Laneia’s Team Pick: 109 Cats in Sweaters

How many cat / kitten photos can you view in one day / week? I feel like now’s the time to find out.

via observationpost

109 Cats in Sweaters via Buzzfeed.

Is it better than Look at That Fucking Stuff Lesbian Kittens Like? No, obviously. But this isn’t a competition, so don’t fucking worry about it.

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  1. There’s an ad showing in the UK at the moment of 100 cats running round Ikea, this is prob common knowledge by now, but I am not well ensconced enough in the kittysphere to know what’s making the rounds…

    Anyway, link to the ad and the making-of video here.

    • I love that ad, it’s so peaceful and always makes me smile even though I dont really like cats so much. Now before you revoke my lesbian and Autostraddle membership calm down lesbians, the only cats I ever get to interact with are sick ones, aka, scared, angry and bite-y (it’s a word) ones so hence my fear of them.

      I also think that cats 20 and 32 respectively are trying to kill us all with their side eye death stares.

  2. Bahahaha, I love this! Cats are freaking cute, but cats in sweaters are ADORABLE. My favorite one is the one with the green hoody. I was looking up pictures of Link from the Legend of Zelda for my blog, and that cat came up. -^ ^-

  3. Wow! This just gave me a gazillion new knitting project ideas. My poor cat…

    Please keep the cat pictures rolling. It’s Friday and I’m in full on procrastination mode.

  4. There are times in my homogay life that witnessing something like this is just too much for my delicate sensibilities. Number 58 nearly killed me with cute as I was left splayed and feeling completely dismantled, I think I’m having a Jenny Schecter moment…I’m scared.

    Is this normal?

  5. I just want to say thank you for all the kittens. I’ve spent the last 9 days nursing my cat back to health thru fever, vomiting, exploratory surgery and having to give her food and water by syringe every 1-2 hours. I’ve been stressed. This made me smile, I really needed it. I lost my two other cats in May from cancer and old age so I was really afraid I’d lose her too. Good news is she is eating on her own again and is getting better! Yay for kittens!

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