Laneia’s Team Pick: Portlandia AKA Carrie Brownstein On Your TV OMG

Hey no big deal or anything but Carrie Brownstein is in IFC’s new 6-part sketch comedy, Portlandia, which premiers tonight tonight tonight. Fred Armisen’s also gonna be there but who cares because CARRIE BROWNSTEIN.

The show focuses on the cute little quirks of Portland via making fun of Portland’s cute little quirks. Oh are you already adding IFC to your cable and or satellite package? GOOD CALL but if that’s not an option for your darling little self, go ahead and watch about 30 clips on I don’t even know what’s left to air after all of those but whatever.


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  1. Might be worth clarifying that it’s that IFC and not that IFC, because people might think, like I briefly did, “wtf is Carrie Brownstein doing in some show by IFC?!” and make you question whether your judgement of IFC has been flawed all along, or whether Carrie Brownstein likes IFC, and does that mean she’s going into some sort of decline, which I can’t really believe, but it’s ok because then you realise IFC is some TV channel you’ve never heard of and everything’s ok and you can probably take a breath.

    • When I first arrived at Autostraddle, I wondered why people had such beef with the Independent Film Channel. Now like you, I always have to remind myself that my mother is not actually recommending that I watch something by IFC.


      • This thought! I was always wondering why lesbians on a community-ish based website about lesbians had such hate hardons for independent films, because independent films are often really, really gay, and so is the channel.

        And then one day it all made sense.

  2. Saw the first episode when they were temporarily streaming it on Hulu and it was pretty funny. The “Feminist Bookstore” skit is always funny and the one about the organic chicken farm was hilarious.

    Carrie and Fred are bot great. There isn’t a week link. And Can’t wait for the episode with Aubrey Plaza.

  3. “…who cares because CARRIE BROWNSTEIN.”

    IKR. This woman. Gah. Just. I know.

    Here’s a great interview with her, where she “comes out” as bisexual. “It’s weird, because no one’s actually ever asked me. People just always assume, like, you’re this or that.”

    Definitely speaks to how little some people respect others’ self-identification and tend to jump on the label train right away. (That’s one reason I love Autostraddle, you guys put so much respect and care into your journalism!)

  4. I watched the first ep on Hulu as well, and it was awesome! I was so happy to see the return of the Feminist Bookstore and holy shit! Steve Buscemi! That was pretty amazing, as I already miss Boardwalk empire and seeing him on TV every week.

  5. This show is pretty much a “I love you, you crazy weirdo.” love letter to Portland, which is the best kind of love letter. Though I kind hope it doesn’t inspire anyone to move here because there is a part of me that will always agree with Gov. Tom McCall (he was a kind of awesome guy, which is why there is a waterfront named after him, which you can see in the beginning of Portlandia) from the 70s.


    Portlandia is in St. Vincent’s music video. No, like, not a feature, BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT PORTLANDIA AND ST. VINCENT. IN A MUSIC VIDEO.

    I’m in love with St. Vincent.

    I’m so excited for this video.

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  8. This is why I love living in Portland. You will be able to see my back-of-head, my 3/4 profile in one episode. You can see me walk by in the background in others. Where ever I was, Portlandia was sure to follow. Either I am that awesome, or Portland is that small. every lesbian who can stand suicide inducing rain should live here. we have too much fun.

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