FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What’s Your Commute Like?

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Hello hello, winter travelers! De-scarf, un-coat, kick off yer shoes, have a stretch, grab a beverage. How are you? Where have you been? How was it getting here, was the traffic bad? Get on into this here Friday Open Thread and tell me all about it. Have a gif of an owl and a cat being friends.

At the end of any given week I am either the owl or the cat at my friends via buzzfeed

At the end of any given week I am either the owl or the cat at my friends
via buzzfeed

I recently bought my first adult-sized bike for getting around and grocery-hauling and other Adult things, which feels like a big step for me. I’m a trains and buses kind of gal. A public transit kind of lady. I dislike having to take more than a laptop and some snacks when I leave the house, and now here I am, a Bike Owner, who hauls her bike with her everywhere. The responsibility! Potential theft aside, I did not know so many things could go wrong with a bike (besides getting flat tires) until this month, when everything bad happened! But also, the freedom! Do you know how much time you spend a day walking to, waiting for, and then walking from your bus/train/subway/trolley/hot air ballon/zipline? Turns out for me, the answer is a lot. Almost an hour. An hour that I could spend sleeping. At this pace, I’ll almost want to own a car in a few years. (LOL nah I hate having a car, that’ll never happen.) Of course, getting a bike has caused other changes in my life. I get leg cramps more often. I show up to every event a shade sweatier than I’d like to be. Two out of the 4 cats that live in my house are scared of me and my wheeled beast. And the biggest change of all, what do I do now during my morning bike commute?!

a 100% accurate photo of me and my bike vis bondibeachcruisers

a 100% accurate photo of me and my bike
vis bondibeachcruisers

My commute activity varies by city. When I lived in Brooklyn for a summer, I finished one very long and kinda pretentious book over the course of the 1.5 hour journey to the Upper East Side. When I lived in Boston, I didn’t usually go far on the green line (cue beleaguered groans, shaken fists at the green line) so I just listened to a lot of dance music to pump myself up for my morning shifts. When I lived in semi-rural North Carolina, my office was a ten-minute drive away, so I listened to NPR. When I was bikeless in the Bay Area, I always needed to stay alert for stops, so I’d obsessively alternate between Google Maps and Pocket on my phone. Now…now I don’t know! I can’t keep listening to the same playlists over and over again, so what do I do? Think? About life?? About how I am just a tiny biker on a road full of California drivers and oh god what if someone just isn’t paying attention or they just suddenly swerve or they’re parked and not looking and they OPEN THEIR CAR DOOR ONTO ME?? This is getting heavy. Maybe I’ll finally get into podcasts.

Help me out, y’all. What do you do for your morning commute? Are you a driver, a biker, a trainer, a busser, a none of the above? What kind of music do you listen to to get ready for the day? Or do you take that time to catch up on the news? Or do you read (ooo, what are y’all reading these days?) It’s okay if you just play Candy Crush/Two Dots/Strata, I do that too when I’m on the bus! Or are you fueled entirely by your road rage the whole way to work?


If you primarily work from home or don’t care to talk about your commute, then tell me about your week! What have you been up to? What are you doing this weekend? Do you have hopes? Aspirations? The occasional surreal dream? Come on down and tell ’em to me, I want to hear all about it.

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  1. good morning sweet meats!

    I have like four part time jobs, this morning I drove to a meeting at the hospital, and the radio was playing Public Enemy and the road flickered in and out of fog and sun I was like MY LIFE WHY IS EVERYTHING SO GREAT.

    Also, this song, which I’ve never heard before and loved:

    I used to bike or bus to work, it always took an hourish, and I would listen to podcasts or knit or read, it was always fine, and I would think about having a tumblr for bus crushes, though decide against it because for me the magic of bus crushes is that they never actually bump up against your real life, you just admire people from afar and avoid eye contact.

    These days I take an hourish walk with the dog in the morning, and I definitely run into the same people-with-dogs, and listen to podcasts- I started listening to Call Your Girlfriend, which is pleasant.

    I miss biking, I did a lot of good thinking while on my bike, though it sometimes felt isolating, and the stress of navigating cars and visibility and my chilly fingers got to me eventually. New job starts in a month and it’s 4 miles not 10, so I may reincorporate biking.

  2. Mine is pretty routine. About a 35-minute drive. I’m going in the direction opposite of the prevailing commute, so traffic is generally easy. Since July though, there are a couple of major pieces of construction that have made things a little sticky. But they’re trying reasonably well to minimize the impact so for me it’s not been that bad.

    The bad part, for me, is that I cross a county line on my way to work. The county I live in has an anti-discrimination ordinance that covers me. The county I work in does not. So I can be as out as I please at home, but at work, not so much. I don’t know for sure that my employer would have a problem with my being queer, but I know several people in my work area would be. Other than that, I love the people I work with directly and I love the work I do. I just wouldn’t feel safe being out here.

    But the commute itself? Piece o’ cake.

    • Boo to cross-county discrimination!! county law has always get weird to me. Like, my hometown is the seat of a dry county, but within city limits bars can serve liquor all day long. how is that a way to run a municipality. Anyway I hope your work county comes around soon on the anti-discrimination and in the meantime good vibes to you! I’m glad your immediate coworkers are chill.

  3. I live in Seattle, land of the most hated bridge in America and perpetual metro cuts. (Despite the population growth. Ouch.) I bus everywhere. I feel like I spend most of my waking hours on the 48 bus, or rather as it is known, ’48-always-late’ bus. I’m usually glued to my phone, a book, or homework I should’ve done days before. In the summer though, that all changes. It’s walk city and I go everywhere on foot. I do not live far from work, my good friends, or the one coffee shop I pledge my soul (and money) to.

    As for what I listen to — it varies. I have my one tried and true playlist I listen to on repeat and I have access to my friend’s Spotify playlists. I have some podcast recommendations though.

    State of the Re:Union – learn about random cities, neighborhods, etc.
    Nerdette Podcast – hit and miss for me, but regularly features kick ass women doing nerdy shit.
    The Moth – probably why I’m crying softly or laughing to myself on the bus from time to time.
    This American Life – powerful storytelling, but also hit and miss.
    Homoground – QUEER MUSIC FOR LIFE
    Stuff You Missed in History Class – the weirdest/coolest bits from history.

    Any other recommendations? I’m always on the lookout for more.

    • oh my god so I’ve been listening to the Rex Factor because each episode is about an hour which is perfect, and I’m learning SO MUCH history. Definitely gonna check out Stuff You Missed in History Class that sounds right up/in/around my alley

    • I actually bus from Tacoma to Seattle on most days for work (I really need to just move closer…) but drive in when necessary. I have to say the I-5 is nothing to envy…really, when traffic in the Sound gets bad, it quickly goes from irritable to terrible.

      I wiiiish I could bike more and was actually thinking about how awesome it would be for my general wellness/happiness but I also don’t know if I could handle the constant fear of getting hit by reckless drivers. Really, bikers must have nerves of steal.

      Plus I kind of love having the time on the bus to listen to music or podcasts (someone already said this but The Heart is definitely worth tuning in!) and it’s optimal reading time. At the moment I’m chugging through Censoring an Iranian Love Story, which is so far so good.

      • Ooh, I can relate to that commute! I used to commute from Seattle to Tacoma… glad those days are over. It sometimes took 2 h in rush hour. I liked Seattle, but I also like my new place in Tacoma a lot – cheaper rent, closer to work, easier driving.

