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Sunday Funday Will Be Your Best Ally, Inspiring Love Story, and Dream President

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A university community stuck up for trans folks, an elderly lesbian couple told their love story in order to make you f*cking vote already, Barack Obama endorsed noted bisexual Kate Brown, Secret like the deodorant hates bathroom bills too, Eileen Myles and Jill Soloway have a breakup more beautiful than some relationships, and more stories to fill you with warm fuzzies and happy tears!

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2016’s Democratic Platform Includes Indigenous People; That Doesn’t Mean It’s Earned the “Indian Vote”

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“At one point the DNC and Clinton representatives weren’t going to include anything in regards to Native People in the party platform. ‘I was angry. I was just devastated… No you’re not, no you’re not going to do this to Native Americans. You’re not going to further marginalize my people any longer,’ Ms. Parker said to me.”