Laneia’s Team Pick: This Link That Sarah Sent


[autoplay enabled WHAT I KNOW SO RUDE GAH]

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  1. Having kittens ruined kittens for me 🙁

    Now when I look, all I see is something that has to be bottle-fed every three hours, round the clock, and don’t even get me started on toilet-activities.

    But I guess they are still kind of cute.

  2. THIS IS SO MUCH CUTENESS. I would watch this all day long, stunned with cuteness. Fuck writing about Shakespeare– although Hotspur did know what I mean*.

    *nerd alert: “I’d rather be a kitten and cry mew than one of those mean meter ballad mongers” from Henry IV part I

  3. i felt the cuteness all the way in my heart and the whole time i was thinking about how much I WANT ONE. Alas, the barracks rules basically limit you to critters that can survive under water unassisted. 🙁

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