Laneia’s Team Pick: Marginal Pass

Marginal Pass (“Self-indulgent mewlings about the glorious journey from female to faggot.”) is a blog written by a transperson all about his experiences in this place we call The World. It’s smart, funny, honest and good and I think you’ll really like it.

Here’s a sample, from Dancing with Bro-dawgs:

Before I began to pass in a steady way, I assumed I’d want to be out and proud, as it were, as trans forever, both because it feels (or felt) like a big part of who I am, and for the political reasons of visibility and making breeders uncomfortable. It’s not like I would ever be in the closet about being queer, or insist that I be the sole arbiter and teller of that information. How weird would it be if I told one of my friends, “Hey man, don’t tell anyone that I’m gay.” Real weird.

But then, as we all know, gender identity and sexual orientation are different beasts, and the ways people react to the revelation of each are beastly in different ways and to different degrees. When someone outs me as trans–and not in all situations, but in certain ones–it puts me in a lousy oth position. But is resisting this othering shitty in its own way? Am I just lapping desperately from the fountain of male privilege now that I’ve gotten a taste of its Keystone-flavored ambrosia? Maybe a little bit. I’m still struggling with this.

See? Honest and funny. You love that stuff. There’s also RenderMeBoobless, which is centered around his top surgery, which you can donate to, after you donate to Autostraddle, of course.

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