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Does Gay Marriage Make Gays Straight?

It’s three days until you can get legally married in California, so you had better get all your feelings about the bourgeois upper-middle class heteronormative paradigm out now, before they have to come out in couples therapy later on. While you’re here you can check out an infographic on Lady Gaga, find out which person you have possibly heard of came out this week, mourn the passing of Portland’s only lesbian bar, and celebrate BABIES with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

Youth + Family

Catholic School Rejects Son of Lesbian Moms, Clearly We’re Too Cool For School Y’all

A Massachusetts Catholic School has withdrawn it’s acceptance of a third grade boy because he has lesbian moms, and now the secretary for education and superintendent of Catholic schools is offering to help the parents find a different school – but do we want to be in clubs that won’t have us as members? Even more reactions to Seetodeh including one from Dustin Lance Black and video of Newsweek article author Ramin Setoodeh, Dan Savage and Amanda Bearse on The Joy Behar Show. Also; female warrior tribes & gays in video games.

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Gay Activism Flowers for Earnest/Angry/Dancing Youths of America

All the young gays are celebrating in Seattle, uprising in NYC, dancing in Rutgers (and our strai army allies are dancing homosexily in Afghanistan!), taking back the night in WI, speaking against violence in CA, hosting Dan Choi at Harvard, and more! Also; Hawaii passes civil unions (the bill now goes to the governor), a lesbian stabs her ex, trans identity & faith & Laura Bush’s memoir on the 2004 debates around same-sex marriage.

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Constance McMillen Fake Prom 2010 Student Rebuttal: Bigotry or Bullying? (Yes. Both.)

Constance McMillen’s treatment is a nasty reminder of how high school kids can be cruel, especially when LGBTs are involved. We overanalyze, Angela Chase-style. Basketball players might or might not be changing beauty standards, the first female Cherokee leader died yesterday, racism is bad for your health, and Yale starts a student-teacher sex ban.

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Prom is Better Cancelled Than Ruined by Tuxedo-Wearing Lesbians

Rather than allow a lesbian to bring her girlfriend to prom and wear a tux, the school has canceled prom altogether! FANTASTIC. Also; the cute video of the kid finding out about gay people, the death of coffee shops, gays and the census, Bill O’Reily defends lesbian couple’s child and the national equality riders are coming soon to an oppressive campus near you.

Youth + Family

Do School Libraries Need Books? (Yes! We needed “Annie on my Mind”!)

Many schools are considering doing away with books — NYTimes debates the issue with Experts, and we have feelings. Also; gay Canadian teens in rural areas are lonely, lesbian activist marries gay man to prove a point, transgender woman on Oprah, first African-American gay speaker of the house in Rhode Island, Utah GBLTs won’t be ignored, and a kickass parody of the offensive Dodge Charger Superbowl Ads.

Society + Culture Youth + Family

Gay Families Are Stylish, Speaking Out, in Rosie’s movie & Forever-Ever

“The New York Times” runs a Fashion & Style (?!) cover story on kids standing up for gay families and Rosie’s movie “A Family is a Family is a Family” debuts! Also; initiative to spread awareness of HPV in the gay community, the ethics of cruising to Haiti, it’s expensive to be gay, pro-gay wives & their politician husbands, the Sanctified Slide, pretty angry women and gay people prefer gay hotels.