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Our spectacularly successful Indiegogo fundraiser, Autostraddle: The Actual Website, will come to an end in just over two short days and we really, really want to reach our new goal of $100k! Did you know that if each person who’s already donated would donate just $10 more right now, we’d reach our new goal? It’s true! Someone did the math for us while we were writing about the RNC and packing for A-Camp. See:

Well, this seemed like a pretty spectacular idea, so we decided to officially present it to you as The Final Push. We’re eternally and deeply grateful — I’m serious, I never say shit like that unless I mean it — for every last contribution that’s been made to this fundraiser! Our lives have already been changed for the better (more on that a little later), but what level of utopia would be unlocked if we reached $90k, $100k, or even more? We’re only around $12,000 away, you know.


Do you wanna call the shots for a day and see Vega’s ass get perma-tagged with Tinkerbell’s likeness? Printed Queer Girl City Guides! Let’s Get Literary Month! Mobile apps and an Autostraddle Tour! The limit does not exist, dear reader. To inspire you to give just ten more little dollars, or to give your very first ten dollars, we’ve collected a list of things that you could go without buying, so you could then take that ten dollars you’ve saved and donate it to our wonderful cause, which is you! You’re our cause.

20 Things For $10 That You Don’t Need, Shouldn’t Buy

with illustrations by Kristen

1. A mini goose

2. Four packages of the gross “cream puffs” they sell at the gas station

3. A hot dog at the Indy 500

4. Two bottles of MD 20/20

5. Ill-fitting jeans from Goodwill

6. Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

7. Ted Nugent CD

8. Campus parking ticket

9. 3-pk of Summer’s Eve

10. Subscription to Cosmo

11. 2/3 of a drink at a bar during NYC Pride

12. Season 1 of A Shot At Love on iTunes

13. Abduction staring Taylor Lautner on DVD

14. Papa John’s pizza using the ‘early week mania’ coupon

15. Subscription to Cleveland magazine

16. Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook paperback

17. A used LACK end table on Craigslist

18. Toto IV album

19. A toilet paper doll

20. Snorkel flippers

You don’t need those things! We just saved you so many ten dollars. Now would be a good time to donate it to our bitchin’ fundraiser! We have pretty fantastic perks for your generous donations, and for $10 you’ll enjoy the Be A Voice perk. Or! I have a neat idea — you could donate a little bit more and find yourself the proud owner of some exclusive AS swag, like a Read A F*cking Book bookmark and Whiskey Kitten sticker. You could even donate a little bit more and more and wouldn’t you know it, you’d get your very own You Do You shirt or maybe a special zine or even a VIP A-Camp experience plus a lifetime pass to future A-Camps! Holy moly that is a lot of really awesome opportunities.

Donate, won’t you?


Let’s take a look at all the perks one more time!


Awesome F*cking Perks

with illustrations by Leese

Be A Voice! – $10

9,800 left

Access to supporter-only updates and sneak-peeks that we’ll post here of the project-in-action where you can voice your opinions and suggestions! You’re part of this project now too, and we want to hear you!

Also you will be honored on our Relaunch Hall of Heroes.


Lifesaver Package – $25

22 left

We’re making a cool sticker package just for this campaign which includes one of each of the following: Hand spraypainted “Read a F*cking Book” bookmark, Autostraddle temporary tattoo, Whiskey Kitten sticker, and a mini “You Do You” sticker!


Cookies! – $50


Read a F*cking Bookmark AND Home-made cookies will be mailed to you from one of our resident bakers.


A-Camp Priority Registration – $50


We’ll send you our “Autostraddle Lifesaver Sticker Package” ($25) and hold a guaranteed spot with your name on it for any future A-Camp of your choice.


You Do You T-Shirt – $100

10 left

Lifesaver Package AND Super Special/Awesome Limited Edition Autostraddle “You Do You” t-shirt. We’re only printing 300 exclusively for this campaign. This is the only way you can get one!


Homemade Card – $100

26 left

We’ll send you our “Autostraddle Lifesaver Sticker Package” ($25) and a handmade thank you card (or a birthday card for your mom, whatever you want) from the Autostraddle editor of your choice.


Week of Advertising – $150

83 left

We’re building a prominent Redesign-Supporter-Only Ad Spot into our new website layout. You will get to place an advertisement in there for one week. Want to promote your business, blog, service, or maybe ask your girlfriend to marry you on our website? This is a pretty damn good way to do it.


Redesign Supporter Zine

68 left

Get our first and only 32-page Redesign Supporter-Only Newsletter we made just for this campaign, featuring completely original and never-released writing and content from Riese and the other editors, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and all sorts of special stuff that will only exist in this newsletter.

We’ll include our Lifesaver Package!


Connect With Us – $500

39 left

We’ll send you our “Autostraddle Lifesaver Sticker Package” ($25) and you pick from one of the following:

1 hour Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign tutorial from our Design Director Alex via Skype (or in person if living in or willing to travel to Los Angeles)

30 minute Therapy/Advice/Brunch Skype session with Riese, Rachel & Laneia or any two (2) Autostraddle team members of your choice.

A short story or essay workshop/tutorial with Rachel & Riese.