          • Tacoma just feels like home to me. So many cool places to explore: Point Defiance, Ruston Way, downtown, etc. I went to college here, then later moved back, and I feel like it’s where I’ve done a lot of my growing, so it has a special place in my heart.

  4. This is how I get to work. It’s name is Gertrude, named by a previous owner, it is 25 and I drive it everyday. My missus said she knows the van is the other woman in my life and she doesn’t mind.
    I listen to CDs as I drive to work, or not, and I have a massive smile on my face whenever I climb into my vw camper van because I have wanted one my entire life and when I sold my hatchback last year and bought one I realised my dream. I get to feel like I’m going on holiday every day. Plus I can always make a cup of tea or have a nap. It’s a bit like being a snail, my house is with me all the time.
    Gerts is not the prettiest or fanciest but its mine and I love it. I have never had to visit my friendly mechanic so much in my life. Thankfully mine is great and he lends me books as well as fixing up my van.
    I sometimes take a longer drive home just to get to be in it and drive for a bit longer.
    This week the snow and ice have terrified me though. Not used to the unwieldy nature of a rear wheel drive monster.
    P.S. I generally use female pronouns to refer to Gertrude because she’s named…it’s weird, very common amongst VW owners, and I changed it here because some sentences sounded pervy…I cut a few lol.

  5. My commute is almost nonexistent – residential campus, so I walk between one minute and seven minutes to class from my dorm (not including the jaunt down or up two flights of stairs). Unfortunately, it is very cold so the commute becomes a good ten minutes longer if you include how long it takes me to get dressed to go outside.

    However, my commute from my actual home (California) to my school (Massachusetts) is very long, and on that plane ride I listened to a lot of Bastille’s Bad Blood album, Passenger, and tons and tons of the Eagles and Queen. I also read “Please Understand Me” by David Keirsey, “Harry Potter and Philosophy,” Aristotle’s Politics and part of Elizabeth Loftus’ “Myth of Repressed Memory.” They were all excellent. (It was actually two plane rides and a long layover, hence how I was able to read all that.)

    • Ugh, I lived on campus for all four years and in the smack-center of campus for junior and senior years, and I pine for such a short commute to come back into my life (was still late for most of my morning classes tho).

      Eagles + Queen are excellent travel bands, 100 emoji

      • Honestly, living so close has made me much less punctual… Used to get to school 15min early (or more) every day because I was so paranoid about there being some freak traffic jam on my way to school. Now I can pretty much see my classes from my window and if there were a freak snowstorm or something I’d just go back to bed!

    • As someone who lived on a residential campus in Massachusetts for 4 years, I MISS IT SO MUCH. Very jealous. Do you have dining halls? Those are my #2 on the “didn’t realize how wonderful they were until I had to fend for myself” list.
      I don’t miss the cross-country flights to get to/from the parents house as much. Those were annoying

      • We do have dining halls!! There’s actually one downstairs from my room, so I don’t even need to leave my house to eat… I’m incredibly spoiled, I know. Trying to enjoy it while it lasts but it’s already going so much faster than I want it to….

        • I lived in a dorm with dining halls all 4 years. Having brunch prepared for you while you remain in your PJs is a glorious experience.

          On the other hand, not sharing a bathroom with a whole floor of girls is one benefit to adult life 🙂 No more shower shoes.

  6. I pretty much roll out of bed, walk the dog, and sit at my computer. Working from home for a tech support line has been the equally one of the best and one of the worst jobs ever…. so I won’t talk about that, on a side note though I just spent the week with my new niece and shes pretty much the only person in my family who didn’t misgender me, she’s 3 months old… Tooootttallly worth the 8.5 hour drive

  7. My commute is standard. I ride in with a friend with whom I listen to aggressively loud rock music. Along with copious amounts of coffee, this is really the only start to a good day for me. In fact, I should have a sticker for when these things do not occur: ‘Ran out of coffee. DON’T ask me about it.’

  8. I am fortunate to live about six minutes (on average) walk away from the academy where I give most of my classes. I’m very grateful for this right now because the weather is currently diabolical – we’re on the coast and currently have torrential rain combined with epic wind, which results in strong gusts and rain that pelts you from every angle, including sideways. I imagine this is what it feels like to be in a washing machine.

    Twice a week I have to climb a big hill (followed by numerous stairs) to get to the primary school where I teach extracurricular English. It doesn’t take a long time, but it is exhausting and I have some mobility issues that make hills/stairs challenging. Great timetabling there, school. (I’ve resolved to muddle through, but I will throw up my hands and demand to be reassigned if it becomes impossible!)

  9. I work with and our commute on a good day takes about 20 minutes and really just drive one street to get to work. Sometimes I drive and sometimes my father drives. It’s not too glamorous, minus the times they are filming near work. Mornings he gets to listen to Persian radio and the drive home I get to choose the station(s). It’s a fair compromise, and since we have XM radio services it’s the Rachel Maddow show(for now). I’ve mentioned this before, but I prefer not to tell him that she’s a lesbian, because I think right now he kind enjoys her show.

    I tried tinder again after not using it for a while and I noticed it’s not asking for my gender anymore, which I am hoping means it’s putting me down as genderqueer(which I put down on facebook), but I am not 100%. Sadly, I’ve been matched with 20 people in the past few days and all of them are fakes soliciting for a services, like cam girls, and GFE. 🙁

    I also went on a nice hike in Malibu on Sunday on a trail nicknamed the Grotto, because there is a waterfall, which leads to small pool of water. I got to the top, but wasn’t fully sure how to get to the bottom safely.
    Picture from my hike take with my Fuji, which I found out now has a semi-broken lens. :-\

    Thank you for reading/viewing

  10. My apartment is a 12 minute walk from my work, so I put on some tunes, stuff my headphones over my head and head out quarter to 9 every weekday morning. When it’s not snowy, I bike and it takes me like 5 minutes maybe. I’m moving in the spring, so chances are I won’t be as close, but I’m hoping for a 1,30 min. bus ride or less to work.

  11. Hmm. Still sick. Going to see the doctor today, as I am now in the third week of sickness and probably have a chest infection. Had to move a job interview to next week because of being sick, so hopefully I’ll be better by then.

    Sigh. Things are moving so slowly it feels like I’m standing completely still. Like my life has just frozen around me and I don’t know when I’m going to be able to move again.

    • Oh blargh! I’m also sick, as is my mum and sister and two uncles and and and I feel like everyone has some horrible lingering crud right now!

      So for now, work on getting better. Things will fall into place!

      • Thank you Jane and @yikesoclock !! I’m getting a new haircut tomorrow, so I’ll feel fresh even while I’m coughing up my lungs! And I came back from the doctor’s with antibiotics, codine-enhanced cough syrup, and an inhaler, so COME AT ME, FLU!!!

        I hope you start feeling better too Jane! My entire family got sick at the same time too. It’s been rough. Oh winter.

  12. My week has been the beginning of so many new things. I started to see a therapist for my anxiety and a doctor for transitioning. Also the rose plant in my apartment has two new blooms and they are so pretty. New friendships are blossoming and growing. The sun is shining today. Tomorrow is the weekend and I am going to sleep so hard.

  13. When I commute to my internship I throw back my head and laugh obnoxiously about how my journey is a breezy 22 minutes door to door, including walking and subway. That’s NYC gold. When I commute to school I try to talk myself into believing that this time, unlike all other times, the bus will function as advertised, it will definitely only take 37 Google Map Minutes and not 73 Real Actual Minutes, and I’ll totally be able to read my Kindle without getting whapped in the face by an umbrella or roundhouse kicked by a small child.

