Come Party With Autostraddle and Girlbar at Dinah Shore 2011!

Hello and welcome to a very special exciting time of year known as

The Month Before Dinah Shore

It’s time for a lesbian vaycay, y’all. Team Auto went to Dinah Shore Weekend last year for the first time as a group and boy were our arms tired. (That’s what she said.) Dinah Shore is the biggest lesbian event of the year and is a celebration of the lesbian lifestyle and you should remember it because we live-blogged the whole thing. I mean, it was serious. We all met each other for the first time in 3-D real life and we had a verbal “reply-all” and were basically the nerds and geeks that we are, except we did it in Palm Springs with a shitload of other lesbians. Here’s a trip down memory lane via photographs:



So obvs we’re going back. And this year we’re happily hitting up GirlBar‘s Dinah Shore festivities for the weekend of March 30th to April 3rd, 2011. Are you coming too? Would you like to come? Come! We’re staying at the Hyatt, and we can all have a hypothetical sleepover! Julie & Brandy will be there, Liz Feldman will be there, Erin Foley will be there… well a lot of people will be there, but we’ll get to that later this week.

Riese and I have made this handy checklist / quiz thing so you can determine whether or not you should go to Dinah Shore 2011!

I enjoy: (check all that apply)
+ hotel rooms / hotel hallways
+ drinking before noon
+ the anticipation that comes with trying to get 10+ lesbians / bisexuals dressed and ready to go to dinner at the same time
+ women
+ hearing the same 9-12 songs played on a loop for 4 days straight
+ women in sunglasses
+ saying ‘drink tickets’
+ public displays of affection
+ women in wet t-shirts
+ constantly wondering “will this turn into an orgy?”
+ women in bikinis
+ being told when to wear white
+ looking into a crowd of people and thinking ‘how the hell did i get here’
+ playing alternative lifestyle haircut bingo
+ Brandy Howard in a bikini and denim mini-skirt
+ Julie Goldman in cargo shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off
+ dodging real l word cameras / cameras in general
+ constantly wondering “is she touching me in like a ‘playful-friends’ way or in an ‘I’m genuinely interested in fucking’ way or in a ‘I’m tripping balls’ way”
+ syncing menstrual cycles with 10+ of your closest friends
+ spirit journeys, both planned and unplanned
+ ‘drama’
+ going home with mojito on your hair straightener


We’re going. Julie & Brandy are going. We’re doing things. So should you.

Visit GirlBar’s Dinah Shore 2011 website for all information and tickets.

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  1. This list is pure genius.

    Other things to look forward to are:

    *Free pharmaceuticals
    *Buying new flip-flops before everyone else
    *Seeing the hotness of Riese in person
    *Lusting over Laneia
    *Taylor & Kelsey’s same/same blonde sexuality that will make u feel like you’re watching a girl’s gone wild video (in a good way)
    *Jess and Sarah and Alex and other Autostraddlers that you’ll want to molest
    *Mexican Food!

  2. I answered yes to most of those questions which means I need to book my ticket to palm springs now!
    But I’m confused about the difference between girl bar and club skirts. Aren’t the same thing????

    • They’re not the same thing actually. Think of them as two separate organizations throwing separate parties at different hotels/places with different talent. It’s nice because you have a choice when you go to Dinah, you could go to one party or another depending on who’s performing/who you like etc.

  3. I’m a bugger for making two comments. I clearly need to go start Sunday drinking and get off the laptop.

    Anyhoo, I just clicked on the Girl Bar link so that Autostraddle would get internet credit for creating traffic over there (that’s just a concept I made up in my head) and when I got there, I discovered that the song AMERICAN BOY is playing while one peruses the festivities.

    I found that funny and ironic and weird.

  4. teen midol + apple sauce = mother putting together her child’s lunchpack… + a box of wine = Kathy Griffin’s mother putting together a lunchpack.

    This, among many other reasons, makes me wish I was of legal drinking age. Or that I knew someone who would constantly buy me booze.

  5. Sounds fun, except I’m underage sooo… I think all us underage Straddlers should put together the underage equivalent like idk Puberty Shore. We can all sit around and listen to Tegan & Sara, while talk about how in love we are with our first girlfriends. BYOSB. (Bring your own Starbucks)

  6. SO SO jealous- there is no way I can get to California from New Orleans.

    Then again, Mardi Gras starts today. So I’ll just have to put on my 1980’s cropped purple and green bustier and binge-drink through my envy.

  7. What if I just walk around the neighborhood wearing a bikini, drink straight from a wine bottle, jump in random backyard pools, and keep up with the live-blog via my phone? Would that work as a suitable Dinah replacement?

  8. Last years Live Blog was epic. It made me feel as though I was there and insanely jealous that I wasn’t there, at the same time. However this year to numb the dissapointment of not being there in 3D I will be setting up a tiki bar next to my laptop. It will be stocked with copious amounts of Vodka, Margaritas and naturally nachos for nibbling. I look forward to it :)

    We could do with a checklist for those of us who can’t make it?!

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