How to Overcome Being a Gemini

I have a conspiracy theory about Geminis. I think that they’re the most hated sign not because everyone actually hates them, but because Geminis themselves are always subtweeting themselves because they love to be hated, dissected, and gossiped about more than they like to be ignored. I mean, think about it. Geminis love it when people talk shit about them. Is it really a coincidence that they’re the sign that people talk the most shit about?

If you’re a Gemini, you know what it’s like to move as a seedling. Try to take a picture of a wisp of a seed, carried by a breeze, coming down from a tree and you’ll know what I mean. You can predict what way big gusts of wind will appear but you’ll never guess the changes of a slight breeze.

Geminis, you’re breezy and I’m not saying that lightly. You’re literally unpredictable and your movements look like a body moving in strobe lighting —completely different from one second to the other and gone in a second. As a Gemini, your symbol is the butterfly not just because butterflies are decorated or because others want to pin them down but because butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis.

Notice which seeds are sown in fertile ground

Walk outside during Gemini season and notice that the ground looks cobwebbed with seeds, all puffy and tiny, layered on the edges of the sidewalk and between blades of grass. The beauty of being a Gemini is that you’re the seeder who is bursting with good ideas and you don’t really care where they go. You give your ideas about music to a theologian and you talk rapidly about metaphysics to an engineer. I mean, with all this disseminating, someone’s bound to pick up one of your thoughts and turn it into inspiration together, right?

We need you Gemini, precisely because you’re so damned anti-institutional in your thinking. You disobey wider ideologies by being just you — a thinker undisciplined, one who takes things from one discipline and sees how it looks through the lens of another.
An idea is never bad for a Gemini but good ideas feel at home in the context in which they live and bad ideas are tragically misplaced. As a Gemini, you’re throwing things out everywhere. How do you know which ideas will bloom into bigger projects? How do you know how to prioritize your time, since you, like everyone else, have such a limited amount of it?

Fertile ground for an idea doesn’t necessarily mean that the context for an idea must match the content of the idea itself. You, as a Gemini, know that theologians are inspired by music and engineering ideas work best when they consider the roots of magic. You know that undisciplined ideas are the best ones. It is your job, as a Gemini, to show just what those undisciplined ideas can do, that there’s magic in contradiction and that distracted people are the best thinkers. Finding the right place and people to share your thoughts with is a matter of getting laughed at in a million different ways before you astound the right audience.

As a Gemini, don’t get too comfortable with getting pegged as the troll who talks nonsense just because they can. Notice when your ideas do hit the right places and spend some time nurturing the ones that get a good response, not just the ones that press all the wrong buttons.

Leave some unknowns in the world

Gemini — the twins, locked in constant exchange and conflict — is a sign of informational intimacy. You’re not a sign who sits back and judges from a distance. No, when you want to investigate something, you get down and dirty. You become a player in whatever you seek to mediate, whether that is a political struggle or a friendship drama. And why not? You can charm anyone into giving you the information you need in order to understand everything.

The thing is, Gemini, you don’t need to know everything. In fact, there’s great danger in knowing everything. There’s the danger of boredom and cynicism. There is great utility in having parts of the universe remain unknown, even if it’s just so you can escape into a place that you know nothing about. This is why people take vacations in places that they know nothing about, isn’t it? Because, when you don’t know the streets or the land of a place that you visit, there’s no way you can think about exhausting schedules and busywork. When you take a breather, take the opportunity to actually breathe.

You don’t need to know everything about a place that you find yourself in, especially when you need a break from being all knowing. When you feel that you don’t know anything about the world, you’re able to behold it with a sense of wonder.

When you see a movie being filmed, you don’t necessarily have to know what it is and who is behind it. When you see people having an argument about something you don’t understand, sometimes it’s better to let yourself not understand. When you make a point about something, sometimes it builds more ideas when you leave some things open.

Spend time with your feelings

The sign that comes right after Gemini is Cancer. Every zodiac sign needs to learn something from the sign that precedes them on the wheel. For Gemini, you may be a master of charm and a spinner of stories but it’s the deep, guttural feelings that personal expression makes real that you must master.

There is a direct link between your feelings and your memories. Because Gemini is the sign of knowing everything and wanting nothing, emotion can seem to come out of nowhere for you. And as for Gemini rationality, emotions are famously the very thing that can never be explained away. They’re not simply processes of biological feedback or sensations. They’re things that make us see the things that we see, the way we see them.

Most Geminis are good at not explaining away emotions for their friends. They understand that it’s not cool to give advice when your friend is looking for empathy. Most Geminis need to learn to do this for themselves. They need to learn that no amount of processing (that’s really only rationalizing) will do away with that feeling. They need to learn that their feelings are valid, that they need to be accepted before another reaction can occur.

Gemini, you deserve your feelings. They are important. They tell you more than you know and they remind you of all that you do not know yet too.

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer astrologer of color with four years of experience in individual consultation, lectures, workshops, and writing. They use astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. To them, astrology is a process of imagining the cultural alien through the metaphor of outer space. Their website is and instagram is @alicesparklykat

Alice has written 5 articles for us.


  1. first of all, how DARE you share my secret that processing is just rationalizing! second of all, please don’t ever stop calling me out. i’m ready to be an Evolved Gemini!!!!!!

    me @ my gem friends

  2. Never had a problem with being a Gemini and never got any hate for it until this last year. I love to learn new things and meet new people but I also keep to myself like 80% of the time and the other 20% I’m just out there trying to spread good vibes and be happy.
    Got called two faced multiples times after I told a girl that I was not interested in a relationship but allowed a friendship to continue whenever she visited (she is from out of state) because that’s what she insisted she wanted (learned my lesson) now I can’t post about meeting new people or crushes without being called a two faced bitch for some reason?? Honestly tho she probably wouldn’t call me that if she didn’t know I was a Gemini, just feels like an excuse to insult me.
    Don’t feel bad about being a Gemini but it’s hilarious when people use it as an excuse to try and insult you etc.

  3. This is the kind of honest and supportive Gemini content I’m looking for. TELL ME THE HARD TRUTH YAS

    But also, it is 100% BS how hated we are but highly amusing. Classic group dynamics…every group needs their scapegoat, but really every sign can be very extra in their own way. Speaking of truth, don’t forget to TURN THAT CRUEL MIRROR UPON THYSELF.


    Gemini Sun, Gemini Rising, Virgo Moon.

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