Happy International Zine Month, You Bunch of Weirdos!

So hey, as the title suggests, July is International Zine Month! And boy howdy, does Stolen Sharpie Revolution have some awesome plans for you. If you’re a person who writes a zine or contributes to one or loves one (or a thousand) or is even remotely interested in zines and DIY culture, this is going to be a pretty exciting month.
Before we go any further, I need to share the story of the birth of Int’l Zine Month, because it’s perfect:

During conversations with friends I found myself saying “Wouldn’t it be rad if there was an International Zine Month?” Which led to the question: “How do we make it official?” This was actually a silly question since zines are inherently DIY there was no one who could make it official, but I could Do It Myself.

How are you gonna celebrate? Stolen Sharpie Revolution has posted this handy list of suggested daily activities. There’s an even more descriptive breakdown on their website, so definitely check that out.


Autostraddle will be participating, too! We’ll have some more zine reviews and feelings, a 24-hr Zine Thing journal, dispatches from the DC Zine Fest, and a few new zines for you to buy (including the epic compilation zine created by our very first A-Campers in April 2012 !!). Do you have some zine feelings you’d like to share? Or some zine feelings you don’t wanna share but will anyway because you’re a sucker for a good gif? If you have zine recommendations or want to submit your own for review, email me at laneia [at] autostraddle [dot] com!


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feature image via Bree by way of A-Camp Recamp #3

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    HELLO Zine month, I’ve missed you.

    Also, are the people who contributed to the A-Camp 1.0 zine going to get copies?

  2. 0

    crying because i have work

    also: can anybody recommend any websites/blogs/etc. that post cool DC metro activities? I already follow Free in DC but eh. I’m looking more for stuff like this. I moved here last summer and I miss going to these types of things in Philly. T_T

  3. 0

    OOH I am excited about reviews/suggestions! I have been wanting to get into zines, but didn’t really know where to start.

  4. 0

    Zine month, exciting month! I’m in the middle of working on a submission, my own zine and waiting for a zine I’m published in to come out!

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    I think my next zine is gonna be a 24hr one this weekend! It’s about time I put a new issue out.

    Any perzinesters around here wanna trade zines? 🙂

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