The Dyke Kitchen: Hot Tips For A Stir Fry

Stir frying is all about the drama: high heat, wildly fast stirring, the explosive sizzle that sets off my smoke alarm. To begin, I slip my apron over my head and put on some Whitney. There are few things I like better than singing “I Have Nothing” to some food I’m about to eat, and begging it to stay in my mouth if it dares.

Happy Hour at Home: Welcome To The Gay Club

I miss the rare fucking times of being in a room full of entirely queer people. Dancing and shouting together. Even the messy nights, the crying nights. So here’s how to turn your home into a hot gay club — with no bathroom lines! Playlist included!

The Dyke Kitchen: Soleil Ho Is Reading Your Plate

“It’s so tempting to think that everything has just one story, and I’m inviting people to look beyond the one they know.” At this turning point that COVID-19 has presented, I discuss what the future of food, restaurants and our entire society could look like with Soleil Ho, the SF Chronicle’s restaurant critic.

The Dyke Kitchen: What Nice Cookies You Have

My kitchen process is a lot like collaging. I like to ask myself, “If I were at a party in my fridge, who would I want to pull into an unexpected and fascinating conversation together?” In the end, what I decided on was a cookie convo flavored with browned miso butter, bacon fat, cinnamon and cocoa, studded with walnuts and bacon bits.