The Dyke Kitchen: You Can Eat Savory Pancakes Anytime!

If I’m being honest, as a person whose joy is generally exponentially increased by sharing it with other people, so not having live company with which to share my food has been underwhelming of late. That said, I do love to impress myself, and the easiest way to do that is to take something simple, like a pancake, and give it a makeover, so I can fall in love with it anew.

The Dyke Kitchen: You Have To Lemon Linger

I’m the type to savor. To draw things out — past their prime, some might say. So it should be no surprise that I love preserving citrus. There’s something exciting about packing them with salt and then waiting, for at least month, before you can even begin to consider eating them.

The Queer Gardener’s Almanac: Winter

Autostraddle’s giant survey last year showed that queers will make the most of even the tiniest outdoor patches they can get their green-fingered mitts on. It’s time we celebrated the wide open spaces of our rural and suburban queers too, imagining the possibilities for the expanses we inhabit today or dream about tomorrow.

Welcome To The Dyke Kitchen!

I’ll show you the delicious food I make on the regular, explore the values and identities that I bring into the kitchen, test out unexpected ideas that occur to me in my madness and talk to people who really know what they’re doing. The kitchen is my home and food is my greatest love language!