Into the A+ Advice Box #12: Bisexual Marriage Blues, Sexting as a Bottom, and More!

Why does gay male sex turn you on if you’re a lesbian and is it okay? Plus, conflicting ideas about isolating & dating during quarantine, cheering up your partner over long distance, parents and mental health and Covid-19, SO MANY mixed signals from your ex wife who’s in another relationship and…should you fuck your boss?!?!?! Things are a mess out there, but at least we have each other and 26 questions from readers like you!

Queer Tarotscopes: Gemini Season Asks Us to Find a New Kind of Freedom

When we fully embrace the energy and intention of The Lovers and Gemini, we can honor our wants and needs without feeling selfish, can make space for our desires without feeling greedy, can recognize just how important our dreams really are and go after them without hesitating. What have you learned to love about yourself?

By | May 20, 2020

You Need Help: Gender Feels in Quarantine

Your rawness and tenderness is a primal signal that you are alive. It’s exhausting and there’s no way to turn it off. Let yourself breathe through this, and trust that it is not a waste of time to devote your energy to the work of becoming.

Queered & Careered: Career Anxiety

We’re concerned about our health during this pandemic, and for many of us, this stress is further exacerbated by job and financial instability. It’s time to dive into ways we can combat career anxiety when it inevitably comes our way.

Queer Tarotscopes: Pisces Season Gives Us Room to Breathe

Where does your mind go when you give it space to wander? What emotions bubble to the surface when you stop trying to hold back? Pisces isn’t afraid of the power of their feelings or the strength of their connections, instead urging us to embrace all that we are and dive as deep as possible into the unknown.