How to Overcome Being a Taurus

It’s nice to be a Taurus. You move slowly and gracefully. It’s rare to see a Taurus trip. You get things done at your own pace and anyone who begs you to move just a little bit faster gets a deadpan look as you begin to move even slower. You’re pretty much the definition of BDE, being the sign that sits back and watches everyone else with smooth skin and great makeup. You’re understated.

You’re a Taurus and you’re a real person. You don’t care about diamonds when you could care about dirt, about rich, nutrient-heavy soil that you can grow your flowers and herbs in. You’re a Taurus and you live in the real world. You make money with ease and believe in taking naps at work.

You’re a Taurus and you’re used to people having to tell you that they have a crush on you, because otherwise you don’t get it, and not doing a single thing about it.

You’re a Taurus and you have your whole weekend planned out, doing the things you always do. You get up and run at 8 AM and then you like to leisurely stroll across the park because the temperature is perfect midmorning. You don’t understand why your girlfriend is complaining that the two of you go out to the same brunch spot every single week for the same omelette because you like their food and like to know what you’re getting for your buck.

Overcoming being a Taurus is basically about making a tiny bit more room in your life so that other people can fit in there. Earth is such a heavy element and there can be little room to breathe. You’re fine by yourself and you’re also missing out on ways that others can improve your life. On life and love.

The thing is, Taurus, you are extremely valuable to a group. You get your work done and people trust you. Not only that, but you’re the one who makes sure that everyone gets paid. The only thing is, you have to talk yourself into getting out there a little bit before you’re motivated to join something.

Like most strong types, you’re a silent one. What can you say when it’s all so obvious? But when you let others do the talking for you, you watch others get the credit and spotlight while you do the grunt work.

Speak up

Tauruses deserve to shine too. Your ideas have merit and, though you may very well thrive in your subtle ways, you can use a little bragging power just so other people know what you have been up do all this time. Learn to boast and learn to accept praise without thinking that it’s all going to fall apart as soon as you have some confidence in yourself.

It’s not going to fall apart instantaneously. You can trust the universe as much as you trust yourself. Did you do almost all the work on a group project? Make it known. Do you have a spectacular knowledge about the healing potential of herbs and the desire to make a side hustle from it? Start showing this knowledge off!

Notice when others earn your trust

Sometimes, Tauruses feel so misunderstood by the world that they close right up and start sleeping with a knife under their pillow. There’s a weird side to Taurus too, and that’s one that believes in all the conspiracies on Youtube. Green is Taurus’s color not only because of springtime but because of envy.

If you’re so careful about who you let into your life and resist the urge to rock your boat all of the time, you may not even notice when someone does something trustworthy for you. You may not notice the people who support you and want to keep doing so but keep getting side-eyed by Taurus style paranoia.

The thing is, Taurus, others start to trust you when they sense that you are ready to trust them. This means that you need to start collaborating with anyone you are jealous of right away. You need to reach out first and behave like you’re on their side until you see enough of each other’s flaws for that solidarity to become sincere. The thing about trust is that it sometimes takes the form of action first and sentiment later.

Trust that the universe will change

Taurus doesn’t actually stay steady. You just stay in one place until everything else is different and you have changed inevitably. The thing about change is that it comes whether you’re afraid of it or not. As a Taurus, your decisions are the most powerful thing you have. When you decide to do something you truly mean it, meaning that you put all of your weight and effort into making it real.

Your decisions will become stronger when you incorporate the universe’s appetite for change in them. I’m not telling you to become other than you are but that the tallest mountain will collapse if its environment moves. Part of the reason why you can’t do everything on your own is that you just can’t take everything into account. Believe that, when you work well with others, your decisions will move with the world. When you take into account your social environment, you begin to move mountains.

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer astrologer of color with four years of experience in individual consultation, lectures, workshops, and writing. They use astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. To them, astrology is a process of imagining the cultural alien through the metaphor of outer space. Their website is and instagram is @alicesparklykat

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  1. Taurus is the lamest sign. I would be more into astrology if my sign would tell me nice lies about myself that I can relate to. I’ve never read a Taurus description that even semi spoke to me. And all the memes are just about eating! So dull, so boring.

    • I love my sign! But being able to relate to it is important for the enjoyment. The stubborness, love of comfort and creativity usually speaks to me, and I like being that person, so that’s why I like reading about it.

  2. I can’t say I buy into astrology, but a lot of this resonated. The stuff about change is spot on, and I’ve recently realised that I forget to voice my own thoughts and opinions because I think it’s super obvious that people know them already. Turns out that’s not the case. I feel like I make so much space for other people in my life, that I forget to leave any for myself, but maybe I’m not as accommodating as I think I am? (Also my favourite colour is green).

  3. This is perhaps the first time I haven’t identified with being a Taurus. Can I exchange my life for this person’s? It sounds extremely simple. Except for the jealousy thing, that sounds like a bother.

  4. Also I know I’m being lazy and could
    Google this but if this column included birthdates for the signs then I would know which of my friends to torment with this excellent information. Would you consider that, for us astrology-illiterate queers?

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