  14. I’m a cyclist commuter. My round trip bike commute is just shy of 21km. That is about an hour (depends on energy levels) of exercise per day. That’s right. No need to hit the gym when you get your exercise to and from work. I sometimes use my bike computer to try and beat my previous ride time or speed.

    I bike all year long. I went out and got myself set up for all weather cycling, all year long, last year. For winter cycling I use studded tires. I generally leave early for work to avoid the traffic and I get to stop along my ride, which follows Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, and enjoy the sunrise/sunset, listen to the birds, listen to the waves washing up on shore and be a part of the scenery.

    On occasion, when the roads are far too nasty to risk my life, I bus. On the bus I generally listen to music, read (or listen) to a book or chat with the regulars I’ve gotten to know on the same route.

  15. Right now my commute is a pretty easy 15 20 minute drive on the highway. I usually hook up my ipod on shuffle and kind of zone out until I get to the office. I may be moving to the west coast in the next month for a new job in a new city where I am hoping that I will be able to ride my bike year round to work.

  16. I work close to LAX so I have to take the 405. It sucks you guys. It sucks so bad. What should be a 20 minute commute turns into a 1hr 20 min commute on a daily basis. Waze sometimes redirects me to take the street but I only shave off about 10 minutes.

    I hate being stuck in traffic, so, so much.

    *tries not to think of all the hours I’ve wasted sitting in traffic since I started driving*

    *starts crying*

  17. Since my beloved truck broke down in September, I’ve been a bike commuter. It’s 3.5 miles each way, and takes me about 18 minutes.

    Phoenix is pretty ideal for it, as it’s flat, and the weather quite temperate — except when it’s 106 in early Fall.

    (Can’t wait til the 100-teens this summer. Ulgh.)

    And the occasional 28 degree cold snap.

    At least it doesn’t snow.

    I have a playlist specifically for biking. The songs are generally upbeat and have a good pace. Heavy on Caribou and !!!.

    I dunno if this’ll work, but here it is on Spotify: Two Wheeled Songs

  18. my favorite commute is the bus. i could take the bus and it could be three hours longer than the train and i would still love the bus. i love the windows and the light and the time to read.

    my current commute: two trains, thirty minutes, all underground. blech.

    • BUSES FOREVER (unless I’m biking and then ugh buses pulling over all the time why).

      underground is such a weird way to travel esp if the stations are underground too like I do it all the time but it still trips me out. which way do streets go? is the sun still up? questions that give me pause every time.

  19. I ride this lovely beast across Seattle every day year-round. It’s only a ten minute ride to and from work, but then I usually have to roll clear across the city for everything else, so I’m out there at least an hour a day on average, mostly after dark.

    Usually I sing and practice my voice. Out there in the roaring traffic is the one place where I know nobody will hear me and I can make whatever kind of weird noises I like, as loud as I can, without shame. Over the three years I’ve been a daily bike commuter I’ve probably spent a hundred hours on just trying to get Aimee Mann’s song “Humpty Dumpty” just right, which is about the most difficult set of vocals I know of that my vocal chords can handle. I’m probably okay at it now, but still to embarrassed to ever try in the company of other human beings.

    Before I commuted with her, I rode this bike from Seattle to Panama. We’ve been through a lot together, Starship and I. I’ve worn through two or three full drive trains and she’s destroyed more than a few of my favorite pairs of pants. Best friends forever.

  20. I live in South East London and I have a forty-five minute commute into uni. This involves the Overground (which is actually more confusing and unpleasant then the underground) followed two different tube lines. Londeners on public transport are usually EXACTLY how I imagined them to be before I lived in London and had never experienced city life before; they get angry when you make eye contact and everyone tutted when I nearly fell out the door I was leaning against because I was so engrossed in my book instead of enquiringly after my well being (as they should have seeing as we are reminded constantly of “gap related injuries”).

    Sometimes there are interesting events on the tube like religious radicals asking you to repent for your “sins of immoral sexual behavior” or I bring my dog on the underground and he demands attention from all the poker faced suits, but it’s normally just me pushed between someone unhygienic and someone rude. AND the pleasure of enjoying this service cost me about as much each week as I spend on food for me and my dog.

    • Ah the joy of the TfL! Makes me glad to only be a visitor to London. The underground is super simple isn’t it!? Meanwhile the over ground mystifies and terrifies me in equal measure. I was once on the tube trapped between a sweat dripping hairy mans armpit and a fat mans back unable to grab a rail or anything to steady myself. The definition of hell.
      I think my friend had an argument with that religious radical outside Camden tube station in 2000. Apparently he got an Oyster card! Yay London!
      P.S. Got caught in a tube door once…no one batted an eyelid or came to help. Glad my gf pulled me out!

  21. I don’t have a commute bc im unemployed (ubuuuuuu), but but but im hanging out with a friend tonight (who introduced me to Autostraddle actually) so im excited for that. I HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE, YOU GUYS. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR AND WHAT EYESHADOSHOULD I PUT ON? ALSO BAKING MIGHT HAPPEN.

    Omg in other news there’s someone i have added on FB who makes my teeth grind. She asked about antidepressants and then got all “this is why I smoke pot/BIG PHARMA”when we have her info. That, along with the people commenting like “ugh, meds” made me disable notifications so fast and rant about it to myself because why bother asking when that’s your response? AND THEN. Today i saw her post something where she was all “men are wired to be aroused by boobies (her word) & butts” & that certain feminists need to get over it or stop dressing a certain way. I wanted to flip something. Congrats on your victim blaming bullshit! YOU ASSHOLE. I can’t even. I can’t.

    The only reason i keep her on my FB is because she’s friends with people i know and we all go to a festival i really like, and i dont want drama involved with it because im selfish and want one thing that i like and can have. And i get some weird satisfaction of knowing that im being that selfish, because usually im so concerned about people liking me and caring for people, and this time, i get to have an ulterior motive, while knowing this person is a complete tool. Is that a bad thing? :/ There’s no arguing with this type of person; they’re the kind that will think they’re right even when you lay out a ton of evidence that shows they’re wrong. I have enough stress and crappy stuff in my life; i’m not going to waste my time trying to educate someone who doesn’t want to be educated. I’m going to focus on the people i care about instead.

    And figuring out which eyeshadow to put on, and what im supposed to wear tonight. I WANNA LOOK NICE but my clothes are kinda wibbly at that.

  22. Funnily enough, I’m on my commute right now. My dad drops me off at school on his way to work because his office is only a few blocks away, and then in the afternoon I take the train and then walk a half mile home. It’s super lovely in the fall when you can see the colors changing and just breathe everything in, the solitude and the sky and the day. And it’s nice in the spring too when things are just starting to warm up again. Not so lovely in the wintertime, but it’s nice to have that time to myself everyday.

    I’m sick right now which isn’t fun but I’m in a surprisingly good mood because I just got out of yoga class and my head is all full of Sanskrit words. I think my favorite is ahimsa because it’s such a beautiful concept—to do no harm to others, but also doing no harm to yourself. So I’m feeling rather calm right now.

