Girl-on-Gallery: Actual Lesbian & Bisexuals Part #1 (A->M)

Our first installment of ACTUAL lesbian & bisexual women, in alphabetical order by first name … (part two of Actual Lesbians & Bisexuals (N-Z) can be found here.)

Disclaimer: In the case of this photo gallery; the term “actual” is used to differentiate between “the women we lust after who we wish/hope were gay but are unfortunately exclusively endeared to members of the opposite sex” and “the women we lust after who have been known to lust after other women as well.”

The word is not intended to differentiate between “fake” lesbians/bisexuals and “actual” lesbians/bisexuals. We apologize for any confusion. The focus of all our galleries is on the photos — and sometimes it’s nice to look at photos of women who wouldn’t be uncomfortable to know we were looking. (-eds.)

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