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Riese and Alex have gone to Villa Villekulla to eat berries and make vibrators out of toothbrushes and bottle rockets! This Sunday Funday Daily Fix is brought to you by me [Laneia] and Intern Emily, so if it sucks, you have only yourselves to blame! Or something! Wheee!

This week on Autostraddle, everyone was hungover and after-glowy and in full-on LOVE with everyone else, thanks to the Rodeo Disco! [which changed the world  and made the New York City skyline sparkle like Haviland’s eyes.] Robin Roemer and Sin Garcia showed you what you [and I] were missing with AutoFocus! Snapshots from the Rodeo Disco and then everyone re-lived The Magic in NYC Pride Weekend 2009: The Recap. Carlytron even did a Tuesday Televisionary because she loves you so much!

Did you win anything in the First Ever Autostraddle Pride Raffle?! Lucky! Don’t forget to check out how SMOKIN’ HOT you were at the Rodeo Discoprints and downloads are now available!

It’s slim pickins today, kids. We’re adding more stuff throughout the day!


OOPS: We missed Lilo’s birthday! SIGH ALL CAPS (@girlfriend is a homo)

GAY: Mennonites Protest Church Exclusion of Gays: “In a quiet act of defiance, gay and lesbian Mennonites dressed in bright pink gathered outside the church’s official convention in Columbus on Thursday and criticized its leaders for trying to push them out.” (@associated press)

TEEVEE: Wait — the character’s name is Gia? Seriously? Rumer Willis to Play “Punky Cute Lesbian” on ‘90210’. (@shewired)

PRIDE: In Pictures: Pride Party Politics:  A look at the last 30 years of pride parades in London.(@bbc)

TEQUILA: Tila Tequila to Obama: End DADT: “We are here, we are queer, and it’s about time that the military gets used to it!!! Discrimination is so 2000,” Tequila continued. “And if the President doesn’t listen, he’ll feel the wrath of 3,833,688 of Tequila’s closest MySpace friends!” (@the advocate)

GAGA: Lady GaGa’s Provocative Sexy Pics for V Magazine Unraveled: “Posing for V Magazine’s Beauty/Fall Preview edition, which will be on newsstands Tuesday, July 7, singing sensation Lady GaGa proudly shows off her body.” (@eparsa)

STILLWELL: Speaking of Haviland! Here she is now, singing “Glitter & Be Gay”! [which is bound to brighten up your day/LIFE]

POLITICS: Colin Powell vocalizes his support: “Sixteen years have now gone by, and I think a lot has changed with respect to attitudes within our country, and therefore I think this is a policy and a law that should be reviewed.” (@ reuters)

GAY: Two More Gay Superheroes: “Last week’s X-Factor #45 ended years of online speculation — and in-story winks — about the nature of [Shatterstar and Rictor’s] relationship by showing them reuniting with a kiss.” (@ robot 6)


Auto-Straddler of the Day

Happy Belated, Miss Lohan


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  1. This is the cutest daily fix of all time and it deserves 500 comments. Everyone needs to get their firecrackers out of their asses and back on the internet, stat!

    One day I’ll have enough dough to buy a vibrating toothbrush and cut out the middle man.

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  3. Yay! Good fix, short but sweet. *claps* (:
    Ever since I saw Lady Gaga shoot fire out of her boobs I have been staring at them too much, expecting something to happen (who knows what). That or they just keep getting in my way when I see her in magazines and such. I feel guilty. But I swear I saw more then I bargained for in that video ^^^ and it’s not my fault! Anywho…

  4. Fine job on the Fix, ladies, I love the title because it is so true.
    That Rumer Willis/90210/Gia news made my day, 90210 have really outdone themselves. If only I could watch it here in Australia.

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