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Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial, Explained: Lez Legal Eagle Answers Your Lawfully Ignorant Questions

If you’ve been following the Prop 8 trial this week, you might have a lot of questions about the law and stuff, or perhaps like us you only KINDA understand what’s going on. Our resident legal expert Jessica is here to help! Here’s part one of two of Jessica the Legal Eagle Lawyer Explains It All– if you’ve got questions, she’s got answers.

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New Jersey Senate Voting on Gay Marriage Tomorrow! Get Your Whiskey & Kleenex!

No one thought it would happen, but the New Jersey Senate agreed to hear the same-sex marriage bill tomorrow — what’s the outlook? Also, Rhode Island’s gay funeral rights bill veto, Prop 8 trial on YouTube, Obama’s transgender appointee, and the funniest bestest Daily Show video ever about that simple time Glenn Beck & his ilk are always reminiscing about.

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Women in Combat: Is it “Contradicting Basic Biology” to Trust Male Soldiers To Keep it in Their Pants?

The New York Times looks at sexual harassment in the military and many commenters agree that the problem is that women are too sexy and men will be men. We vehemently disagree, obvs. The Prop 8 trial will be tweeted from within, which means we are finally in the future! Oh wait, nvm — anti-equality morons in Iowa are already gearing up to vote for a constitutional ban on human rights in 2010.

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Rwanda Votes on its Kill the Gays Bill, Zimbabwe Kicks the Gays Out of School

Rwanda is voting on a “kill the gays” bill too, just like Uganda, which slipped under the radar ’til now. Zimbabwe kicks two girls out of school for lesbian activities, most New Yorkers are upset same-sex marriage didn’t pass, unearthed video footage of Matthew Shepard in a documentary, and what to do when your UK girlfriend’s American Visa expires.

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Uganda is Takin’ it Back: Anti-Gay Bill Will Kill the Gays After All

Uganda calls takebacks — killing gays will remain a piece of the anti-gay legislation after all. We look at other countries with similar laws and recent interviews with anti-gay leaders in Uganda. Also; GLSEN is counting the number of times you say “dyke” on twitter and we don’t understand why and an annoying columnist talks smack about the hot teacher makeout.