    I did have to perform a monologue for all the theater track kids during auditions for senior directed plays today, even though I was sick, but it actually went very well. Last semester I was taking musical theater classes and I love musical theater but I barely knew anyone and every day was so stressful I went home and cried. But for this semester I switched to taking theater classes and I feel like I’m in a really loving and supportive environment and I feel so at peace. It’s really wonderful to feel accepted.

  23. I actually have two commutes, and I go about them very differently.

    M-Th, I drive from “home” (where I sleep) to work. This “commute” is a 20 minute drive, and I tend to flip somewhat distractedly through the various (wonderful, Seattle area) radio stations. this week, whichever station has played Uptown Funk first has gotten my full attention.

    F-Sun (or Thurs PM -Sun PM if I get lucky, and the ferry schedule allows) I drive-ferry-drive for three hours from “home” to HOME, in Canada.

    the ferry dry docks in January, however, so actually it’s been 6.5-8 hours of drive-ferry-drive-ferry-drive, and while I have the radio on, mostly I don’t listen. long drives are for me to get lost in my mind, sort thoughts, organize feelings, and plan for the coming days. (#virgo)

    oh, and over the HOME commute, I have my little dog with me. she’s the best company.

  24. Spring semester just started and I’m back on the obnoxious commuting that sucks up allll my gas in my jeep… My usual go to ride is a 1998 Saturn sedan that is a little beast of a car but I have to pay the registration for her… Seriously though.. $30 for a full tank that lasts about 2 wks.. Gold my friends, pure gold. That’s what I’ll be using some of my financial aid monies for. Holla!

  25. I’ve actually been looking forward to Friday open-thread ALL week, guys. It’s something about a whole bunch of us coming together just to share and say hey. It also reminds me that there are real live queer ladies out there living real live lives. So thank you for being here.

    Anyone else been feeling the mercury retrograde? Shit’s been knocking me on my ass. I went from being totally calm & peaceful/hopeful to weeping into a pillow about how I’ll die alone (probably didn’t help that I ran into my ex and also tried the online dating thing and I haaaate it. Hate.). I blame the planets.

      • Ugh online dating is the worst!!!

        Idk about the mercury retrograde but something has definitely been getting me down lately. Every morning this week except for today, I’ve woken up in a bad mood. I’m blaming winter. But I think the reason for my improved mood today is that it’s Friday!!! Which means open thread, Things I Read That I Loved, and no work tomorrow. Yay!

    • I don’t know about planets, but I have been having a rough time lately, too. I’ve got some circumstances, too, but all the crap-ola has been going on since like August and it just all at once hit me pretty hard.

      Online dating super sucks. It can be really, really bad and I definitely have some horror stories. On the other hand! I met my current lady on the interweb and things are going great (except for the long distance thing).

    • I wrote something about online dating recently to get it out of my system: it started out in the form of a rant and, in fact, ended up with dying alone and being eaten by cats.

      So I think this means we’re on the same page?

  26. I love love love my commute! I’m in the “none of the above category”, because I walk to work. (I bike sometimes, but not when it’s 40 degrees out, and not when my bike has a flat tire, which is…about 80% of the time).

    Moving closer to my work has seriously changed my life. I used to get the worst road rage ever, driving/parking/etc. made me so stressed out. Now I can just walk for 20 minutes and be there. Of course, it’s a lot better in the spring/summer/fall, but it’s been okay this winter as long as I leave work before it’s dark out.

    It’s not necessarily a scenic walk (think train tracks and university parking lots), but there are definitely beautiful parts too! I just really enjoy getting to be outside and clear my head before/after sitting and staring at a computer for 8 hours.

    • That sounds lovely. I love walking and spending time outdoors whenever I can, though it’s not possible for my job now (too far). Spending time outside is so much more relaxing than being in traffic!

  27. I resolved some time last year to walk fifteen mins to the overground station a little further away to get more sunlight. So, it’s walk-train-bus, usually, for about an hour, more or less.
    I never manage to catch the bus after a late shift, on my way home, though, so I’ve been begging rides from co-workers some of whom I hardly know, and it’s been very special, talking to people outside of work.
    Like,who knew the quiet stoic colleague was treating people with TBC in Uzbekistan for MSF?
    Or the new girl went backpacking through South America last year?
    Sometimes we do end up in a bar and I do need to take a cab home after all.
    When I’m not sick or tired or afraid to be too tired and the weather permits, I ride the bike for 9 Miles along the Berlin Wall Bike Path which is smooth asphalt and features absolutely zero traffic.
    I’m going to apply for a new job next month and must admit, that the commute is a huge factor of consideration.
    Work 50 Miles away in perfect working conditions or be able to ride your bike and be overworked and underpaid?
    Have a great weekend!

    • This might be just me, but if I were faced with that decision, I’d go with the perfect working conditions. You can always move closer if it gets too bad, but it’s hard to find the right job.

      Also, I love how you take advantage of asking co-workers for a ride home, and learn things about them. Talking to people I don’t know well about their lives and learning about their experiences is one of my favorite things to do. So good on you!

      • You know one of the perks of growing up and older is how interesting people suddenly become. You’re not just wanting, hoping, aspiring to do something and share basically the same experiences, (class, exams, studying) but all of a sudden you’re thirty and dating not a lawstudent, but a lawyer, or you’re chatting with a random acquaintance and they’re telling you about that farmer in Cuba they ran into on their last vacation, who has a Master’s in Advanced Mathematics.

  28. I walk/take the bus, which makes things interesting because I work with a whole bunch of psychologists/physicians who all drive things like Cadillacs. I’m totally comfortable with it, though, and it’s always interesting to go from my super white/Asian workplace to the black/brown environment of my local public transportation.
    This week was interesting because I got to listen to three very influential, young, female psychologists rant and rave about racism and how the school/psych system fails children and families of color, especially in our state. It’s so good to know that the majority of people that I work with are committed to cultural sensitivity. Sure, there’s the odd person who says a whole bunch of ignorant racial bullshit about the KC Chiefs, or Ferguson, or whatever, but for the most part, my work’s super good about it.
    I’m trying to make more friends, and I’m finding that it is way too much like flirting. And I suck at flirting. Like, what am I supposed to say? There’s this girl I went to college with who I have always thought was incredibly cool, but we have never really hung out. Well, now we’re both lonely ’cause everyone’s graduated and left and we’re still in town, but I have ZERO idea of suggestions on what to do without it sounding like a date. Ayyyyyyy.

    • Very recognizable!
      Are you in the same field/ have the same interests? If so you could mention that you would love to go to a specific lecture/play/movie/museum etc., and invite her along. The thing that helps me the most is to remember that in the end I only have a friendship to gain, and nothing to loose. Good luck 🙂

  29. This is my first comment! I’ve been waiting for an open thread to comment. 🙂

    I live in rural Michigan, so there’s not much choice but to drive. I have about a 40 minute drive to my primary job (which I’m actually about to quit to focus on research–fingers crossed). I have to kind of gear myself up for work, so I use the time to think about the day ahead. If I don’t I am disoriented by the time I get to work.

    But the real issue, for me, isn’t the commute to work. I live about 2 hours away from my girlfriend and–even though I know it’s not the longest of long distances–I just really hate it. I’ve read all of the advice about long distance relationships on here and we do a lot to make sure we’re maintaining the relationship, but I often find myself wishing I could just drop by her place or randomly have dinner with her instead of having to schedule everything weeks in advance.

    Anyway, those are my Friday night thoughts.

    • hello hello!

