Daily Fix: Anna & Eve? That Sounds Hot! I’m Confused!

Today on Autostraddle: Carlytron your Tuesday Televisionary has A LOT to talk about this week! AND, I’ve made some additions to our recap/video of May 17th’s anti-gay rally – now it includes full transcripts from all three interviews we did. (Also, our video is featured on Joe.my.God and on Queerty!)

+ Clementine Ford and Linda Perry sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (@afterellen)

+ Where Are They Now? – Saved by the Bell (@daily news). How was I unaware that Tori the motorcycle biker chick has grown up into a hot lesbian?

+ Third Grader Organizes Gay Marriage Rally: “His mother, Tracy Edwards, said her son often comes up with big ideas that don’t come to fruition, but this was something that clearly meant a lot to him.” (@denverpost.com)

+Kept From a Dying Partner’s Bedside: (Sidenote: The Times doesn’t mention this, but the “cruise” they discuss was a Rosie cruise. Which makes my heart hurt even more.) (@NYTimes)

+On a lighter note, Ellen’s Common Cement Speech @ Tulane University reminds us why we love her. How many gay references can you count? (@DailyMotion via @suzzzanna — the one w/out pants)


+Michael Steele’s brilliant idea makes Olberman’s WTF Moment. Olberman discusses how good gay marriage is for the economy –it’s a great rant, though personally I think he should’ve drawn more attention to how ridiculous it is for an employer to complain about having to ensure the health of their employees. Take that to its logical conclusion and Steele would also have to endorse the idea that hiring single homosexuals in states where marriage is illegal is the best bet for small business owners. I know many unemployed homos. Just saying.

+ Roller Derby Revival! (@cnn)

+ New Lady GaGa photos (@ohnotheydidnt)

+ The ladies at Pancakes and a Valium (amazing blog name, A++) have been podcasting the Otalia storyline on Guiding Light. Apparently this storyline is super-hot and I have been missing out because I am always at work mid-day. JK! Because I don’t know how to work the teevee.

+ I was unable to read this article about Suze Orman because it would be like a chicken reading an article about innovative yet ballsy poultry farmers. Those of you without credit card debt can check it out here. (@nytimes)

+ Washington Mayor To Sign “Everything But Marriage” Bill: Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is expected to sign a bill into law today that expands a domestic partnership law to grant gay and lesbian couples all the rights and benefits that the state offers married couples except the name. (@on top mag)

+ Openly Gay Judge Seeks Election In Philadelphia: “I’ve gotten broader support. I have every labor union supporting me that I have asked for an endorsement. Anyone I have asked for support has given it very whole-heartedly.” (@edge boston)

+ Thailand Crowns New Transexual Miss Tiffany:Though Thailand is home to arguably the largest population of transexuals (where they’re even considered a third gender), that doesn’t mean GLBTs are everyone’s favorite. Pride festivals get shut down; feminine-acting monks are reprimanded; gay clubs get raided; and trans-protections are yanked out of a re-drafted Constitution. But it’s easy to forget all that for the brief moments of the annual trans-only Miss Tiffany Universe, which on Saturday crowned 20-year-old Sorrawee Nattee its new reigning queen. And yes, this pageant has a swimsuit portion.” (@queerty)

+ Here’s a new video from the NOM warmongers. It’s called “I don’t Understand.” I Don’t Understand either, I feel like if Grandma was a boy, that would be a kickass movie, maybe it would be called The Labyrinth and there’d be singing and dancing!


ebradshaw-iconIntern Elizabeth:
My team pick for today (my first!) is about something that is very important to me, and to all of you as well, I’m sure. It’s boobies! Yay! But in all seriousness though, one in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime and every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer. So I’m doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day this summer which is a 60 mile walk where the money raised benefits Komen For The Cure. The real kicker (besides having to walk 60 miles in a weekend!) is that I have to raise $2300 dollars to participate! So I have a donation page up AND I’m having a Bar Party/Karaoke & Cupcakes Fundraiser at The Spot tomorrow May 20th at 8:30pm. Anyone in the Chicagoland area is invited!


green-iconfrom Laneia:
Ever wondered if Ziploc bags and other flimsy plastic packaging materials are recyclable? Well, they are! But you have to find recycling centers that accept #4 LDPE [low density polyethylene film]. Zip-top bags, packaging materials and grocery bags all fall into this category. To find a center near you, enter your zip code here. You’re all so awesome and lovely!

riese-icon3from Riese:
I just want to say that I am excited to watch
GLEEEEEEE! The sneak-peak preview airs tonight on Fox after the idol finale.

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  1. I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I am beyond thrilled that I am an intern for a site that links to Saved by the Bell-related things (among other reasons). I am also beyond thrilled about the fact that I never imagined, watching the credits roll on “Wedding in Las Vegas” (which I still have recorded on VHS. yeeeeeah), that I’d be watching a long-haired Mark-Paul 15 years later. *sigh* Isn’t life WONDERFUL?

