Daily Fix – Picture Getting Married to Your Hand!


What a week we’ve had here on Autostraddle: Alex came back from her wild weekend at Dinah Shore, Carlytron talked tech, PC ads, headphones and design websites, Robin photographed Larry Tee, Elly from La Roux and The Presets, Carlytron watched too much TeeVeee, and y’all met Natalie, our feminist activist superwoman. Oh also girls are cute in boyshorts.

Stay tuned for more features from us later today probs!

I don’t know what to think about “this self-hating little boy on youtube.” I’ve spent way too many minutes on his youtube channel, Is he real? Where are his parents? WTF? Why is he smacking himself? Why does he say  things like “I used to be gay, but then I decided it’s wrong, and I stopped it, and now I am very interested in girls“? Is it ethical to even post this here, or am I exploiting his ignorance? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Does he really want us to picture getting married to our hand? “That’s how abnormal gay marriage is,” apparently. (@queerty)

The greatest Team Autostraddle achievement of all time has been our resounding success virally infusing the international lesbian lexicon with the phrase Really Papi Really? So today I’m proud to announce that someone has created a blog called “Really Papi Really.” I hope this blogger CAROL is very little, because if so, there’s a Really Papi t-shirt just waiting to brush softly against her nipples. If not, we have no large sizes left, but perhaps it would make a nice dishcloth or dog outfit (see: this video).

In response to Out Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America, Mombian has The Most Powerful Lesbian Moms in America. (@mombian)


Babble Interviews Cynthia Nixon : “People write to me say and say things like, “Thank you for being so open [about her same-sex household]. It’s made my life easier.” That’s a nice benefit.” (@babble.com)

In her new HBO film, Grey Gardens, Drew Barrymore trades in her usually sunny smile to play an eccentric shut-in. Rachel Syme talks to the actress about the Method behind her madness.” (@the daily beast)

Queen Latifah’s closet is cracking.

From the Bilerco Project:

“Yesterday I complained that too many bloggers were focusing too myopically on the fact that the National Organization for Marriage commercial used actors. This is how you work that tidbit into a much larger landscape like I was suggesting. The YouTuber really nailed it.”



from Carly: Hey, remember the GLAAD Awards? Well, you can watch all of our silly interviews over here. Find out who Cherry Jones wants to bitch-slap, how Tyra wishes her top models would be more like her drag queens, and if Vanessa has ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon.

tink-icon1from Tinkerbell: Hello Autostraddle. This is Tinkerbell. I am the most beautiful person or animal on anywhere in the world wide web. Sometimes when I am not at the parties, with Littlefoot or counting my calories I look at other internet animals to verify my superiority. Riese always is saying, fourfour this, fourfour that is so funny. I ask: What, crazy eights? But she cannot hear me because my mouth is sewn shut. In conclusion I am wondering why she does not take photos of me or say things about me like fore!fore! says about his cat Winston, who is a fine animal with a Vulcan Salute and besides Garfield the only cat in the universe who I like.

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  1. Someone give that kid a hug, he looks really confused. He said he learned this way of thinking from the news, which I’m assuming had nothing to do with his parents. His parents/legal guardians or whoever cares for him needs to sit him down and have a good long talk, because as much as I love my hand I love women more.

    I’ve seen a lot of responses to the NOM video, but this one seems to have strong counter arguments.


    • I can’t believe that his parents aren’t on top of this shit. My Mom would’ve freaked if I’d been making videos on youtube, let alone videos like this — the kids got millions of views, a facebook fan page … and no one in his life has noticed? It makes me really confused about where he must be from or what kind of life he might lead. If this turns out to be a prank/actor of some kind I am going to be so annoyed, sigh. BLERGH!

  2. 1. That video is disturbing.
    2. Cynthia Nixon’s openness, and her talking about her openness, is very satisfying to me today. I LOVE hearing people say that celebrities being open makes their life easier. Couldn’t agree more!
    3. Grey Gardennssssssssss holler.
    4. Love the mom list. Love that we know most of them! YAY!

  3. I think (and hope) that the kid’s youtube account is a joke. The profile info given there just sounds a little too much like an ironic hipster wrote it. I might be wrong but I’m going to assume I’m right and take some small comfort from it. Because otherwise the whole thing would make me want to cry. :P

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