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Laneia’s Team Pick: Original Plumbing T-Shirts

Everybody loves t-shirts! Original Plumbing has some new ones for you to wear [scroll down a bit]. They are supersexy and if I had a job, I would buy two. Oh hey look who’s modeling the “Nobody Knows I’m a Transsexual” shirt! It’s Rhiannon Argo, critically acclaimed author of The Creamsickle and Sister Spitter Extraordinaire! […]

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If The 00’s Are The Worst Decade Ever, Maybe The 10’s Will Be Totally Radical or Something

Was this the worst decade ever? Does facebook turn us into 6th graders? Does the word “emo” police male sensitivity? Also; one in 8 Americans are on food stamps, nerd-tivity scenes, Sasha Grey is more than just a porn star, veteran trans sportswriter dies in suspected suicide, Episcopal churches in MA can marry the gays now and Bart Simpson’s best chalkboard gags.

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Right-Wingers Won’t Shop The Gap Until Ads Spotlight Jesus

The American Family Association is being such a stage mom to Jesus and was boycotting the Gap for not using the word “Christmas” — we’ll tell you why that boycott is now on hold. Also, it’s boom time for unpaid interns, is Glee anti-Christian?, Sarah Palin gets PUNK’D, JCrew is weird and Australian senator compares homosexuality to incest. Again. Sigh.

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Sarah Palin Fans Fumble in Palinisms, NYC Bookstore Forgoes Palin Altogether

Palin supporters in Ohio can’t explain Palin too good, and Comedy Central finds there are no Palin supporters in New York b/c of the liberal elite. American evangelical groups are spreading their anti-gay message to Africa, and it’s coming back around to affect the USA. Lady Gaga will be on Ellen this week. And one group in D.C. is fighting hypocrisy by outing priests.

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JK! There’s No Proof That Lesbians Are Better Parents!

Anti-gays blame “Gay Infatuation Syndrome” for the headlines spun on lesbian parenting research, but we know otherwise and Mombian breaks it down for you. Also; everyone thinks my girlfriend is a Sir, Catholic attitudes on gays, gossip columnist comes out, Caster Semenya notes on a scandal and Adelaide’s first gay cruise!

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Emily’s Team Pick

I stumbled upon this website and thought it was kind of a nice idea even though the background hurts my eyes. It starts with “Did you know that some of the most amazing people in history were gay?” and I was hooked, basically. Despite being wildly incomplete it’s still kind of fun to poke around […]

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Sarah Palin Lies (& Loves Glenn Beck), Double X Folds, Women Bare 40% and Feminism Allegedly Won?

WHAT A DAY FOR THE LADIES! Mr. Buckingham Palace thinks feminism has triumphed because men have all turned into little girls who like to sing their way into our heart. Double X folds, Sarah Palin lies, Oprah talks porn, Sarah Haskins will protect you and new research suggests ladies should bare 40% of their bodies for optimum sex appeal, so roll up those cargo shorts!