Laneia’s Team Pick: ’90s Woman Alphabet

I told you in February that we would be discussing the blog ’90s Woman, because in February I had hope for a brighter tomorrow and that tomorrow was one where I would stay ‘on top’ of things as they happened and then share those things with you. I still believe in that tomorrow, but today I’m drinking Torpedo from a wine glass and wondering who’s going to take down all of these holiday decorations.

Anyway! I’ve started reading the archives of everything I missed in the last year, which was, like, a substantial amount of things, and I found this and I thought, why didn’t I team pick this is in June? and then I remembered that probably in June I was attending an outdoor music festival or planning my trip to New York, where my life would change dramatically but then go right back to the way it was the second I stepped off the plane in Phoenix am I rambling?

LOOK: The ’90s Woman Alphabet is something I read last weekend and then again today and I thought I would tell you about it. I is for I Believe Anita Hill, which is how you know this alphabet is legit.

Also, children of the future, the authors of ‘90s Woman are Ada Calhoun and Kara Jesella, so there you go.

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  1. when my roommates and i moved into our apartment in september there was a HUGE bag of shoes in one of the closets. jellies in three styles; five colors of each style. most still had tags on them. the 3/5 of us that were the right size felt like we had won the lottery of the universe. and then our feet were blistered and we remembered that jellies are actually torture.

    • aw they were awful if your feet got sweaty too, but if you got them a size larger and it was a windy day they were very pretty comfy. I had a pair of sparkly ones as a kid and I was definitely the coolest kid in town.

  2. M is for mix tapes! Oh how I miss mix tapes…..iTunes playlists or burned CDs just aren’t the same…..the little fold out self-decorated rated mix tape… I miss you! What’s really sad is even if I wanted to make mix take….no one would be able to play it since tapes are extinct!

  3. Umm, is it weird that I still have all my old mixtapes (I’m a horder, it’s a thing. I need help with it actually) Along with my mahoosive stereo complete with turntable for my handful of vinyl.

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