    Also, I just spent 3 minutes explaining why that side-by-side shot of Mark-Paul at 14/15 and Mark-Paul at 34/35 is “heartwarming”. I began my monologue with a shrill “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Ohhhh, Autostraddle… I <3 yous.

    • I’m also excited about SBTB BUT, her name was Tori, not Lori… I heart Leanna Creel because she brought us Tori and then But I’m A Cheerleader and Promtroversy 😀 I had to look her up a while back when she and her sister started appearing in different commercials and such (they are triplets). Maybe I should actually go read that link now… ok, read- Notice how they didn’t mention that Jesse Spano, er Elizabeth Berkely, was on The L Word…

  2. Keith Olbermann, how I miss that man. I haven’t really watched his show since around the time of the election (unfortunately,) and I really appreciate a good WTF moment. LOVE him.

    • I haven’t really watched Olbermann since Rachel Maddow got a show, but I love watching him semi-pronounce his WTF? segment. It reminds me of when the Gossip Girl creators were all saying that the OMFG ads stood for “Oh My Freaking Goodness.”

  3. Laneia how did you know my zip code?? I clicked on the link and it sent me directly to my city recycling facility. Are you a witch?

    If so, thank you, Witch Laneia. 😀

  4. i know that nom ad is supposed to upset me, but all i can think is ann and eve would have been hotttt. sign me up for that section of the old testament!

  5. so Riese you wrote me an e-mail some time ago and I don’t remember the context but you actually brought up Tori (whom I think you called Lori haha) for some example and I remember I was going to write back and tell you how she’s actually a lesbian but I figured you already knew so it made me laugh to see this on the daily fix…. also, I don’t think that grandma thing is new.. I def. remember seeing it and being like wtf what parent would is twisted enough to put their kid in this ad. I think I’ll go watch Ellen’s commencement speech now and pretend it is my school

    • No, it’s new I swear! It’s just similar to other things.

      Sometimes I miss things. but i think i saw a picture of that girl and was like who is that, that may have been the context. although then I wouldn’t have been able to speak about lori/tori. hm. mysterioussssss

      I saw Ellen at my brother’s Tulane graduation and it was awesome. It was a surprise and I freaked out. It was like one of the best days ever, ’cause I got to wear my sneakers (there were no clothing stores open, it was like right after Katrina) and saw Bill Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres in one day!

      • hah that is pretty awesome, im super jealous. I was just at Tulane less than 2 months ago- I shoulda just stayed til that day haha
        At my old school in Florida the commencement speakers when I was a freshman & sophomore were Ben Stein(The clear eyes guy) and Marlee Matlin -whom I only knew as the deaf guest star on DH at the time, and in what woulda been my grad last year it was like the lady who used to write Bill Clintons speeches or something- I dont even know who my current school got this year– alls I know is we get to have it at Radio City Music Hall haha
        and fine I’ll pretend the video is new – clearly not enough people saw its insanity the first time around

        • Whoa whoa… Ben Stein is NOT just the Clear Eyes guy. He is the ‘Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?’ teacher from Ferris Bueller AND then he had Win Ben Stein’s Money… and many other things before he pulled a Shatner.

  6. Ellen is brilliant. “When you’re older most of you will be gay.”

    Also, RE NOM’s latest exploitation of children – Yeah, If we start really treating all Americans truly equally than our kids might not be as bigoted and idiotic as we are. How horrible! Are people really swayed by this transparent crap?

    Way to go parent’s of those kids! I’m so glad you took it upon yourself to decide their political ideology for them.

  7. Ellen is indeed amazing.

    I really have to take a break from reading this site. Hah. I’m always in class spouting out random gay facts and arguments. I get the weirdest looks sometimes… Today’s topic was about Steele’s stupidity.

    I’m excited to watch Glee as well. Adam is totally gunna win tonight. On the other hand, I am torn because I want to see Lady Gaga on Dancing With The Stars (even though I dislike the show) while Glee is on … choices choices choices.

    • That’s good though! You need to read and then speak and get those looks, ’cause then those people will think about something they wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. That’s how we start the revolution!!

      Anyhoooooooo watching Glee right now!

    • ha I remember the day after the #amazonfail debacle something was either related to that or we were takling bout amazon and I started spurting out the facts and no one had heard about it. and I’m like seriously? how do you not understand why it matters? like seriously no one cared

  8. One of my favorite things about this site is that you pay attention to the gay haps in the news, but don’t present it in the way i’m reading about it on CNN / Yahoo Finance.

    It’s a little lighthearted, (“Anna and Eve – that sounds hot”)but still aims to educate and bring these things to our attention.

    (I think at this point, it’s tradition that I just compliment the team on something once a week…but really – I mean it.)

  9. How exactly did I miss this? I’ve read this site every day since it was but a wee twinkle in Riese’s eye, and I miss our mention? WTF is wrong with me? Anywaaaay- thanks for the shout out!
    XO Liz

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