Crystal’s Team Pick: Kaki King @ The Hotel Cafe

Earlier this month Kaki King played a rather amazing show at The Hotel Cafe in LA. I wasn’t actually there, I only know about this because two of my favorite music bloggers, Jess Gitner and Music Nerdery, shared some fairly rocking live footage online.

It’s Kaki King Week* and so I thought I’d celebrate by posting a few of those clips here. If you happen to live in Australia, I hope they’ll encourage you to catch Kaki as she tours the country throughout November.

Footage is thanks to YouTube user Windy. Also be sure to check out Music Nerdery’s video and photo recap of this show.


* The one time per year(ish) when Kaki performs in Sydney – an occasion which causes this relatively intelligent and cool-headed writer to somehow transform into a rather tragic individual who apparently cannot think or talk or write about anything other than the concert in the days leading up to it but seriously I’m so amped I mean come on is it Friday yet omg where did I put the tickets.

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  1. Oooo…’so jealous’ of you getting to see Kaki King. Love her!! I find myself changing hiding places for my concert tix..I think it may be a paranoia thing…like somehow, someone will know I put my T&S tix in my copy of Deathly Hallows and will come and steal them.

  2. My jaw just dropped while watching the “Doing The Wrong Thing” clip. I’m truly impressed. This is the first time I’ve seen video of her playing and all I can say is wow. That and I really need to get back on the ball with guitar lessons.

  3. omg. me and jess gitner went to the same high school. small world! hi jess, if you are out there. i rode an airplane with her once, a long time ago, on complete coincidence.

    btw, i approve of this kaki-themed post, even though i am a bit late.

  4. once upon a time i taught myself to play ‘doing the wrong thing’ and ‘night after sidewalk’, and they are the only things i can play on the guitar. all i will say is that tuning makes all the difference.

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