YES CATS! We Made You Weirdos A Zine About Cats, Buy It Right Mow

The season is upon us! The one where you try to find the perfect gifts for the people in your world, and hopefully you even take a minute to treat yourself to something grand. I’m biased but you should definitely consider YES CATS! which is on sale now in the Autostraddle Store!


This is the fourth issue of the BETTER TOGETHER ‘zine series, co-produced by Autostraddle and Everyone is Gay. We smashed our brains together in search of a theme that made our hearts sing and went back and forth a few times on a few ideas AND THEN suddenly, Kristin and Riese lit up like lightbulbs: CATS. Y’all love cats! We love cats! (Ok, Riese actually hates cats, but we accounted for that, too.) YES CATS! is exactly what you’re looking for, from your favorite writers and weirdos, including illustrations by the amazingly talented Laura Rosenbaumwhose work you may recognize from Nylon, Glamour and ModCloth, because she is AMAZING.


For YES CATS, we gleefully rounded up all kinds of cat advice, including adopting your first cat or kitten and how to celebrate Pride with your cat. You’ll find stories of kitten (and self) rescue, the meaning of life/lives, take a trip to America’s first cat café, and learn what you should do when you think your girlfriend has mistaken you for a cat.

We’re also super excited to include an exclusive, limited run of cat stickers illustrated by Yao Xiao! I personally cannot even handle how excellent these cat stickers are, and I’ll bet you won’t be able to deal with it, either. Better buy a copy for your bestie so you can process these cat sticker feelings together.

YES CATS includes:

  • Brand new essays by Heather Hogan, Mey Rude and Rachel Kincaid
  • Beloved essays by authors including Stef SchwartzSarah Hansen, Riese Bernard, Laneia Jones, Phoenix Casino and Robin Yang.
  • Gorgeous illustrations by Laura Rosenbaum
  • “Songs From Your Cat’s Point of View” playlist by Dannielle Owens-Reid
  • Advice from Everyone is Gay
  • Saturday Morning Cat Cartoon by Cameron Glavin


  • Limited edition YES CAT STICKERS by Yao Xiao.

Get Yours Now for $16 at the Autostraddle Store

While you’re there, check out the first three issues in this series: OMG I’m Gay and I Broke Up Like This and Queer Sultry Summer!

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  1. I’m not the biggest fan of cats (forgive me) but as soon as I saw “brand new essays by Heather Hogan, Mey Rude and Rachel Kincaid” I hit that link so hard. Now time to play the fun game of figuring out what my paypal password is. Thanks y’all!

  2. I would like to submit an essay, “My cat eats my bra and then leaves me super poor” and “What to do when your bra-eating cat is still chewing and eating yoga towels and tote bag handles.” Answer to that second one: HIDE EVERYTHING IN YOUR APARTMENT and look like a super clean/adult person when really everything is stuffed in drawers, cupboards, and closets. #norbthebraeater SHARE with your friends haha

  3. this is just about the best zine timing EVER as i recently joined the cat person contingent after a lifetime of firmly planting myself in the dog person category (point of clarification: i will be a dual member. dont worry i am still an actively obsessive dog person now and forever). i have two big dogs, and i have always loved loved loved dogs and never understood the fuss over cats. This summer, the sweetest barn cat that has ever lived turned up on my farm and had a litter of five kittens. i fostered them for several weeks and ending up keeping the mama cat and one baby while the other four just went off to their forever homes (in pairs because FAMILY) recently. it has been nothing short of magical. i get in now, guys. i really get it. you were right i was wrong they are amazing.

    (i had to at least include pictures of my two (mama and baby) because i cant help myself but I will spare you all the hour by hour retrospective of the whole experience. i miss them all so much i could just die but they are in really great homes so i am just really being selfish)

    thank you for this cat zine, autostraddle. i am going to buy the fuck out of it. you have once again made me feel like you are leading me by the heart to the very thing i need in life <3.

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