Girls in Pizza Hut Commercials Are Just Like Us

Laneia’s Team Pick:

There’s this brunette — with sort of a bob + bangs situation —  in a Claritin commercial (I think?) who’s been in at least 200 other commercials and she’s SO PRETTY. Like her face is perfect and her teeth — I just want to be her best friend and stare at her and take her to the mall outside the movie theater so everyone can see my pretty pretty friend. And while the romping fantastic google machine is usually good for turning up results for almost anything, searching “pretty brunette perfect bangs commercial claritin” was surprisingly unsuccessful.

So what do you do when you want to know who the hot girl in the commercial is? You submit it to Who is That Hot Ad Girl and wait patiently.

Proving once again that, w/r/t sparking creativity, tumblr is the best thing since magic markers and play-doh, Who is That Hot Ad Girl not only serves to tell you the name of the hot girl in the ad, but they also supply images, IMDB links, fun facts and additional footage ALL IN ONCE PLACE! What will the internet think of next??

WITHAG certainly doesn’t break any stereotypes when it comes to what’s considered ‘hot,’ but it really destroys what little illusion commercials manage to create. After scrolling through a sea of headshots, it hit me: these girls are just like us — they’re working their asses off and they don’t even get a lower third. Crazy.

I didn’t find my future BFF Pretty Brunette Girl, but I did learn that the super pingy chick from the Esurance ads, Suzi Barrett, is also part of the Upright Citizens Brigade! Neat.

hello world, i'm suzi barrett

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  1. when she does that little smile after she bites into the kit kat…my gaydar made my left ovary explode.

    similarly alllllll the girls in this one can get it

    kit kat i salute you

  2. “I just want to be her best friend and stare at her and take her to the mall outside the movie theater so everyone can see my pretty pretty friend.”

    -The thoughts in your head a few weeks before realizing you’re gay, also.

  3. I’m the editor in chief of WITHAG. I love your line “You submit it to Who is That Hot Ad Girl and wait patiently.”

    We get so many requests you wouldn’t be believe how backed up we are. So patience is a virtue as you wait for your WITHAG to be answered!

  4. but seriously, I think this is part of a larger trend of “window-dressing”, companies targeting their advertising specifically but still covertly towards queer people. If an ad showed a happy two-mom family shopping at BigBoxStore, that would be too “controversial” and “radical” for their conservative customers…but if they show a young, single girl who looks kinda gay to other gay girls, they can try to attract said gay (and bi) girls to shop there WITHOUT pissing off their traditional base. There’s been research done on this, like this:

    I also think advertising happens the way it does for a reason, and companies put too much money and work and focus-group-ing into these ads for this to be random.

    • I did a project on gay advertising in college. (This was a few years ago. I think it’s probably a little more overt now.) But ad agencies definitely leave subtle hints to the gay crowd in ads, stuff they know straights will never notice but gays will. It allows them to relate to both without alienating either. I definitely remember very well this Zyrtec ad that… I don’t know if those women were supposed to be friends or sisters or what, but they were older ladies making birdhouses together and holding each other while they laughed. Looked like life partners to me. Anyway, at the time of my research, the gay audience was seen as a very attractive group to advertise to. Gay people have more disposable income and are much more tech savvy, among the earliest adopters of new technology. I’m sure that continues today.

      The most blatant instance that comes to mind was that Orbitz commercial to years ago that showed three guys golfing. One of the guys had a very tiny HRC emblem on his polo, instead of where the little horse would be. Straight people thought nothing of it, but I immediately spotted the HRC logo. I read an article and Orbitz specifically got HRC’s permission and they admitted they wanted to offer a nod to the gay audience.

  5. i want to be in commercials so bad. i was telling my best friend this last night. i dont want to be rich or famous or in movies or even a proper actress.
    i just want to be in commercials.
    preferably bad/embarassing ones. like for STDs maybe. or pregnancy tests.

  6. So I am that kit kat girl with the short pixie hair! My name is jessica little and i am an actress in nyc. I’ve been working hard for years and even though I am not nearly close to my dream I am so far from where I was in the beginning. Look me up on Facebook, please be my friend and supporter. I am so happy my friend came across this blog, it has boosted my self-esteem bc I’m sure you must know and understand how hard this career can be.

    much love, jess

    • Well, hel-llooo Jessica Little. How YOU doin’?

      : )

      How nice of you to take the time to check this place out and leave

      such a lovely message! Thank you very much. If knowing that a

      bunch of ladies are crushing on you (*blush*) gives you a boost in

      any way then it’s all the more awesome that you found the site.

      Trying to make a career in acting would eat me alive in five

      seconds. I mean, give me a break! (A-ha ha ha! ….no? …Too soon?) The fact that you ARE making yourself a career as an actress not only shows your courage and what a strong person you are, but how talented as well–otherwise you wouldn’t still be in it. You’ll get to your dream.



      In other news: EeeEEE! The short pixie haired Kit Kat hot ad girl knows we exist!

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