Let’s Meet Up – $1,000

18 left

We’ll send you our “Autostraddle Lifesaver Sticker Package” ($25) and two (2) or more Team Members will…

A) Coordinate an Autostraddle Meet-Up for you in your town
B) Take you out to dinner!

You must live in, or within 2 hours of, or be able to get to the following cities: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Montreal, Sydney, Ann Arbor/Detroit, Phoenix, Portland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago.


Feature Article About YOU – $1,300

8 left

Reach the audience of over 400,000 eyeballs that view each month. We’ll write a feature article about your company, website, band, blog, TV show, webseries, club, project, product, yourself, anything! We can even do it interview-style. Whatever you want.

We’ll send you our hand spraypainted “Read a F*cking Book” bookmark too.


A-Camp VIP – $5,000

1 left

Come to A-Camp… as a team member! You’ll be the toast of our little town in the woods.

Hang out with us, come to pre-camp training, participate in planning activities, whatever your little heart desires! You’ll get a special VIP cabin accommodation and special gift-basket that we’ll be all cute and make just for you. Cause we’re cute like that.

Plus, you’ll be guaranteed a regular spot at all future A-Camps for life.

Only two days left! Please donate!

UPDATE: We’ve reached over $98,000! Next stop, 100k!

Before you go! It costs money to make indie queer media, and frankly, we need more members to survive 2023As thanks for LITERALLY keeping us alive, A+ members get access to bonus content, extra Saturday puzzles, and more! Will you join? Cancel anytime.

Join A+!


Laneia is the Director of Operations and founding member of Autostraddle, and you're the reason she's here.

Laneia has written 922 articles for us.


  1. So I want to increase my donation to another perk level (from $25 to the shirt), but I don’t know how to make it add on to what I’ve already donated? Can I just email someone and be like, I gave you all my monies, give me a shirt, please?

  2. Well now I’m mildly convinced that I need a toilet paperdoll BUT MORE CONVINCED I NEED TO SEE MY KIDNEYS (by which I mean old textbooks) TO FUND ASS-TATTOOAGE. Also I feel like the Queer City Guide is just waiting to sit on my coffee table while visitors ooo and ahhh in its general direction

  3. So, about these miniature geese.

    I’m impressed you’re getting them for $10, when the only confirmed prices I could find in approximately 90 seconds googling were from this guy for $35 each, or this guy for up to $200!

    Fuck this fundraising. By which I mean to say, why bother with this indiegogo malarky when you can fund the redesign entirely from miniature geese profiteering?

  4. Awww I just donated again thinking it would get the total over the $90,000 mark but I read it wrong and there’s still $109 needed to get there- come on people!
    This is why I shouldn’t come online drunk- I cannot read numbers and I give away my money….

  5. The Offical Twilight Cookbook HAD been at the top of shopping list but you’ve convinced me it could wait another week.

    (I’m actually morbidly curious. Do all the recipes include edible glitter? Do you have to passively waver between recipes while they fight it out for your affection? Instructions to ‘glare broodingly at the batter until it begins to rise’?)

  6. I donated for the first time today because I saw the count down said hours instead of days. According to Psychology Today 25% percent of people are chronic procrastinators. My math skills are pretty bad, but I think its looking good.

  7. goddammit, you might as well have another $100. what’s another third of my savings gone? i was only going to donate another fifty, but then the cookies were sold out, and it’s my sixteenth birthday in four days, and i realised i could potentially be getting a late birthday card from autostraddle, so i waved goodbye to another month’s pay. i think this is the most i’ve spent on anything ever, to be honest. I JUST LOVE AUTOSTRADDLE SO MUCH OKAY

  8. So due to learning for exams I’m a little behind in reading Autostraddle. Right now I’m at page 5 and just checked for the newest article.
    Which is why I read this one using the “meowbifier”..which is magic..which made me donate again!
    But you deserve it :)

  9. $500 left to go, we’ve GOT this. <3 I kicked another $25 your way this morning but I missed the sticker package! All the other awesome people had grabbed it before me. I guess I'll have to be content with my cookies.

  10. I was going back and forth about donating again, but then I read the first person essay posted today by Kate. It resonated so much with me and reminded me that Autostraddle is so much more than just articles and pictures of kittens on the internet. It really is a community, and one that I feel safe being a part of. So I gladly donated what I could.

  11. =))) So happy for you guys!!!
    And seeing the $100+ news just after I saw Frank Ocean performing and really the minute I saw Drake getting an MTV-award I realized how deep my loyalty to the whole Autostraddle-team is. (*shout-out to Carmen*)

    Now we are all just waiting for the tattoo :P

  12. I’ve been waiting to donate a second time til I got a paycheck, but I’ve been at my new job 3 weeks now and haven’t seen a paycheck yet, so I just gave up and donated again anyways since time is running out. So excited you got to 100,000! You guys are still worth way more than that and I wish I had more money to donate. Also, that is a lot of freakin fees they charge at that site.

  13. omg you guys 112K is super amazing <333

    but also, we're so close to 120000, at which the serial fiction series by riese, which has a high chance of being the most fabulous thing in the world ever, will actually finally happen

    (pressure on everybody to donate please we can do it!, but also no pressure on riese to produce more unless she wants to b/c she already works/tries soooo much)

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