Journalista Chic Maria Asks, “Would Lily Allen Wear It? Is It Comfortable?”

Good morning girls and bois! Today we’re talking to Maria about the importance of her clothes [of her pose]. She’s the living editor for her university’s newspaper which means she and journalism are together for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, ’til graduation do them part. When she’s not in the news room, she studies women–like in school, ladies–and admits that her love for Tegan and Sara might be bordering on unhealthy. Word, Maria. I think it’s safe to say that mostof us here are all too familiar with that feeling.

Let’s talk about you! What’s your style like?

“I want to be as comfortable as possible without wearing Uggs and a Northface jacket. I wear a lot of feminine things, like I love tights, I love dresses. Pretty much my style is like, ‘What dress can I match with different tights and a different belt and different earrings?‘ I like to look nice and I like to look put together; I don’t like to look like I rolled out of bed. I like to look put together because I want to give the illusion that I’m somewhat put together.”

What do you like shoe-wise?

“Boots! I pretty much only wear boots. During the summer, during the the winter, during the spring. I’m a boot girl. I feel like boots are comfortable but they still look nice. I have these shoes that I wear everyday. They had a hole in the bottom, holes in both of them. You can see the line right there. I wore the heel away!”

So you like to keep things?

“I have the same headbands that I’ve been wearing since 10th grade. Like I have a shirt and a pair of jeans that my mom had to hide from me because she was like, ‘Those have holes in them and that shirt is faded.'”

Tell me about your hair.

“I have a love/hate relationship with it, it’s so curly. The thing is, I used to not mind wearing it curly when it was longer but then in the summer I was like, ‘I need a change’ so I got this asymmetrical hair cut which I liked when I took the time to straighten it. But when I didn’t it was just like weird curl! weird curls up here! and when my bangs are not straight they’re like crazy.

When my hair’s like dirty or curly or when I don’t have time to do anything to it or whatever I usually just like twist it up in the back or put it in a braid. or I’ll do the Princess Leia buns and people are all like, ‘Wow your hair looks great today.’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah thanks ’cause I didn’t have the time to do really anything.’ But I like it best when it’s straight.”

Have you got any style icons?

“Lily Allen. Secretly when I’m picking out clothes, I think, ‘Would Lily wear that?’ I know that people have mixed feelings about her, but I can’t help it. She’s always got those doorknocker earrings which I love.”

What do you like to see on girls that you wouldn’t wear yourself?

“Suspenders. I always want to wear them but I just feel like I don’t have the body type for it. I love chicks in suspenders.”

Where do you go to shop?

“I love Retrospect on South Street. It’s a vintage store but it’s bigger. I mean it’s not cheap, but it’s moderately priced; it’s not like a salvation army.”

Photos by Jonathan Braymer, supertalented photographer and all-around most dreamboat boy in the entire world.

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    In its original draft the title of this piece said “Would Lily wear it?” and so I read the entire thing thinking that you were tlaking about Intern Lily, and even so, it made complete sense in that context. Then I changed the title. But I want to share that with everyone, b/c Intern Lily wears cute clothes.

    Also my name is also Marie and I also believe in journalism so I feel we have a lot in common except that I tend to think “would Michael Jordan wear it in a commercial for Hanes sweatpants” instead

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      i also appreciated the library setting!

      i always want to be more of a boot girl! but i’m really picky about them. i have one pair- vintage etienne aigner i bought for $1.25 (seriously) and i’ve worn them to death. i’ve had to glue the soles back on more than a few times.

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    Where are the real boi clothes? For example, my girl can’t even wear shirts tailores for girls – well, won’t is the right word. Her latest purchase are jeans for men by Marc Antony at Kohl’s

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