Gotta Snap ‘Em All: Our Big Queer ‘Pokémon Go’ Gallery

My friends started posting photos of queer women and non-binary folks with pokémon on my Facebook wall and it has left me in a constant state of delight. So we put a call for poképhotos of Autostraddle readers, in hopes that you could be constantly delighted, too. Here’s everything people sent me. All the people in the photos answered the call for queer women and nonbinary folks, and all photos are used with enthusiastic consent. Thank you, internet!

I’ll be updating this gallery through Saturday, so keep sending photos of queer women and nonbinary folks with Pokémon to ali [at] I love you nerds!

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  1. Ahahaha it’s so fun to see everyone enjoying this game. When it came out this weekend, Maddie told me, “Pokemon existing in our world was all I ever wanted as a kid” and I think that’s why this game is such a hit, as evidenced by these photos!

  2. I can not wait till someone’s outdoor wedding gets interrupted by someone playing pokemon go. Although I am sure we will find some sort of pict of a guy in a Cemetary taken from someone’s phone during a funeral. I can see the caption now. Nice to know my dad’s grave is being guarded by a Charazar.

  3. I’ve never been sadder that my phone doesn’t have the gyroscope function. I mean, before last Saturday, I wasn’t even aware it didn’t have the gyroscope function. But know I know that means I can’t take AR Pokemon pictures… q.q

  4. You know this could be a very good thing for our national parks. They could team up with Nintendo and have special times of the year where you can catch certain more powerful pokemon on trails in the parks.

    And no I don’t expect Mount Kileau in Hawaii to have a Charazar at the rim of the crater.

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