Happy Halloween, Let’s All Eat Candy With Hannah Hart

Hello and happy Halloween! Recently, the internet fairies bestowed upon the earth a new episode of everyone’s favorite web show, “My Drunk Kitchen.” This one is about candy and involves no cooking, at last proving that I would watch Hannah Hart talk about nothing for five and a half minutes.

This is the candy people ate when they didn't realize that candy could be good.

Harto highlights include but are not limited to:

+Robin Hood costume

+Use of the word “pontificated” immediately followed by a reference to her nipple

+”This is unfamiliar to me somehow.”

+A guest appearance by Jenna Marbles

+A seemingly as-yet unparalleled level of drunkenness

+The g-d damn Robin Hood costume, though.

Her glasses come off less than halfway through this hot mess, so you know it’s a good one.


Trick-or-treat, bitch!

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  1. “This one is about candy and involves no cooking, at last proving that I would watch Hannah Hart talk about nothing for five and a half minutes.”

    ^ I believe you, me, and the rest of Autostraddle can back this statement up. But the question is, does Hannah Hart know this?

  2. lol. That was funny.

    Side note: I always seemed to see a lot of girls, at least in the 90’s when I was a lil thing, that were more andro/gay dressing as Robin Hood, or Peter Pan. Is it the green? What is it. It’s a thing I’m sure of it.

    • I’m in favor of one of you all marrying this woman, so we can hear more about her off-screen exploits.

      I’d offer to do it, but I’m already married. Although my wife might go for the polygamy thing, given that it’s Hannah. I should really check on that possibility. Hmmm. Hey, honey….

  3. no word of a lie there was a girl dressed as harto at the dubstep show i went to on saturday. she looked exactly like her, so it was like she wasnt dressed up at all. all she had to do was put on a plaid shirt. but i was so incredibly pleased.

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