JK About the G-Spot, Apparently It’s a Myth, Also It’s NSFW Sexy Sunday

G-SPOT: Last year, an article was published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine claiming that the g-spot is a real thing. But THINGS HAVE CHANGED, ladies.

Jezebel reports: “According to a study out of King’s College, London, the legendary g-spot, source of a million Cosmo articles and bad jokes ending with “am I right, ladies?”, is actually a total myth with no scientific basis whatsoever.”

1,800 women were surveyed, making it the largest study of its kind. The Times of London explains thatAndrea Burri, who led the research, said she was anxious to remove feelings of “inadequacy or underachievement” that might affect women who feared they lacked a G-spot.”

Beverly Whipple, emeritus professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey, helped to popularise the G-spot, dismissed the findings of the British study as “flawed” for not including the experiences of lesbian or bisexual women or considering the effects of Papi’s Circle Trick or your super special technique. Jezebel summarizes:

In other words, the answer as to whether or not you have a g-spot may just lie entirely in your own head, though it’s hard to dismiss the idea that many women may believe they have (or don’t have) a g-spot based on what they read in magazines, see on television, or hear in really bad jokes…am I right ladies?

For a second opinion, try Pop my Cherry’s Adventures of G-Spot Girl.

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  1. why are people always trying to prove the g spot doesn’t exist? i understand wanting to assuage women’s feelings of sexual inadequacy but is the best way to do that really by telling millions of other women that something they understand to be a part of their physiology and sexuality is really just in their heads? it’s like trying to prove that mustard tastes good. some people can take a hand, and some people can’t take a hand.

    • OH MY JENNY SCHECTER!! I just now get that stacy merkin=vagina wig. Yesterday I was watching a interview with Lucy Lawless about Spartucus and she was talking about merkins. Never heard of it before. I read your comment, took a shower and then it hit me! stacy “MERKIN” is a f-ing vagina wig! LOL. It was funny before but now its hilarious

  2. Thanks for the update on the G-spot debate and link to my site. For women who have experienced their G-spot, they know it does exist. I feel like we are entering the dark ages again when women had hysteria because they weren’t allowed to masturbate. Thankfully some keen doctor invented the vibrator and liberated women’s orgasms! Hopefully some day we can do the same for the G-spot.

  3. Um… Just me or does this Gspot thing seem stupid? The study makes no sense. They just asked twins if they have a Gspot or not? Isnt it WIDELY possible that some women simply haven’t found or had a partner who was able to find her Gspot? Hell, I recently introduced a 37 yr old woman to hers, and she’s had many sexual partners before me. This study proves nothing except that any asshole can create a study and get internet famous for it. Gotta love a “scientific” study done completely on anecdotal evidence.

    • I was actually thinking the very same thing. I also showed a 40ish year old woman where her clit was (working in a sex toys store and using a chart) for the first time last year. Just because she didn’t know she had one (or where it was) doesn’t make clits a myth.

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