      Two-hour long distance suuuucks. I always hated it because it’s just far enough to make spontaneous things difficult, but feeeeeels close enough that I would psych myself up about how easy it is to see each other. here’s hoping your quitting goes well and that you’ll get to move closer to your girlf soon

  30. I’m a public transit lady too, in fact I don’t even have my drivers license. It’s on my to-do list but acquiring other skills (like learning to make my own gnocci) always ends up being more important.

    Going to work involves a 20ish minute tram ride and 15 minute walk. Whereas going to university entails a 35 minute train ride and then a 20 minute tram ride. I always listen to music – usually the latest album I’ve bought and love (hello T Swift 1989) or an assorted playlist of new, fun songs (hello Triple J Hottest 100). Other transit activities include napping, finally replying to texts, reading fanfiction and of course, reading Autostraddle.

    • God I wish I could nap on public transit but it takes a solid year for me to feel confident that I won’t sleep through my stop and I…haven’t lived anywhere for over a year since I graduated. Nap envy! also transit fanfic reading solidarity!

  31. Hello everyone!!! I’m back from just about a week of being MIA. How is everyone?? I’ve missed the site quite a bit but I’ve been enjoying vacationing with my best friend and the love of my life. =) Things have been pretty good. We had our 6th year anniversary on an island here in the Philippines called Bohol. It was so wonderful and amazing. The weather was VERY cooperative. We saw a lot of fish and coral life when we went snorkeling. All the other pictures are still on my gopro and when I get a chance to transfer them to the PC I’ll be sure to share.

    ALSO!!!! I just want to let everyone know that if you remember that user on here named MYSTERIOUS who talked about proposing…THAT’S ME!!!!! My wife and I more than officially engaged. I totally started choking before I even started my speech so I had no choice but to pop the question and say all the nice and sweet things after! I don’t have a pic yet because I don’t want all of FB to know and get gossiped about. LOOOOOOL. But i know I can always share here and not feel judged and know that you guys will always have that genuine happiness for us. I less than 3 all of you!!

    Meanwhile!!!! Here are some snapshots of our adventure!

    Would you guys believe this is what is looks like right by the restaurant at the resort!!

    At the Blood Compact Site on our annivesary (january 27)

    Our guide Scarlet took great pictures of us in the Man Made Forest.

    On our last day in Panglao Island, Bohol. That water was so perfect and blue and clear and there were like a hundred starfish hiding.

    As we say in Tagalog: MABUHAY!!!

  32. Please don’t use headphones while biking. Ears, assuming you have typical hearing, can tell you a lot about your surroundings. They’re helpful, really. Also, while I’m being snarky about safety: I’ve resisted, too often, yelling at bikers that the helmet only works if you clip the damn thing.

    *Despite above crankiness, I will, however, always offer share my patch kit and mini-pump (except that I lent it out and still need to retrieve it).

    My commuting options are myriad: combinations of driving, biking, walking, or mass transit. I’m constantly changing in the hopes that I’ll find one that flows nicely. I suspect the two (+?) hour snowshoe route would be the most fun if so horribly impractical I haven’t tried it.

    • Interesting: there is a married couple in my complex who are fanatical bikers (the Spandax-wearing kind who do it for health– is there a name for this?). They’re very friendly but do get derailed on the subject of biking frequently; I mentioned once that I was thinking of looking for a bike on Craigslist to make getting to the park easier, and they, too, warned me about the headphones thing.

  33. I take public transportation possible because I am a wuss who hates driving and will generally avoid it at all costs. Also the less-than-excellent public transportation in my city happens to have an extremely direct line between my apartment and school (which is basically the only place I ever go). I used to do flashcards on the train, but then I lost the will to do that early in the morning. Lately I’ve been experimenting with podcasts. When I drive, I like to listen to (sing loudly and enthusiastically along with) music in order to distract myself from the horror that is operating a motor vehicle.

    My greatest accomplishment of the day was lighting a candle using my gas stove and a piece of pasta. I’m not sure why anyone lets me pass as an adult! But now my friday evening of studying smells nice 🙂

  34. Hello everyone!
    My drive is very dark and sleepy and early. I leave home at 4:50 am and get back at 6:45 pm. It’s 30 minutes, but I work long shifts (not that I’m complaining – I like the long weekends). I was a bus- and bike- commuter for years, and I didn’t get a car until I was 22, which was rather interesting when I was living in Indiana (which has a very appalling lack of public transportation). It wouldn’t work with my current job though. It would be hard for me to go back to being carless again. It’s love my little car; I named it Curiosity after the Mars rover.

    This week I was a responsible adult and filed my taxes! In January! And my returns were approved literally 30 minutes after I submitted them. I didn’t even realize the IRS was capable of moving that quickly. And I got a refund!

    I vowed to never have a repeat of last year when I submitted my returns on the morning of April 15th. It was a tax disaster. I lived in three different states, worked several different jobs, was missing some W2 information (which somehow got lost in the mail through all my moving), and then my harddrive died the second week of April when I was in the middle of filing. So… no more tax procrastination for me.

    Other than that, fairly normal week. I went to the Nisqually wildlife refuge and saw lots of birds enjoying the sun. I always see blue herons there. There’s a boardwalk that extends a mile out into an estuary and is fully standing in the water at high tide. It offers beautiful views of Mt. Rainier in clear days.

    Another photo of sun and beach. I climbed out on a madrone tree overhanging the water and the sun was sparkling on the water below and shining on my face, and it was heavenly.

    ALSO SEATTLE HAS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. It will have a 2-day pop up cat café as a preview for the upconing cat café this June! (I might visit on the 15th; I work on the 14th.)

    • I long to vist a cat café.

      One year in college, I had 4 W2s. Very . . . involved? year.

      First car: Elvismobile (unclear whether living or dead– definitely dead now; I shared it with my brother, who totaled it– that was 15 years ago, but of course I’m not still bitter). Second: Simone (de Beauvoir). Current: Patti (Smith).

    • I’m impressed at your early tax filing! I have 3 W-2’s this year, and I’m kinda afraid that one of them was sent to my old address…

      The sunshine and blue skies in those pictures are beautiful! I think those are the best kind of winter days, when everything is clear and bright.

      • Yeah, sunny winter days are the best, especially when it’s after the rains and the air is so clean. Tax filing was a BREEZE for me this year compared to last year, which was an absolute nightmare. I can relate to the stress of having multiple W-2s. Good luck!

    • Even though it’s usually hard for me to wake up so early, I LOVE the early morning. Especially when it’s dark, but I can still see stuff. So relaxing. Also, cute name for your car~

      I’m so proud of you, Patricia. 😀 That’s a huge accomplishment! I’m trying to eliminate my chronic procrastination this year, so hearing these sort of success stories is awesome. High-five!

      Ahhh, I always look forward to your photos and nature adventures, hehe. c: It just really makes my week, y’know? That boardwalk is stunning. I love boardwalks in general, haha. Just that satisfying sound they make when you step on em… i dunno, they’re just cool.

      And yesss!! I agree, that’s excellent news. You did a good thing by sharing this news, haha.

      • *high fives Dante*

        I agree that early mornings can be pretty, especially when there’s a sunrise and I can see Rainier on my drive to work. But that’s mainly in the summer – it’s still dark at this time of year.

        Waking up THAT early still doesn’t come naturally to me though. I still usually sleep until 8 on my days off. And coffee helps me on work days 😀

        Thanks for the compliments on my photos 😀 I’m glad you enjoy them. Yeah, I like this boardwalk, and the neat thing about it is that the scenery changes completely depending on whether it’s high or low tide.

