Girl Gallery: 100 Hot Sexy Curvy Models & Celebrities

By popular request, our latest gallery celebrates sexy, curvy smokin’ hot girls who not only have fully functional skeletons, but actual bodies (flesh, muscle, fat) too! Let us celebrate hot women who look more human than gazelle — limbs, breasts, ass & all!

Sure, you could probably fold Shane up and fit her in your suitcase, but as Sir Mix-a-Lot once so aptly put it, “I’m tired of magazines, sayin’ flat butts are the thing.” Airbrushing limbs away is so 2009.

Thanks to reader MsNJS for shooting us some pics to add to this gallery! Also check out preview of V Magazine’s Size Issue: Curves Ahead, three of these photos are from there.

Also a quick tip for you computer-savvy people — this works on all websites that use galleries like this — if you want to save an image or tumble! it, simply Zoom Out on your browser (command + negative sign on a Mac) and you’ll see the “right-click” to “view image” and/or “save image” trick is enabled, and viewing will make it full size again).

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  4. Between this gallery (and comments) and making out with a smoking hot blond at the club last Friday night, my self esteem is ridiculously high right now.

    All I need is an article talking about how queer redheads are the best thing ever, and I’d be unstoppable.

  5. I loooove this. thank you for showing women – of a slightly different size than we normally see. i want mooooore – not just women who are “different” bc of their size, but also women who are “different” bc of other factors.
    much love to AS! this is great.

  6. Although I’m glad to see some variation in the narrow definition of beauty on this site, these women are still very much on the thinner end of what some might consider “bigger” girls, plus their proportions and gender expression are all very conventional.

  7. . . . In what UNIVERSE is Kelly Clarkson curvy? Clearly she’s not anoretic but my goodness, you’re putting her in a section for curvy (and I *thought*, larger girls) in the spirit of diversity? The more I look at this gallery, the more epic fail I see. It’s not hard to find images of thick/plump/bbw/curvy girls online . . . why is there no London Andrews? April Flores? Why is it that this website has so much wonderful variation on gender expression, for example, but such an incredibly limited definition of beauty in regards to size? It’s actually really disappointing.

    • The gallery was just dedicated to curves, not the size of them. You can be curvy at size 8 or 18. Instead of being rude and calling it a complete fail why not give some suggestions.

      As a contributor to this gallery and being a curvy girl I think it was a success. Very often the middle woman is forgotten. You either have super skinny or large size. Well what about the middle size 10-16, the women not really skinny but not plus size?

      No one said this was end all list, there was not research that went into it.. If she was pretty and curvy, we’ll take her!

      • . . . the link says “girls-hot-girl-gallery-plus-size” actually.

        I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any representation of “in between”, in fact I am mean the exact opposite; the scope of this gallery is very small. Surely out of one hundred women, we could have *some* who are actually larger . . .

        • that’s the url, that’s not the title of the post. some of the girls in here are plus size, and some aren’t. urls are not titles for a reason, often they’re just a mish-mash of keywords.

          msnjs sent me photos. other than that, it took me literally TWO WEEKS of about 4-5 hours a day to find these photos. when we put this gallery up, some people sent me more photos which i added. If you have any that you’d like to see in this gallery, just email them to me at riese [at] autostraddle dot com.

          it’s not us that should be targeted — we collect our imagery from other websites, and as you know i’m sure, there’s a serious dearth of plus-sized imagery out there. these were culled from about 20 tumblrs, the websites of a host of plus-size modeling agencies, blogs, etc. seems it would be more effective to criticize everyone else who hasn’t even TRIED to diversify their imagery, or to work on deconstructing the societal forces which result in a lack of body diversity in their imagery, the systems of oppression that put us here to begin with.

          i guess i’m just not sure what the point is of criticizing this? we just wanted to show curvy girls and i think the gallery is hot. i’m sure it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but what does, you know? i think you’ll see a lot more diversity in size here than you would on any other website that isn’t expressly focused on showing larger women, and certainly more than any fashion magazine. i think it’s important that we keep that in perspective.

      • P.S, since i can’t edit for some reason
        I really don’t appreciate being called rude. I made lots of suggestions if you actually read my post; i mentioned some names of women who actualy fit under the “plus size” banner, and I mentioned how ridiculous it is to have Kelly Clarkson in a plus-size pics page . . .
        I find it rude that I am trying to express to you how marginalized I feel seeing these images, having them presented as if they were bigger than the norm and you dismiss me as being rude rather than actually addressing what i’m saying. But I guess some types of marginalization are acceptable . . .

  8. Riese, I find it very dubious that you say that simply weren’t any images of girls who are actually plus size. For example, Beth Ditto made Autostraddles list of most influencial lesbians (or something to that effect) yet for whatever reason wasn’t included here. That and the fact that there are *lots* of tumblrs that have plus size women, some of which i’ve emailed to autostraddle.

    • i’m trying to figure out what you’re accusing me of here exactly?

      are you suggesting that i intentionally left “actual plus sized” women out of the gallery on purpose because i don’t like those photos or something?

      or are you accusing me of being lazy and not trying hard enough to find more women of that size?

      I don’t know what one person or another considers “curvy.” I think everyone has their own definition of that. With the exception of celebrities and reader submissions (which were mostly celebrities), the models here were found on plus-size modeling agency websites and plus-size clothing sites. I know that “plus size” models are often not plus sized, but that’s why not every woman in this gallery is purported to be plus-sized.

