Five or Six Things You Could Do Today, If You Wanted To

Laneia’s Team Pick:

It’s Sunday, so you’re probably just lolling about the place, draping yourself across sofas and beds, thinking about reading that book or opening the refrigerator. YOU ARE SO LAZY. Why don’t you make yourself useful and paint one of your white t-shirts to make it look like lined notebook paper.

Other Things You Could Do Today

Use an electric knife to eventually make your own cleaning wipes.
Organize your home library.
Make tomorrow’s breakfast.
Learn about hula hoops and then just make your own.

What are your thoughts on Sunday productivity? Do you have any plans today? Should I repot this basil or do laundry or make a curry or all three?

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  1. So far today I have been watching Battlestar Galactica, drinking coffee and lolling on my bed. I might go thrifting later. Then out to dinner with my mom.

    I love that link about making breakfast, that is the only meal that I really think about and plan for, mostly because I work through the lunch and dinner hour.

  2. Go to the Queen West Art Crawl… but I was out literally all day yesterday and I just got back from a very long trip out to buy beer (the closest store that had this particular kind was 1.6 km away) so all I want to do now is sit indoors with the curtains drawn and watch Community. Which is what I’m about to do right now!

  3. i did laundry, went out and bought a sandwich, ran into my ex at the Laundromat, went for a walk around the block and now i’m having a girl over for dinner, took three weeks to work up the courage to ask her and she said yes :)

  4. I had PLANS. I was going to get stuff done today. But instead of answering one friend’s letter and looking over the first chapter of another friend’s story, I spent the morning watching youtube videos and the afternoon dicking around wondering if I should get a tumblr. D:

  5. Living in ~THE FUTURE~ means it’s already Monday morning here, but… holidays! Every day is Sunday.

    And I feel an unnatural level of annoyance at the breakfast article not including bircher muesli, the delicious breakfast of health-conscious gods.

  6. I’ve been studying German and as soon as I’m caught up on my email, I’m going to watch some ‘Carnivale’. Or ‘Misfits’. I haven’t decided yet.

    That’s about as productive as I can manage to be today. I’ve had to go off my pain meds this week, so I can barely move without wanting to vomit from the pain.

  7. oversleep, edit best friend’s med school essay, start baking for rosh hashana with my mother, interval training at the gym, sushi with my parents, work on job applications, miss my girlfriend and new york city and my life.

    sigh. hello, suburbia.

  8. Organizing my home library was the second thing I did upon moving in (after putting my bookshelf together). It’s organized by genre, then by author/editor’s last name. This is what happens when you work in library cataloging for three years.

  9. Went on a country walk with my mum, made a brie and blueberry crepe breakfast with my best friends (complete with mimosas), continued drinking mimosas in a park under the sun, ate grandma pierogies, did my dishes, potential degrassi marathon? Perfect Sunday.

  10. If you’re going to make hula hoops, make sure to buy the 3/4″ tubing and not the 1/2″ tubing. The 1/2″ is cheaper but way too light for anything but kids hoops or trick hoops.

    Take it from me, the girl who now has about 20 feet of 1/2″ tubing on her porch and has to figure out how to weight it all. The extra $10 for the 3/4″ = sooo worth it. (Seriously, bring a hula hoop with you downtown one night and see how much free shit you get) >.<

    • ooh thanks for the advice. I’ve wanted to start hooping since I started going to Phish shows a couple years back but have been too lazy to make my own hoop (and where’s the fun in buying a pre-made one??? no fun at all unless it’s an LED hoop). someday soon, i swear, i will actually make my hoop…. someday…

  11. Air my vajayjay and read. She’s been smothered to death this weekend while my brain was somewhat half dead. And by half dead I mean drunk and stupid. Hence the reading to make up for it. The stupid I mean. The drunk I will never apologize for. Not even when I went up to my ex drunk(she was equally shamelessly drunk), told her that I would love to spend the night with her beautiful “bubble-ass”, and did. That, that was stupid.

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