Laneia’s Team Pick: PRESS KIT or This Should’ve Been in the Post About Things to Look at When You’re Not Sober

Tao Lin started MDMAfilms with Megan Boyle and you can pay them money to give you dvds of things they’ve recorded and edited together. MDMAfilms is described as “an “extreme mumblecore”/”drugcore”/”emo” film/documentary/”event coverage”/production company.” I don’t know what that means.

This went up yesterday and if it had been released a week sooner I could’ve included it in Things to Look at When You’re Not Sober or Even When you Are, Whichever, where it would’ve been staggeringly relevant. I feel like Tao Lin should’ve given me exclusive access to this video last week so I could’ve a) felt important and b) used it to extend that post by one video and one paragraph.

PRESS KIT from MDMAfilms on Vimeo.

I haven’t talked about Tao Lin for a while. I think Rachel will have feelings about this Team Pick. Do you want to guess what Rachel’s feelings will be? You can guess in the comments and then we’ll see who was right.

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  1. many of these guesses are correct. i do like mumblers slash am a mumbler. other feelings:

    + did someone make an artistic rendition of my entire senior year of college???
    + are they in taiwan? what?
    + i like the part where the pen doesn’t work. also, the part where tao is drawing on the laptop and the pen moves towards megan’s hand which is touching the laptop.
    + towards the end i started to feel like megan boyle looked like someone, but then i wondered if i had been looking at megan boyle for so long she just looked like herself. do you know what i mean.
    + part of me wondered ‘am i in the right state of mind to watch this’ but then i was like what would that even be? maybe ‘mdmafilms’ is a hint.

    also though, yeah, “what i can’t even”

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