        • Dude, your town sounds like it has all sorts of scenery!! 🙂

          Sleep until 8? Sheesh, I’d be lucky if I woke up that early. One of my goals is to adopt a much healthier sleeping pattern, but school makes it more difficult I guess, haha. And yes, a nice hot cup of coffee will do the trick!

          You’re welcome!
          Oooo, I bet high tide looks delightful. c:

          • Oh yeah, school will definitely mess with your sleep pattern. I think I’m naturally a night owl – I worked swing shift for a while, and I actually felt the most rested on it.

  35. i mostly take the bus because my area is a bitch to try to get around in in the winter. I managed to carpool with a coworker for my weekday morning job because waiting 30 minutes to an hour for the bus in subzero temperatures sucks ass. On my bus ride home which is about 50 minutes I like to read. I’m trying to read a lot of classic literature so I’m probably looking like a pretentious tool as I struggle through my copy of Dante’s Inferno or The Bell Jar. In the spring and summer I ride my bike to work which is lovely because my hometown is gorgeous in the spring and fall.
    In other news, I met a cute lesbian and she’s now my cute lesbian friend and I’m so happy to just have a friend who I can bitch to about how weird my straight roommates are AND SHE UNDERSTANDS. Also, talking about celebrity crushes and none of them were Channing Tatum and some of them included Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and Natalie Dormer. It’s just a great feeling.
    We also talked for hours about our cats, so I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  36. No.
    No commute talk, can’t handle itttt.
    Sore in places I forgot could be sore because I’m trying to rehabilitate or recondition my body for dancing. I’ll never be able to jump like I use or recapture the grace that I had, made my peace with that now. I can accept the reality of how hard getting my stamina back up is going to be.
    Just fuck this is hard without a studio space.

    Right now I’m trying to choreograph a dance number thing that’s been bouncing around in my skull for a year plus. I miss floor to ceiling mirrors so much y’all.
    It’s not a physically demanding dance but I need so bad to see what the fuck I’m doing for this thing. Cause it’s kinda sorta a striptease but it’s not very teasing. Going from ladylike to a monster isn’t cheeky enough to be teasing.

    I’ve decided I need to dance again in some way, shape or form because I had a I don’t what to call it, a collapse maybe? What pulled me out of it enough to function was dancing around to Rammstein and AC/DC like some sorta franken-combo of Angus Young and Till Lindemann for about 30 minutes. Then much later that day Bad Girls by M.I.A and Back in Black till I was made of smiles, sweat and jelly legs. I never feel as complete and whole as do when I’m being or have just been physical.

    Also I’ve decided Back in Black is my theme song because I’m loose from a noose and have like 9 lives or something. Multiple things shoulda coulda been the end of me but I made it thru. On my own, no one saved me but me and my butt.

    P.S. I got a cardigan style sweater vest for Christmas, it makes me feel like Mr.Rogers and like I’m getting a good hug AT THE SAME TIME. It makes my torso look like a sack of potatoes but who cares when you feel like your Mr. Rogers getting a hug.
    Happiest nice soft black sack of potatoes ever.:P

    • 1. This dance sounds like it is gong to be AMAZING
      2. Yay sweaters!!
      3. I was just complaining the other day about not having access to a studio! Mine’s for big big drawing, but still! So frustrating. But we can do this shit–studio or no!

  37. I’m from Kentucky, I have no choice but to drive everywhere! My commute to school is about 10 minutes. Parking is another situation entirely. A leisurely walk across campus is 15-20 minutes. I listen to a lot of NPR in the car and switch to headphones for walking to class.

    Once upon a time I lived in London and alternated between taking the tube and walking to class. Either way it was a nice 40 minute jaunt. I avoided the bus system like the plague.

    *first official post on autostraddle* Yay!

  38. Today was my last day of work at my job which was so so so much of my life over the past 1.5 years. Today was the last day! Today was the last day! (or, oops, I guess it was yesterday.) I would write more, and read and comment more, but I”m so so tired, and I’m going to California tomorrow.

    Today was my last day… whoa.

    We had a party! It was great. There was dancing and even singing, and people said nice things about me.

  39. Since this is winter, my commute is a solid like 10 minute walk to the science building aka where I have class and where I do everything except sleep. I much prefer my commute in spring/fall even though it’s a solid hour drive to work, but this is mostly because in spring and fall it is not -10 when I leave my apartment. In summers, my commute varies from 0 minutes to 3ish hours in the car, depending on which “””office””” I’m at and where I’m sleeping (it’s sometimes nice to crash in the rafting office because hey presto you’re already at work), but there’s a nice campground like 7ish minutes drive up the mountain that I’ll usually stay at if I’m at that river. But I’ve also done the “get up at 4am to drive to work at 8” from my parent’s house and it’s not awful because there’s something great in driving through the mountains as the sun is rising.

    I pretty much exclusively listen to tunes because I can’t focus on both a podcast/audiobook and on driving.

    So much has been happening, y’all. Mostly it’s been pretty shitty: I’ve been recovering from the flu, I am way in over my head and steady strugglebussing pretty hardcore in one of my classes (I have spent over 6 hours on this 7-question problem set and this is the “easy half” of the problems for this unit), and my computer appears to have completely gone kaput. HOWEVER, provided I teach myself some video editing stuff and become better at shooting video this spring, there’s a reasonable chance I can get a job in Peru guiding whitewater trips next winter. And I have been wanting to learn those skills anyway (so I can show off mostly) so this is a good excuse for me to go out and get a gopro and do a lot of paddling so I have footage to work with this spring.

  40. I’ve become a full-fledged bicycle addict after living in Seattle for nearly four years. I recently started calling my bike “broomstick” because Harry Potter / my Salem recaps.

    Not pictured are my rear rack and Ortlieb panniers. Those things are pricey, but they’re AMAZING! You wouldn’t believe the amount of groceries and random stuff you can lug around. Also since they’re waterproof, I don’t have to worry about rain soaking anything.

    Seattle’s got awesome greenways with driving speed caps, which makes me feel less paranoid about getting clocked by fast-moving traffic. Also the Burke Gilman trail is the best – you can pretty much commute from the east to west on a paved trail used only by cyclists and pedestrians.

    While riding on the trail, I listen to audiobooks, Spotify playlists (here’s my profile), or podcasts while riding. My recent podcast addiction is Welcome to Night Vale.

  41. I live in Kathmandu and I don’t have a “regular” commute, because the work that I do varies from day to day. Getting to where I need to go usually involves some combination of buses, tempos (little three-wheeled things smaller than minivans that can hold up to 15 people), and walking. Sometimes I also take taxis if I’m in a hurry or if it’s after 7:30pm, which is when public transportation shuts down.

    On public transportation, I usually listen to audiobooks. Right now I’m listening to “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood. Recent favorites included “Parable of the Talents” by Octavia Butler and “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief” by Lawrence Wright. Next up: “Zami: a New Spelling of My Name” by Audre Lorde.

    I had an unfortunate boob-groping incident on a bus this week. The bus was crowded, so I was standing and holding onto a bar over my head. When the bus came to a stop, the man standing next to me grabbed me and then hurried out the door. It happened too fast for me to do or say anything, so I just stood there fuming. This is my least favorite part of public transportation.

