-)