Laneia’s Team Pick: Lesbians Eating Cereal on Tumblr





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  1. There are reasons you are my favorite, this is one of them. Although I’m finding out Rachel is pretty amazing. Going to submit.

  2. JC

    This is essentially my life but with prettier girls. Where can I sign up to be part of this world?

  3. Cruz

    Submitting first thing tomorrow morning. A few years ago I spent a great deal of time (that I should have been using to learn Euclidean geometry) writing poetry about unrequited love, and haikus on breakfast foods. These are all of my loves come together.

  4. I don’t eat cereal usually but if lesbians are involved and artsy photography, sure count me in

  5. make it happen, ladies! we’ve gotten some fantastically cute/sexy pics lined up for the next few days, but we’re always on the lookout for MORE MORE MORE. cerealesbians are insatiable by nature.

    so, let’s make it a thing! then we’ll all have somewhere else to perv when we’re procrastinating on the interwebz.

    OMG. you could totally eat cereal, look at cerealesbians, and then snap a photo of your own self being a lez and eating cereal. my mind just exploded.

  6. i love cereal. inane poll time:

    What is your favorite cereal? BE PREPARED TO DEFEND CHOICE.

    • I could never. It’s like choosing your favorite child. I may have one but I could never say it out loud. I will say Kashi is always my go to brand.

    • Life. It is both a delicious cinnamon-sugar breakfast option and the preferred form of existence on the material plane for sentient beings.

      • (Also, if this devolves into anything like the all-Tumblr waffles-versus-pancakes throwdown of 2011, please give me enough time to grab my camera and plan a trip to the nearest diner.)

    • yeah i really dont have a go-to cereal, but i am quite fond of chocolate miniwheats for cereals that are somewhat healthy. for non-healthy…’sall bout the lucky charms yo. diabeetus.

  7. OK as long as all these wishes are being granted, can we get a tumblr of lesbians brushing their teeth? Or…is that a thing that only *I* have…

    • people brushing their teeth is hilarious/cute! they always make weird faces and are cute in a way I don’t think they are cute normally? does that make sense? anyways, I would be down with a people brushing their teeth tumblr.

    • people brushing their teeth is hilarious/cute! they always make weird faces and are cute in a way I don’t think they are cute normally? does that make sense? anyways, I would be down with a lesbians brushing their teeth tumblr.

      • I am not sure what happened here, but it seems to have double posted with a magical one word difference

  8. Once I thought I had a cereal lesbian girlfriend. Turns out she was a serial lesbian girlfriend. Since then I’ve stuck to toast.

    • Come back to us dizzy. Toast lesbians may seem like a good choice now with their whole wheat dependability but they can’t give you more than a little fiber and a rough exterior. Cereal lesbians are fun, creamy and we’ve got a crunch too. Just don’t leave us alone too long or we’ll get a little soggy. We hate that the all serial lesbians are giving us a bad rap but don’t punish the rest of us for their folly. Come back to the Cereals.

      • You tempt me collectedprose. There is nothing I like better than a fun and creamy lesbian. Do you think there is some way for me to tell between a cereal lesbian and a serial lesbian? For example, if a girl likes Special K with red berries, she is safe, but if her preference is for Fruit Loops it is time to run for the hills.

  9. Ami

    cereal is my favourite food
    lesbians are my favourite species

  10. I want to submit something, but I am house-sitting, in a house that contains no cereal. What kind of crazy people don’t have cereal? Old people. That’s who. Crazy old people.

  11. Cereal is pretty much my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Words cannot describe my immense joy over this Tumblr.

  12. A bit late to the party, but may I suggest that you incorporate the line “Queerios eating Cheerios” somewhere in the site?

    • We don’t want to limit ourselves to Cheerios, but trust us, that queerios thing was intentional. We also like quereal.

      Oh, fuck it. Yeah. We’ll put that on the site. It’s YOUR site after all, queerios.

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