      I didn’t personally choose all these photos so i can’t defend their inclusion. I don’t consider Jennifer Lopez or Kelly Clarkson curvy, but if somebody else thinks that’s what “curvy” means to them, then we stuck it in! I feel like there’s a good variety here, better than you’d see on any other website?

      I definitely hear you and am listening, and if we do do another gallery like this, we will be doing it differently based on criticisms like yours. I do appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism. I didn’t expect this contention and you’ve definitely opened my mind to many areas where we could be more inclusive where I thought we already were.

      But w/r/t what’s currently in the gallery and currently in this post — or the url — what do you want me to do/say? That’s a genuine question, btw. I’m sorry that it makes you feel marginalized, that was not our intent.

      I don’t know why beth ditto isn’t in it? Maybe ’cause she was already in the fashion icons post so it seemed repetitive? I’m really not sure, it was a long time ago!

      these are the plus-size-related tumblrs i follow:







      i also read corpulent and follow the links there sometimes. i read kate harding until she stopped which made me sad.

      i’d love to know of more just for our everyday imagery — i’ve never gotten any emails about tumblrs to follow from you or anyone though, so maybe that didn’t go to me?

  9. I’m not trying to accuse anyone of anything, I was pointing out that I feel this gallery (and to a larger extent, this website) is sizist and the response seems to be a steady stream of excuses; surely the choice of words in the URL means *something* as opposed to nothing? I don’t understand the logic of “they’re just words”. Well they could also say any kind of jibberish, instead they are coincidentally about the sorts of bodies this gallery is dedicated to. That doesn’t quite make sense. Also i think the arguement of “we’re not as bad as most” doesn’t really cut it when this website, as far as I can tell, strives to be inclusive of all queer/female identified people. There are of places we can safely expect discrimination from, but I’d expect more from a site that is so conscious of discrimination. If you’re against one form (queer discrimination) then surely you can’t condone any other form, either.

    I sent a general email, I don’t believe it was addressed to any one person. is a great website, off the top of my head.

  10. I got an email with your response Riese but I can’t see it posted here? Wierd! Anyway;
    I really appreciate what you’re saying, thank you for taking on what I’m saying. I’m really not trying to be accusatory, i’m just pointing out things that don’t make sense to me. I’m sorry that some of what I said was hurtful, I suppose I was reacting from a place of hurt also because in my first two posts, I felt that was I offering constructive criticism and recieved unwarranted criticism from MsNJS.
    Thanks again.

    • yeah sorry, i deleted it after i wrote it, i felt like — i know that honestly in my heart i have been doing what i believed at the time to be the best anybody can do. i felt like i was sort of defending my personality? like i was jumping up and down yelling SEE ME SEE ME THIS IS WHO I AM SEE THIS IS ME, THIS IS WHAT I FEEL AND WHAT I CARE ABOUT! ‘Cause it’s not really about right and wrong because we agree, I think, on all the issues — we both want to see inclusive, diverse imagery here and we both want a body-positive environment. that’s why the only rule writers have to follow here is to ‘never speak negatively about a woman’s physical appearance.’ that’s why i was trying to please you before you even commented, and i guess i just feel really defensive about that because i guess i totally fucking failed, but i thought i was doing a really good job! i really did! i can’t make you know ME, i can’t make you know everything about my life that i bring to bear upon this conversation any more than you could do that to me.

      i guess it sounds stupid, but i really do spend hours trying to find diverse images, so mainly i get defensive b/c i’m already constantly questioning the amount of time we spend looking for pictures at ALL here, like we’re the most picture-heavy online mag/blog of this size on the entire fucking internet, and then i think omg if we’re trying this hard and failing, and then i just get stressy about time and my life and how busy/stressed i am and NONE of those things have anything to do with you, so i shouldn’t bring that to bear upon discussing editorial or administrative issues.

      i guess i deleted my comment because i can’t change what we’ve created and how it made you feel. that’s all in the past. all i can really do is keep on being me and i’m confident — i’m confident because i’m being completely, 100%, totally purely honest with you right now — that i want what you want, and that one day, one day in the near or far-away future, that you will come here and you will see it and then everybody will be happy.

      • Ugh, I feel like a right bitch now. I honestly didn’t realize, I’m sorry :(
        I didn’t mean to say that the entire gallery was fail, because that’s just not true. The pictures are great, I just think that having larger girls in there as well as the current models would’ve been better. My perception is that the women are on the leaner side of curvy and there aren’t any that I would consider plus-sized (at least in terms of normal people, since ‘plus size’ models are generally rather normal-sized!). It was unfair to say it was fail. I wasn’t aware of the effort that you put into it and how difficult it is to find high quality pictures. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the interwebs generally.
        Sorry again :(

  11. I wish the TV stations would wake up oh, and playboy magazine too.
    These are real women not cardboard cut outs like the ones on the runways or the red carpet. Kudos & Kudos again

  12. This is so inspiring to see, i only wonder why so many of these women have so few clothes on? Why does having more weight so often equate to sexy? Just because their boobs are bigger, it is ever so slightly degrading to have to show so many of these women in their underwear, it takes away from the idea of a woman being beautiful with clothes actually on. Being a whole host of other adjectives that so easily are given to stick thin women – namely elegant and intelligent and witty.. :(

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