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  • Amy posted an update in the group Group logo of We Straddle LA, BitchWe Straddle LA, Bitch 6 years, 8 months ago

    Hi everyone, I do a lot of volunteer work with the LA LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB. It’s a great group of people who work on anti-discrimination projects. We’re partnering with Planned Parenthood to do a voter canvass this Saturday, August 2nd, from 9am-4pm in Whittier to reduce stigma around abortion. We’re also going to be working with LGBT…[Read more]

    • hi! can’t do august 2 but keep me in the loop about other things!

      • Hi Bex,

        Thanks for replying! The Center has a “Night of Action” (data entry from last voter canvassing and prepping for the next one) from 6:30-8:30pm on August 7th and 6-8pm on August 12th. Those are great opportunities to chat with people and learn more about canvassing and upcoming projects.

        We also have voter canvasses on August 13th and…[Read more]

        • hi amy –

          am out of town all next week, but i might be able to make the events on the 21st and/or 27th… would love more info.

          (kayla, i totally understand the shyness thing – you and me both!)

          • Hi Bex,

            So the video viewing on the 21st will be at the Village (1125 N. McCadden Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90038). There’s free parking right across the street after 6pm. You can ask for the Vote for Equality office and people at the desk will point it out to you. The Canvass on the 27th will be at the Whittier Rio Hondo AIDS Project (WRHAP) at 12401…[Read more]

          • thanks, amy! will do.

            right now it’s looking pretty good for the 21st. for the 27th will let you know –

            on a different subject: i’m going to be teaching some workshops out at joshua tree national park this fall and want to spread the word in the local community. do you know if the la lgbt center has a place where i can post something or maybe…[Read more]

          • Sure! There’s a bulletin board at the Village where people post announcements about classes and discussion groups. You might need permission, but I don’t think it would be difficult to post there.

          • great! thanks for the tip!

        • hi amy – just wanted to confirm that i’m planning to come by the video viewing tonight at the village. not sure what time i should be there… 6?

          • Hi Bex,

            Yep, 6pm would be perfect! The address is 1125 N McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90038. There’s parking across from the Village and the gate opens at 6pm. We’ll be in the Vote for Equality Office. The person behind the front desk can point it out to you. See you there!



          • sounds good! will be there as close to 6 as traffic allows… : )

    • Hi Amy! I just saw your post so I missed Saturday, but I would like to be kept in the loop. I have been wanting to get out to do volunteer and activism work, but embarrassingly enough I have had a hard time working up the nerve. So shyness be damned! I want to get involved!

      • Hi Kayla,

        Thanks for getting involved! Maybe you’ll see my reply to Bex or maybe not (not sure how the notification system here works), but I’ll paste the main part here just in case:

        The Center has a “Night of Action” (data entry from last voter canvassing and prepping for the next one) from 6:30-8:30pm on August 7th and 6-8pm on August 12th.…[Read more]

        • Hi Amy, thanks for the info! Unfortunately my full-time job and school keep me too busy during the week, but if there are any other weekend events I am definitely down for it. :)

          • So the events for the end of this month are as follows:
            -Video viewing on August 21st (this Thursday) from 6:30-8:30pm. We will watch videos from past voter canvassing on abortion to assess voter opinion and see where we can improve. It will be at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza in West Hollywood.
            -Voter canvass to reduce the stigma surrounding…[Read more]

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