Get Ready to Make Snow Globes With Kayla and Me!

Uh-oh look out because it’s time to GET CRAFTY with your fellow A+ members! And Kayla! And me! We’ll be making snow globes together Thursday, December 15th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST in the 13 Days of A+ Discord. If everything goes according to our best laid plans, we’ll be in a dedicated channel, streaming a video call between Kayla and me, with captions, while we make our DIY snow globes and you follow along. CUTE.

You’re gonna need to gather some snow globe making supplies beforehand, so here’s your list!

Clear waterproof glue
Clean glass jars
Lil’ guys

Glycerin, glitter, and clear waterproof glue/sealant can be found at any craft store, so those should be easy. Finding your jars and corresponding lil’ g...

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