    In other news, I’m feeling happy that I decided not to go to a party this afternoon. I’ve had a very busy week with a lot of intense interactions with people, so I need the time to be alone and decompress for a while. I’m planning to go to the gym, hit the grocery store, catch up with some writing, and then unwind with a movie in the evening.

  42. I drive! I have a pretty short commute, actually. The fast food place I work at is 7 minutes from my apartment, give or take. If I’m by myself, I usually put fairly loud music on, preferably something I can really sing along with like Imagine Dragons or Mumford and Sons or Tegan and Sara. If I’m driving with my fiancee (we’re coworkers), sometimes we listen to the radio but mostly we talk over it about whatever. I update her on current events since she never watches or reads the news and rarely gets on facebook, so she gets all the latest news from me (since I can never seem to unplug myself from the internet). If she’s driving, I’m most likely going through the mail and opening stuff, or I like to play mahjong on my phone. I try to leave twenty minutes before my shift. Sometimes I wake up 30 minutes before my shift starts so all I have time to do is put on deodorant and find my uniform, which always smells like fried chicken no matter how much I wash it, before I hobble out the door. I’m extremely stiff for an hour or three when I wake up because of my chronic illness. If I wake up with time to actually get ready, I take a bath with my homemade bath salts or bath bombs. Once a week or so I put on makeup, unless I’m in a flare (in which case I don’t do anything that isn’t absolutely necessary).
    that’s my vague routine!

  43. I have an hour and a half through Aarhus, by bus. But I’ve just lived 6 months in Copenhagen where I had a 5 minute walk. I’m currently mere minutes away from a 5 hour bus trip with all my belongings through the country. I hate moving away from a city where everything is closeby and everyone is accepting. But ey, rubsrb.

  44. My commute is about a 5 minute drive in the morning, mostly because I live right around the corner from my job. I moved closer to my job a few months ago in order to shorten my 30 minute commute. During those 5 minutes, I’m half asleep and usually thinking about how much I don’t want to go to work.

    On an unrelated note, this week was really difficult for me. Every day at work, something happened and I ended up being incredibly mad for most of the day. The worst day was Thursday. I’m not the type to get overly personal, or to draw attention to myself, but I guess I’m about to do it here? We had a large meeting on Thursday, for everyone that rolls up to my boss’s boss. In that meeting, a handful of coworkers from my team were recognized for their hard work on a project. It was very well deserved. I feel terrible, though, because I was left sitting there thinking, “What about me?” I had busted my butt over the span of 6 months, juggling many things, making up for coworkers resigning and leaving, and never dropping a single ball in the process. I spoke to friend and former coworker about this, and she confirmed my thoughts that I would never be recognized by my boss, no matter how hard I work, due to an incident that happened last fall.

    It was very frustrating. I hate drawing attention to myself (which is why I don’t have a photo for my profile here…) and I am more than content to let my work speak for itself instead of doing that whole self-promotion thing. It certainly did, but my boss is apparently set on ignoring it. Anyways, it was a stressful week. I ended up coming home from work and just going straight to bed. Hopefully next week will be better.

  45. I’m not working right now, per doctors’ orders. So my commute is climbing the walls.

    This is the longest I have been out of work since I was 14. (screams)

    But seriously. When I was working at the library, I was in a small town with no public transport, but it was also too far to walk or bike. It was seven minutes, speed limit, to work, five my limit (speed limit=speed suggestion). I honestly hate, hate, hate driving; my parents bribed me to get my permit because they needed someone to haul my younger brother around. I’m also a terrible driver and always have been; I missed failing the written portion of the test by one question, and, when I took the driving test, the person said, “this is probably a mistake, but I’m passing you.” My grandfather’s theory was that I learned to drive on mountain roads, and that’s why I can’t drive in a straight line.

    I lived in Nashville for a stretch, and that was great. If you know the area, I lived near 21st, and I could walk pretty much anywhere. I did make the mistake of doing so in heels all the time, and now my feet are Very Sad.

    I was also briefly in Denver and didn’t have a car. The bus system there confused me to no end, and I ended up using Lyft a lot when I needed to get somewhere in a hurry. That was pricey, but I didn’t do it every day, and Lyft (from what I’ve read) must be very different from Uber.

    I’m only a few blocks from downtown where I am now, so I walk there as much as possible. I’m also in walking distance of a grocery store, which is a luxury; I love ducking in for a few things rather than doing mega-runs. I’m close to a park but not allowed to walk that far, so I have to drive there if I want to flop in the sun (or take an allotted 20-minute once-a-day s-l-o-w stroll). Anything else means breaking out the car, because there’s a good deal of sprawl.

    Downtown at night:

    Oh, good story about my car: it’s just a little, plain white cheapo car, but it has a ton of left-left-leaning bumper stickers and more than a few rainbow-ish ones. Someone emailed me last week to say that a guy had posted to Craigslist missed connections, and they were pretty sure he was looking for me. I read it, and I agreed; it was my car, my description, and I had been where he saw me. He wanted a date– he thought my bumper stickers made me sound “really cool.” ?????????

    It’s been a much better week overall; I started low and ended high. Mid-week, I went in for routine bloodwork at the hematologist, and everything I was actually being checked for was fine, but my potassium level was far below the minimum acceptable level. I stopped the offending med, started massive doses of a prescription supplement, and feel SO much better physically (and thus mentally). I know that’s a pretty lame news byte to share, but I’m overjoyed nonetheless.

    I’ve been writing tons (crap, but lots of it), restarted a blog (prior blog 2002-2010, RIP), journaling (was it in the first Masters of Sex installment that Day One came up? Whoever recommended it, you’re the best), and really working on task-managing. Again, truly minor stuff, but it actually feels like I’m getting something done: turning out a product, marking things off lists. I’ve been in sleep mode so long, anything at all is an improvement.

    Me, previously:

    Me, last night, making cookies at 9:45 PM (with the help of the Pillsbury Doughboy):

      • 1) It’s 2 AM now– lighting might be a problem? Tomorrow, I’ll get on that.

        2) They’re red velvet, and yes, delicious. They were the giant-size kind and baked in no time. I’ll email you one!

      • You, too? How cool. I was there from the early to mid 2000s. I really loved that city; it’s not at all (well, that area) the country music and cowboy hat place people think of it as. I miss the Exit/In and especially the Station End. I was actually thinking a few days ago (one of the super-cold days) about how good a Spanish omelette from Noshville would be. Many of my books still have the recognizable penciled-in price from BookmanBookwoman in the front cover.

        But yes: it was an amazingly walkable area. For a place with such random and weird streets, I don’t know how they pulled off the great sidewalks. And it was just a really pretty area, too. You got the neighborhood/city thing right: it was like a combo of the two.

    • Glad your week is going better! Yay for writing! I enjoy blogging too, but I do it rather sporadically.

      I love reading bumper stickers on cars. My bumper stickers say I’m a skier (though I haven’t been up this winter, mainly because of costs). I have a bumper sticker that says “ski washington” and another with a logo from my home ski resort where I grew up. I really want a bumper sticker that I’ve seen around with “253” shaped in a heart (area code for my city).

      Walking is great; I wish I could walk to work, but it’s too far. I can’t say I’m the greatest driver either (I didn’t get my license until I was 22, embarrassingly, which was actually after I bought my car!) I enjoy driving sometimes though, especially on winding mountain roads. I think learning in the mountains is a great excuse for not driving straight! 🙂

  46. I’m late again, woops!

    I’m a biker myself. It only takes 12 minutes to get to my school, so that’s cool. I’d still want a car in the future, because there have been way too many times I could’ve helped a friend out in one way or another if I could give rides. I’d try to do both biking and driving. 😀 Be half-green. (unless I get an electric car? yess.)

