Oh shit you guys tonight’s the night. TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT. Catching Fire opens TONIGHT even though they keep saying it’s tomorrow but whatever y’all. I’ve got tickets to an 8pm showing so I don’t know why they’re pretending like it doesn’t open until tomorrow. Hey how many trailers can you watch before getting tired of them? Lots? Mkay good.

Gif break.




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Aaaand another teaser.

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Jena Malone break.



In the words of contributing editor Mey: “Are they keeping the scenes where Johanna Mason is naked in the movie? Because Jena Malone is one of my all-time favs and I’m totally in favor of that.” Preach.

‘K last one.

Let’s celebrate Catching Fire Day! Hunger Games Day! Are you going tonight? What are you wearing?? What time are you getting in line because I always always stress out about that part. Did we have midnight showings before Harry Potter came along? What scene/plotline from the book are you looking forward to seeing in the film? Do you sneak Subway sandwiches into theaters? Are you of the opinion that the book series focused more on politics, while the films put more emphasis on the love triangle? Do you want to talk about any problematic aspects of the film or its production or the book series or anything? Or analyze something? Or just talk about JLaw’s hair some more? Because we can do that. We can do anything you want.

After you watch Catching Fire, come back here and process with us!

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  1. Guys! Guys! I’m so excited for so many reasons! Like the fact that there’s a new director and he probably isn’t going to make me nauseous with steady cam shots and quick cuts. And the new screenwriters are fantastic!

    I’m of the firm opinion that the movie is actually going to be better than the book was – and I never say that. But they’ll have the opportunity to fix some of the clunkier aspects of Catching Fire and Mockingjay plots and streamline them.

    So excited.

  2. guys true life i hate movies but i LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES so a couple of months ago i asked my girlfriend if we could go see catching fire together but she confided that she never read the books and was really traumatized/upset by the first movie because of the spectacle of kids killing each other and i COMPLETELY BLOCKED OUT THIS SAD/HONEST CONVERSATION and literally gchatted her this morning being like BABE BABE CAN WE SEE CATCHING FIRE THIS WEEKEND and she is so nice that she was like “oh, sure, okay” and i just kept babbling on and finally she was like, “um, babe? did you just totally forget about our convo re: hunger games?” and i was like “what? what are you talking about I LOVE JLAW EEEEE” and she was like “remember i told you how sad the movie made me and how i didn’t wanna see it? i thought you remembered but didn’t care but now i’m thinking maybe you blacked out.”


    so anyway obviously i am not going to see the film with my girlfriend because i am not a TOTAL jackass, even when jlaw is involved, SO if someone in the boston area wants to hook me up with an extra ticket for tonight or tomorrow during the day or this weekend or next week, that would be rad. otherwise i am probably gonna go by myself tomorrow afternoon, no shame.

  3. I’m so upset because my university is doing a Catching Fire premiere event and I can’t go BECAUSE I PROMISED MY SISTER I’LL SEE IT WITH HER FIRST AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since the first one came out, I love her a lot to wait an extra week for it.

  4. I’m not going tonight but I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS.

    When I went to see the first one, I went to a matinee by myself and snuck in wine and it was pretty much my ideal movie-going experience. I highly recommend it to anyone else who is an old lady at heart.

  5. AGHHHH it doesn’t come out in France until next week! What am I supposed to do until then? I’m so excited for Jena Malone! She was the only thing I liked about the newish Pride and Prejudice! Anyone who gives good Lydia will forever be in my favor.

  6. i was meant to go to see the hunger games with dina last night and i was super excited about it but then i got sick from eating a sketchy chicken salad and i’m still really sad about the whole situation.

  7. They had the training shirt thingy on thinkgeek dot com a while back. Might wear that when i go see tomorrow. Yay!!! Hunger games. Its such an intense book. Lots of cliff hangers. I think i disliked the part towards the ending but its a very well written book for kids. Best seriea ive seen since HP.

    Nerd alert. Haha

  8. I saw an 8pm screening, it was so great imo. Mad props for: keeping Katniss’s PTSD in there, Johanna Fucking Mason, Mags. I was surprised how touched I was by Effie in this one, but I mean look at Mockingjay. She was considered a rebel, that doesn’t come from nowhere.
    Loved nuts & volts, too, they did Wiress so well.
    Honestly so happy with the movie I can’t contain my feels.

  9. I really enjoy dystopias in general and the Hunger Games in particular, but does anybody else feel weird about how the decadent, very heavily coded queer city kids are always the bad guys? (notable exception: Cinna)

  10. Saw it last night! Katniss’ PTSD was so real. It was like a sucker punch to the gut to me. I cried, kind of a lot. Felt like I needed to lie down afterwards.

    JLaw’s face at the end, you guys. TERRIFYING. It’s kind of a cliche to end a movie that way, but gosh, that woman can act. It was perfect.

    Also, the costumessss. SO MUCH BETTER than last movie!! I like that they purposefully played up Cinna’s success, so in my head I could imagine that everyone looking hot was the result of his brilliance, not just the movie’s bigger budget and actually getting real designers on board.

    In short: loved it. Would see again. Probably will.

  11. I just skimmed all of this even though I haven’t watched the movie and probably won’t be until my next long-haul flight (I’m not spending £10 on a movie ticket when I could spend £1000s yearly on plane ones and get the movies FREE) which is thankfully in just three weeks now, and all of this is enough to have made me excited about JLaw and Jena Malone even though I usually have approximately zero feelings about either. ALSO: you have to queue to get to sit where you want?? The tickets don’t come with seat numbers? I’m so confused.

  12. I was going to wait and see it later this week but gifs were showing up on tumblr and I couldn’t wait any longer so I went today and it was SO GOOD. I had so many feels. Can’t wait for Mockinjay, it’s going to be freaking intense.

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