Buy This: The Runaways on DVD

“‘Filthy pussy’ is so much better than ‘flea-bit dog cunt.’ If somebody called me a ‘flea-bit dog cunt,’ I’d laugh at them. But if somebody called me a ‘filthy pussy,’ I’d be truly offended. That’s something that I quote from the movie: filthy pussy.”

Kristen Stewart

Listen up, jokers. I feel like most of you saw The Runaways while it was still in theaters (due in part to Julie & Brandy’s reenactment, The Runagays, no doubt), and yay for you, but guess what: I didn’t. Lucky for me and you and everyone we know, it was released on DVD this week and I finally have a copy in my greedy little hands.

LISTEN TO ME, ARE YOU LISTENING? LISTEN. The commentary of this DVD is The Fucking Best Thing I’ve Ever Heard and you have to go watch/listen to it now. It’s Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and they cover the typical commentary-type stuff: what it was like to film that day; this one scene was cut; I loved that extra, etc. HOWEVER BABIES, there’s more. This commentary will just feel, I don’t know, familiar to you, maybe. You know? I think the thing you’ll love the most — THE MOST — is Kristen. It’ll be like you just relate to her. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING TO YOU.

Go get it. Here: order The Runaways from Amazon and we’ll get a dollar or something. Watch it. THE COMMENTARY. You will love it. You’ve loved a lot of things in your life, but this? This is a thing you will ADORE. It’s awkward and funny and familiar. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I totally saw this movie in the theaters FOUR times. Naturally, I went out/bought it/watched it the day that it was released on DVD.

    I did not, however, watch any special features because I feel like I’ve been over them for years now. But thanks to Laneia and AS, I will most definitely check them out ASAP!

    PS – My number one feeling right now, much to my girlfriend’s horror, is Kristen Stewart…

  2. I hear that if you buy the movie via iTunes that they have extra stuff that even the DVD doesn’t… I don’t know if anyone else can provide further details regarding this information. I had already pre-ordered the movie via Amazon when I read this somewhere, so I’m wondering if anyone else knows what exactly the difference is between the DVD version and the downloaded version from iTunes. Thanks!
    I hope my copy from Amazon comes soon, ’cause I’m really looking forward to watching the movie and listening to the commentary after reading what you wrote laneia.

    • i bought my copy via itunes, but i’m not sure what the differences are between it and the DVD.

      after watching this movie though, i did have an urge to buy leather pants…and then i realized i wasn’t joan jett or kristen stewart and would probably look awkward like a dog walking on its hind legs.

  3. I felt that way about the commentary provided by Leisha Hailey, Erin Daniels and Kate Moennig for that L Word Love Boat episode.

    I didn’t get to see it in the theaters either but I’ll definitely watch it now!

  4. I’m sad that I didn’t do this before I returned this to Netflix yesterday.

    But I really enjoyed the movie itself. Dakota Fanning made me feel sad but I liked the part with Kristen Stewart. You know, all of the parts, I guess. ALL OF THE PARTS.

  5. I’ve attempted to watch this movie 3 times in the past fortnight. However due to my ban on watching movies sober, I keep passing out halfway through.

    The first half is good though….

  6. I thought of the season 2 commentary of Kate, Leisha, and Erin upon hearing this as well. It’s not as snarky, but just as gay. I second Laneia’s recommendation wholeheartedly, plus more of my body parts, if that’s what it takes for you all to go out and rent/buy this movie and listen to the commentary.

    My personal favorite is every time Kristen Stewart makes sounds of sheer disgust when a guy so much as touches Dakota Fanning/Cherie or the girl who plays her sister. Kristen Stewart should be allowed to ramble on sans handlers ALL THE TIME.

  7. When I first watched this with the commentary I had to rewind the part were Dakota Fanning says “flea-bit dog cunt” like four times. She said it like she was quoting Shakespeare. I need a sound bite of that.

  8. Yeah I totally agree,commentary was really funny,I sooo have a crush on that girl. Kristen Stewart is fuckin halarious, she reminds me of chicks i hang out with,n’ she swears lika trucker and very laid back.I sorta just let the commentary play since i had just watched the movie,glad i did cause joan jett n kristen stewart say some funny shit. I’ve seen twilight,one of them at least, but in The Runaways she def. seemed more in her element,she’s pretty badass,i’d smoke a bowl with her anyday : )

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