    Anyways I am happy to say that this week was an improvement! Still a bunch of not-so-great stuff going on, but I’m handling well.

    Also also…I HAVE DEVELOPED A CRUSH. AGHHSHSGSHS. I thought I was the master at destroying crushes before they start, but this time I couldn’t. It’s a kinda complicated situation, because although SHE LIKES ME BACK (she doesn’t know it’s mutual), there are still too many obstacles and uncertainties. So I’m just trying to take it slow so I don’t jump to any drastic decisions. But yeah. Crushes. I want to punch my heart.

    I’m busy busy with school stuff as usual. Hopefully I can catch up this weekend so I can spend more time on here! Hope y’all had a wonderful week~ Here’s to a better one! Thanks for reading~

    • Glad to hear your week is going better.
      Crushes are delightful (even if they can make you want to punch your heart sometimes). They’re something I didn’t allow myself to experience for a large part of my life because I was closeted for so long, even to myself. And now, I’m letting myself freely feel crushes and actually be okay with it. 🙂 And it’s a wonderful feeling, even if they’re just casual crushes that you don’t act on.
      Good luck with all your school stuff!

      • Thank you!~
        Sighh, I completely agree. Crushes are great in the most painful ways. I only had one crush before this, so it’s a nice to experience one again! And this time it’s not on a straight girl, haha.
        I totally understand what you mean. I’m sorry that you had to go through that internal closeted stage, but I’m so glad you can enjoy your crushes now!! Also I appreciate those words…”casual crushes you don’t act on”. Just because I have a crush doesn’t mean I have to act on it. At least, not so quickly! I take things slow. 😀
        Thank you again~

        • Yeah, I’m kinda learning the ropes of ‘how-to-crush’ and ‘how-to-flirt’ a bit late in life because I never really let myself experience it as a teen. But I think it takes some of the pressure off knowing that crushes don’t need to develop into something serious. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    • Crushes! I get where you are 100%! My advice: as daunting as it is, if you like her, let her know. Otherwise you can spend your time wishing you did something when you had the chance. You said she likes you anyway right? Go for it! 🙂

  47. OK, I don’t know how it happens, but every job I ever get is within a 5 minute car ride. My first job was in an auto dealership repair shop. After successfully transitioning on the job, I was liberated from my position. Apparently, some people, especially guy auto mechanics, have a hard time dealing with a co-worker getting a sex-change.
    A month later, as I was completely running out of cash, an old friend calls me out of the blue and offers me a job selling insurance. Same short distance as my last job, only in the opposite direction. After a year of not making my numbers, I was unemployed. It was a fun job in an office full of chatty women. I just refused to call people and ask them to buy something they didn’t want.
    I sold my condo, paid off all my debts, and rented an apartment on the other side of town with a nice nest egg in the bank. This time I wasn’t even looking for a job. I registered for classes and was supposed to attend the local college. While grocery shopping, a guy was there with his daughter. We got to talking and next thing I know, he’s begging me to run the service dept. of his truck repair facility. As luck would have it, this place is also only 5 minutes away taking back roads through a neighborhood. I really love this new job and the people there seem to really appreciate having me. What’s best is that no one knows me from before and I’m able to live my life as I’ve always dreamed of being able to do.

  48. I have about a 15 minute drive to work that could easily be a 20 min cycle if I didn’t live in Houston and fear for my life riding during rush hour. I am a cyclist (road, long distance) by hobby, and all you commuters had better promise me two* things.

    1. please, for the love of all that you hold dear, wear a helmet
    2. signal your turns and obey traffic signals
    3. take OUT the earbuds! holy smokes that’s SO UNSAFE

    If you don’t do these things, you make it that much worse for those of us out there trying to train or just get around.

    This is the fun/rule/thought police, signing off from the city where you still can get run off the road by a F-350 diesel in the middle of downtown next to a mounted policeman.

    *three, really

  49. I commute by bus to university, it takes around 50 minutes on the bus, and then depending on which one i’ve used, there is usually 20-30 minutes of walking on top of that too. I like the bus, because I can do some class reading on it, read a newspaper etc. so it’s not completely wasted time. It gets stressful sometimes, but it’s not for much longer thankfully.

    It makes me appreciate days when I don’t have to go anywhere so much, as few and far between as they are.

  50. Hi Robin Hi everybodeeeee. <333

    1) Solidarity for ppl who get carsick if they try to read in a moving vehicle, and have 2-hour commutes on public transit (me in high school and college).

    2) Currently use my bike (1993 Bridgestone XO3 woo I love you bicycle) for my current mobility, and sometimes Zipcar.

    3) I refuse to buy a car (going on 15 years now) until I can afford a Tesla (probs never). Or I will find an old pick-up truck and convert it to run on biodiesel (also probs never). Or I will buy an old pick-up and never get around to converting it to biodiesel (maaaybe).

    4) THIS GUY! Segun Oyeyiola is a student in Nigeria and modded his VW to run on solar and wind. I believe it's an electric car now, no gas engine. He wants it to become the car of Nigeria, cost $6000. He had so many ppl sh*t-talk his idea, but I would so buy one of these.

  51. I live on the outskirts of Austin and commute an hour each way to Austin. Most people can’t afford to live in Austin anymore because of the over-inflated housing market. So my wife and I bought a house about 40 miles northwest. I leave my house at 7 a.m. to get to work at 8:15 usually. When it’s not raining, I ride my Harley most days. This makes it easier to weave in and out of traffic and get there a little bit quicker. But when it’s over 100 degrees I tend to drive. I’ll throw on some Pandora or 2 Homos podcast and zone out. It’s boring but also nice to have the time to think…

  52. I live about 36 minute drive, on a really nice day, south of the college campus, however the deal with Northern Virginia is the wonderful traffic that seems to only lull between the hours of 11am-2pm, with the exception of lunch, and between 10pm and 5am.

    In preparation for this (week)daily commute, I switch between a driving playlist (A Day to Remember; Hands Like Houses; Of Mice & Men; Tonight Alive; Go Radio; and many others so that I don’t get tired of one band) and some movie scores (HP7, Chronicles of Narnia, Dark Knight Rises, etc).

    I share a small Mini Cooper with my mother, but typically use it a lot more since I commute to school and she works at home. Two part-time jobs would be in both places, so just sectioned out to be on the days when I’m at either with enough down-time.

  53. My commute is usually comfortable as I take a service bus, unless the driver (and my colleagues) forget me. In such cases I take the city bus and it’s long and overcrowded. Once a week I switch to the city’s express bus system to make my LGBT meeting (which still takes 90 minutes). The whole idea of this bus system is to make travel easier; there are dedicated lanes to speed things up. Unfortunately this makes it very popular and overcrowded and it’s often a scene of groping. The routes are never pretty, except for when crossing either the Golden Horn or Bosphorus, they I see why people like this city.

    Anyhow, my service generally it takes me 25 minutes to get there in the morning, coming home anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Traffic is very unpredictable here. However because the heavens have opened today the roads were terrible this morning meaning we were late. I had to invigilate an exam, and on my way to get there slipped on the marble floor and smacked the back of my head. So I got to see a medic instead of students. That really wasn’t the start to the week I was aiming for. I hope everyone else’s is progressing better.

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